Tuesday, March 20, 2018

45 weeks: The flu hits our house

We got the flu this week. Andy brought it home and was sick in bed for 4 days. Then I caught it and was very sick too. Then Ruby got the fever and the boys had runny noses, but thankfully they didn't get it very bad at all. They all got the flu shot, so maybe that's why. We're all going to get it next year for sure. This year's flu was nasty. Miles also has his top two molars coming in, so he has been fussy and wanting to chew on everything, poor guy. I started giving him little bites of our food at dinner on his tray and he LOVES it. He really likes to see how things work, like Reid does. Miles will take a ball and throw it for himself, then chase it. It's the funniest thing!
 He's just so cute.
Holding hands in the car while we ran errands. It's nice having car seats in our Accord so we can take two of the kids if needed. 
 The kids have been playing with Aylah the neighbor. Reid is fishing back there with a broom. Haha!
 This is generally how baths go. Reid doesn't love them. :(
 Ruby got her first love note at school! It was from Silas R, whom we haven't met. Hopefully he's a good kid...
 Oh Reid...
 I just love her. She's so cute.
 Movie time...
 ....and jammie day. This was one of the days when Andy was sick. Ruby didn't have school on Thursday and Friday so we had to get creative.
 The kids played restaurant and made food for Miles and I.
 How cute are they.
 My dining buddy.
 That's cobb salad in the bowl and lemonade in the pitcher. :)
 Reading to Samantha and Reid.
 The girls got all dressed up. Apparently it was Samantha's birthday. Ruby even wrapped her a present.
 I took the kids to the park for some fresh air.
 Miles loves to swing.
 They drove us home.
 He's seriously getting into everything, we have to watch him like a hawk. Kind of like Ru was as a baby.
 Reid was super into the lacing cards one day and did them all.
 Playing outside with Aylah.
 And this is how we watch the Great British Baking Show.
 On Sunday we were too sick for church, so we did Sunday School at home. This is the story of the man they lowered to Jesus out of Lego guys.
 We cut a hole in the roof...
 ...made a mat...
 ...and lowered him down. Well, it was a girl.
 Ruby wrote us a note.
Miles liked the box with the hole too.
On Sunday I started getting sick, and was sick from Mon-Weds. Ruby got the fever on Weds-Friday. I'm so glad we're better now though.

Monday, March 5, 2018

44 weeks: Miles turns 10 months!

We had a pretty run of the mill week. No snow, and typical kid silliness. :) I sure love these three.

Miles did get a cold this morning when he woke up. He was exposed on Friday when I went to watch kids at another church. :( Ruby has a little runny nose too, but that's all. Hopefully he'll get better soon, waking up a bunch of times in the night with a baby who can't breathe out of his nose is hard.
 Reid got out the kinetic sand and seriously played with it almost the entire day on Tuesday.
 Ruby has been getting to play with cups at choice time at school, so she came home and found some to stack at home!
 In PE 2 one day, her teacher Mr. D had them play Jurassic Park. The kids who wore red got to take turns being the T-rex. So the next day Ruby wore all red so she could be the T-rex... unfortunately we forgot it was Wednesday and she didn't have PE 2. Hahaha. But she did it the next day instead. :)
 He makes tractors out of chairs regularly.
 He sometimes takes a short nap in the afternoon in his crib, but then falls back asleep when I'm holding him. He woke up from his nap and said, "uh-oh." It's his favorite thing and he says it all day, especially when he drops something.
 Wednesday short day, perfect for getting on swim suits and playing beach! I got Ruby this new suit at Costco, which is what inspired the activity.
 Reid was the shark.
 And then we watched Shallow Seas from Planet Earth.
 He found his ear and kept sticking his finger in it.
And he turned 10 months on Thursday!! I can't believe it's only 2 months until his birthday. He's such a special addition to our family.
Of course, Reid wanted to get in on the pictures too.
 They had the book fair at school, so Ruby took some of her money and bought this book. Then she read it to us at dinner. <3
 Friday we went to Revive at Westside church to watch kids. Miles sure had fun! And also got sick though. There was a little girl who was very snotty, coughing, and really fussy. :( I bet lots of the kids got sick.
 Reid was playing town with the trucks and cars. The garbage truck was going "Pick up the trash, dump. Pick up the trash, dump."
 Aunt Becca and Frances came over Friday afternoon to play for a little while. <3
 Saturday morning we got up early and went on a hike. It was cold, muddy, and lovely. I think 4/5 of us were wearing gray hoodies. Haha!
 At the Witch's Castle!
 It was soooo muddy.
 That afternoon we watched Coco, which was really cute.
 Andy went out with some guys he used to work with Saturday night, so I went to bed early. I found this under my covers. <3 Ruby is so sweet.
 And then she wrote me this the next day...
 I love it! Hahaha "Things that you've done for us and your family. Make dinner for us is the best."
 She likes to do makeup with me in the mornings.
 After church it was gorgeous out so we played at Buckman school playground for a little while.
 Reid loved the blue tire swing. It was broken, and he may have fallen through the hole a time or two.
 Swing time!
 And down the giant slide!
 Reid came down sideways.
 Poor Miles, some day he'll get to play horses and cars with the paper.
 I had to elevate his mattress so he can sleep better, and then he took a great nap this morning.
 Our friends came over to play, and we had tons of fun! We walked down our street, and Reid played with his stick the whole way.
 It wore him out, apparently. He hasn't napped since Ruby's birthday, but he fell asleep today on the couch while we watched The Great British Baking Show (our favorite).
Sleepy boys... this is a rare quiet moment that I got.

45 weeks: The flu hits our house

We got the flu this week. Andy brought it home and was sick in bed for 4 days. Then I caught it and was very sick too. Then Ruby got the fe...