7 weeks: Camping with Grandma and Grandpa, and a trip to the beach

We had a busy, fun week with family! Miles is over 13 pounds now, he's growing like a weed. :) He's just about grown out of his 3 month clothes. I got all of his 6 month clothes out while the kids went camping with Grandma and Grandpa. Also, I weeded out a lot of their toys and clothes. It is so nice to declutter! And there is way less toy mess to clean up now, which was much needed.  He makes the funniest faces.  I have a lot of photos like this on my phone. Silly Reid.  And this too.   Ruby failed her hearing test way back in January, and then we retested in April and she did better. But they wanted to send her to an audiologist to make sure she's hearing okay. The lady was super nice, and Ruby did great! She could hear fine, but one machine was registering lower for her higher frequencies. So they just want her to come back and retest in a year. I'm glad she hears well though! I wasn't too worried honestly.  After the Audiologist, I drove the big kids down to C…