Monday, July 16, 2018

Camp Awesome!

The big kids went to Camp Awesome at church on Tues-Thurs. They had so much fun! Reid stayed from 9-12, and Ruby stayed from 9-4! 
Ready to go with their backpacks.
Andy took them in each morning and got this cute picture.
 Tuesday afternoon Reid, Miles, and I went on a walk.
 Feeding baby his milk.
 Those are notes from Ruby that say "I love you Reid" and "I am filled with love for you Reid". He wanted to put them on his stomach. Hahaha!
 Reid drew that Cat in the Hat's hat.
 He loves connecting things together.
 Miles and I went to try on some clothes... this is how I kept him occupied in the fitting room. Haha!
 Then we had a picnic lunch in the living room while we watched a movie.
 Picking up the kids! They had a wall with envelopes for everyone and they left each other notes.
 Sooooo tired from camp.
 Just me and my baby! We sure had fun together. It's going to be like that a lot when Reid's in preschool next year.
 Singing time! Reid was really getting into it (and eating a sucker which I'm sure helped).
 "It's book island."
 He likes to make this "triple gun."
 After camp we had a fun day at the zoo on Friday. There was the cutest baby mountain goat!
 And they wanted to watch the train take off.
 The crocodile is our favorite. Although there used to be two, and now there's only one. I'm not sure what happened to the bigger one...
 This little rodent was Miles's favorite.
 And they always love to drive the jeep.
 The Beaverton school district does free lunch for kids in a ton of parks and schools all around!
 So we went and had a picnic.
 In the afternoons we have down time while Miles (and sometimes the big kids) nap. They usually have a rest in their rooms, then we watch a show.
 Zzzzzzz. She often falls asleep reading.
 Reid made this plow tractor.
 Saturday afternoon nap time. <3 I think 4/5 of us fell asleep.
 Helping put the groceries away. They really are such good helpers!
 Watching Daddy mow.
Our nightly routine... I put Miles to bed while Andy puts the big kids to bed.
He's been sticking his tongue out the side a lot. Well, he will until he trips and bites it I'm sure. Hahaha!
 Buying some clothes for the kids at Old Navy. She loves trying things on!
 And they all loved the three-way mirror.
 Someone is 14 months old!
 We went down to Stayton on Sunday evening to hang out with the Wilsons and the Dessiuex's.
 It was so fun to see them!
 The smores were so yummy.
 Miles even enjoyed some. And snap peas from their garden.
 Reid and Malachi had tons of fun playing.
 Puzzle time!
 We took Ruby to see the Audiologist again for a follow up appointment.
 She did really good. She's hearing just fine, but the measurements inside her ear are a little off. They're concerned she could have future hearing loss if it doesn't get better, so we'll go back again next year. It is at least better than it was last year though, so that's good.
 She came out and napped in the living room. She's behaving a ton better than she was during the school year, I think she was just perpetually tired with not getting a nap or any kind of afternoon rest. :( I don't love all day Kindergarten. Hopefully next year will be better.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ruby's last day of school, and the start of summer!

Ruby had a great last day of school. Her school went super late, until June 19th. She was happy/sad to be done, and she misses her friends. We are so happy to have her home now for the summer though. :) 
 Ruby's out of school present... summer clothes for Samantha and a summer hat!
 Cutie on her last day of school.
While Ru was at school, I took Reid to get a hair cut. 
 Miles is still too bald for a hair cut. I did trim his little mullet though and saved a lock.
He loved his new balloon and his hair cut.
Meanwhile, Ruby had a great time at her out of school party with her friend Annabel.
 After school, we went over to an out of school event at Bethany Village. It ended up being super hot and not all that much to do. Haha But we played ring toss...
 ...and Ruby shot the basketball at the hoop (and missed!), but it was cute.
 Day one of summer! It was super hot, so we busted out our pool and had a blast.
 Miles got in on the action after his nap.
 Andy joined us too, after work.
 Reid had fun playing with Ruby's restaurant toys.
 And we played Sorry while Miles napped.
Then we drew farms. This one is mine, and Ruby really wanted to draw one just like it... she turned my page over and traced it. :)
 Reid's farm... I drew a tractor for him.
 Dancing time!
 Miles found a pen... that's why I only get washable pens. Hahaha
 This is from Ruby's school journal. She is so cute. "I like swinging because I can pump without a push. It also makes my stomach tickle." She's such a good speller!
 We did some makeup together. :)
 A trip to the library!
 Miles is practically running! He loved it so much, and he really looks like a little boy in his jeans and shoes.
 Reid told us a story with the flowers and birds.
 We love having new library books! We usually get about 40. Hahaha
 In the car too. :)
 We made this huge dutch baby for breakfast! So yummy.
 We took the older kids to see the Incredibles 2 while Miles napped (with Grandma Patty). They loved it!
 Reid thought it was too loud, but he loved it too, and he loved his recliner chair.
 Then the kids got home and played Incredibles for about three days.
 Our cousin Frances turned one! We had fun at her party.
 The kids loved the bounce house, and of course Ruby made new friends.
 Miles and Frances are good buddies.
 All of the Pullen grand kids.
 The girls! Frances, Penelope, Cora, Ruby, and Charlotte.
 We went to the THPRD covered park to play!
 Miles loves to swing!
 Ruby found this lounge swing and loved it.
 Reid played pirates for a long time with another little boy (This was after he threw wood chips at someone else and had to have some timeout time.).
 More coloring. He's growing up so much.
They fell asleep. They really do love each other. :)

Camp Awesome!

The big kids went to Camp Awesome at church on Tues-Thurs. They had so much fun! Reid stayed from 9-12, and Ruby stayed from 9-4!  Read...