Wednesday, January 10, 2018

36 weeks: Still sick and crawling!

Miles is getting up on his hands and knees and starting to get some forward motion! It's exciting and nerve wracking all at once, the big kids are having to be really careful about picking up all of the little toys now. His growth has seemed to slowed down a bit, but I'm convinced it's because he's so wiggly. He's constantly on the move and I'm sure that burns tons of calories. I've started giving him food at every meal instead of just once a day, so hopefully that will help.
Ruby's winter break ended on Wednesday, but she had to stay home Thursday and Friday because she was still sick. :(
 Ruby and Reid both got a fever again on Tuesday. This picture is exactly on point for how they act when they're sick. Ruby just wants to lay in bed and eat bananas and toast, while Reid is still his busy little self. Haha!
 Miles has been pushing himself up to sit also! He LOVES being down on the floor, moving around.
 He was "cropping his seeds" with his tractor and trailer.
 We had to make a snowman together for school during winter break.
 Scooting to the door to see the activity out in the bathroom.
 More fun train tracks.
 Reid helped me make some pasta for dinner (Italian sausage, blue cheese, sun dried tomatoes... it was delicious).
 They did a Mary and Joseph play, and Miles was baby Jesus. It was too cute.
 He's starting to like standing so much (with help still).
 Poor sick baby. He just wanted me to rub his back.
 Her cough/breathing was pretty bad, she even had croup in the night once and it scared her (and us) really bad.
 Pushing up to sit.
 On Friday morning, Ruby gave us a scare. She woke up, but then at breakfast she went back to sleep on the couch. Then she was really hard to wake up and kept falling back asleep. I called the advice nurse and they said bring her in. I gave her some water, and we think that might have been it, because she seemed okay once we fully woke her. Yikes!
 This was pretty much the sum of our week.... the kids fighting. It has been really rough and wearing on us all. :( We've been praying a lot and reading some books to try to help.
 Miles likes to pull hair. (I'm not sure what's up with the drool on Reid's chin. Haha!)
Finally, a sweet moment of them reading together. It was short lived though, of course. 
 Silly Miles! He thought this was hilarious.
 On Saturday we were feeling much better, so we baked a bunch of cookies and delivered them to Andy's family because we missed celebrating Christmas with them (they did it on the 1st and we were too sick).
 The kids got scooters!!
 So fun.
 Miles opening up a toy with Grandma.
 We had a fun movie night, obviously it was a good one. :)
 Pretty girl taking a photo for her birthday party invite.
 He's learning to put on his own pants. :)
And cutie pie Miles. He really LOVES music of any kind, just like Reid did as a baby.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

35 weeks: Sledding, sick, and some broken toes

The day after Christmas we headed up to Mt. Shasta to enjoy the snow for the day. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and we all had a blast!
Unfortunately when we got home, all three kids got a nasty cold with tons of congestion, fevers, etc. We're pretty sure it's RSV. Also Andy broke two of his toes, which made for a not fun rest of our vacation. But we did get lots of quality time together for sure.
Miles is really starting to army crawl around, and he even sat up from laying down. He's a mover, that's for sure!
 We all finished breakfast... except for Reid. He's such a slow eater.
 Then we packed up and headed to the snow. Isn't Mt. Shasta gorgeous?
 It turned out to be pretty warm, so we didn't need all of those layers.
Reid loved pulling this sled around.
 Ruby had fun sledding! The snow was pretty ice so we didn't have the kids start up very high.
 Our pretty girl.
 Happy baby!
 He got tired apparently and laid like this for a while. We also ran into the Lundquists up there! How funny.
 Ruby loved sledding!
 Reid went once or twice with Andy...
 ...and back to pulling the sled around.
 Building a snow man.
 He turned out pretty cute.
 Back at the car...
 ...and still pulling his sled.
 Ruby loved playing ponies and things with the girls (and apparently Quin too).
 We had a music session, mom on the piano, Andy on the melodica, Dad on the guitar, and me on the uke. Quin and Lia were waltzing around the living room, it was so cute.
 We got a Rubik's cube for Christmas! We all have fun trying to get it figured out. Oh, and we also stopped at the new In-N-Out in Grants Pass.
 He slept for about 10 minutes on the drive home.
 Reading to her brothers.
 We got Sequence and have been loving it.
 And more trains!!
 Family movie night. Poor Andy had to keep his broken toes elevated. It's going to take a while for them to heal I think.
 Both kids had dentist appointments and did great! Healthy teeth all around.
 Sleepy babe.
 They decided to make lunch by themselves, it was the cutest thing.
 Peek-a-boo! He adores his big sister and brother.
 Mmmm... baby food.
 More train building.
 We're having lots of fun with Ruby on her winter break from school.
 She helped me go grocery shopping.
 He has almost outgrown his infant car seat.
 Saturday evening Ruby started getting pretty sick and had a fever.
 So we stayed home on Sunday and Monday (and the rest of the week since then too). She was supposed to make a snow man over the break, so we had fun with their new water colors.
 Happy 8 months to little Miles! He has 8 teeth in now and is about 20-21 pounds I think. He's scooting around everywhere, so we have to make sure the floors stay clean and tidy.
 We borrowed Ticket to Ride Europe from the library, and it's so fun! We love board games with our kids.
 So happy!
 And getting into everything.
 Andy's foot about 5 days after it happened. Those last two are broken.
 Cute little train track.
I asked Ruby to write "groceries" on the calendar. :)

36 weeks: Still sick and crawling!

Miles is getting up on his hands and knees and starting to get some forward motion! It's exciting and nerve wracking all at once, the b...