Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Play, play, play

Here's the next week of pictures! We sure like to play around here.
 We love our fun tent, the kids get it out often.
 I straightened Ruby's hair... so pretty!
 Playing horsey on the pillow.
 Miles has been fussy, he's getting his top canines in. So this is how I had to cook dinner... he was pulling my hair. Hahaha!
 We met our friends at Pirate Park and Reid got his first packed lunch in a lunch container. :) He loved it.
 Reid and William digging in the sand.
 When I water my strawberry plant it "pees."
 He colored Ms. Fritter, I think it's his first picture where he colored in the whole thing.
Andy got this idea of Hall Ball from a book he's reading, they loved it!
 Lego time in the morning. Ruby has been loving to sleep in Andy's t-shirts.
 Selfie by Ruby, photo bomb by Reid.
 Helping with the laundry (he just liked watching it fill with water and when the agitator starts moving).
 Reid and Megan had fun painting.
 And then they got tired so they made a bed on the trampoline.
 He LOVES getting into the recycling and playing with everything. He's doing a little better at not putting every single little thing in his mouth, but we still have to watch him pretty closely.
 Cup towers!
 Ruby getting on the bus.
 Feeding Andy a baby bottle.
 Reid often asks for a big fork and a big spoon, so Andy got out the serving utensils for him. Haha! He loved it.
 We drove down to Sublimity on Saturday for Alex Reece's graduation party. It was so fun to see some old friends. Miles found the stair case and went straight up to the top (his first time climbing up stairs). He's a good climber!
Miles with their doll house....
...and I have a picture of Ruby with it in 2012! 
 They're so cute, enjoying their bubbly water.
 I got a package and came out of the back to them trying to cut it open. At least they're butter knives. Yikes!
 Our heater broke right when we had a little cold spell. We woke up to the house at 63 degrees on Sunday morning and we were all so cold!
 After church snuggles on the couch with blankets. It took a few days to get it fixed, but thankfully it warmed up outside which helped. We got our space heaters out too.
 She has been loving this flower thing. It has a pin and a clip so it can go on her clothes or in her hair.
 I made Reid a car wash, which he proceeded to play with for an entire day.
 Miles got to talk to Uncle Randall for a few minutes on the phone, then when we hung up he did this with the calulator.
 Washing the tow truck.
 He climbed up by himself!
 Dinner time in their jammies. :) They love to sit by Daddy.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Miles turns 13 months, Preschool open house, and Ruby learns to tie her shoes

I'm SO sorry I've been so behind on my blog posts! My iPhoto has been on the fritz, but it seems to be working now. Yay!!

Reid had his open house on 5/30, Ruby learned to tie her shoes, and Miles started walking on 6/4 pretty consistently. It is SO cute to see him toddling around everywhere. Thank goodness, he had crawled holes in about 5 pairs of his pants. Haha
 Reid made a "train track" with his blankets, books, etc. It was a huge mess, but he sure had fun.
 I'm going to have to get an oven lock for this kid. Yikes!
 They made forts after school.
 Reid was so excited for his Preschool open house! He had lots of fun playing.
 He loved this fort thing (so did Miles!).
 Painting a bus.
 And painting a big picture. :) He wanted to hang it on the wall above his bed when we got home.
Miles playing Kitchen. 
 Reid was pretty shy while we were there. When people asked his name he just looked away and got super red. :( But Mrs. Nolan sat down and played with him for a long time and that helped. She's the best!
He loved playing outside on the playground too. He is very excited for Preschool to start in the fall. We even met a boy that will be going next year whose older brother Liam is in Ruby's class at Terra Linda!
Pretty pull through ponytails.
 This is the first time this has EVER happened to any of our kids. Reid was playing with his toys in his room and fell asleep on the floor! It was so cute.
 Egg on his nose!
 Miles's 13 month photo.
 I went to watch kids for Westside church and Miles's twin was there. Jude is about a week or two older than Miles, but they were the same size, doing the same things, and even wearing the same things! It was hilarious.
 We turned on the bubble machine and Miles went crazy! He loved it!
 He fell asleep on the way home, but he seems to transfer from the car to his crib okay and fell back to sleep.
 We had our Home Community over on Friday night, the kids had fun in the back yard!
 Andy's dresser was completely broken and Miles was using his top drawer too, so we went ahead and got two new dressers from Ikea. The kids helped with building them.
 This one is going to be Ruby's when they trade rooms in a year or so. She is so excited!
 She fell asleep reading, so sweet.
 Ru has gotten so good at tying her own shoes!
 She made a bed out of the cardboard boxes from the dressers. Hahaha
 Reid made a fort while Ruby was at school.
 He has been wanting to buy this blue flashlight from Fred Meyer for a really long time, so we finally went and got it. He paid with his own money and was so excited!
 Frances came over for a while, she and Miles played well together.
 They're so cute!
Miles loves when we get out the trampoline. He started being more confident with his walking too, and now he's walking all over.

Play, play, play

Here's the next week of pictures! We sure like to play around here.  We love our fun tent, the kids get it out often.  I straig...