Tuesday, November 14, 2017

27 weeks: Halloween, and Miles turns 6 months!

Our little guy is 6 months already! We had a fun week with Halloween. I love these guys a lot.
This is what happens when you have older siblings. 
 Miles's first ride in a cart! I think Reid's first cart ride was at Costco too. He loved having baby sit next to him.
 And we officially have a roller. He rolled off of his play mat all the way over to the animal hospital.
 Ruby has "morning work" at school every day, but I think she gets done with hers pretty quickly. There is usually a cute picture or something fun on the back because she had extra time. She often gets "Quality work" on hers from her teacher as well.
 My and my baby chub.
 Little Gingerbread Man
 A Firefighter and a Tool Man. Reid would only wear his tool belt, not the hat or goggles. So it didn't really look like he had a costume at all. Hahaha
 We did trick-or-treating down our street, then we went to the neighborhood just north of us and got a lot of houses.
 Miles stayed warm and happy strapped to Mommy. We brought our stroller for Reid to ride in. It got pretty cold near the end and the kids were tired! But we all had a ton of fun.
 He fell asleep on his changing table.
 Checking out their loot!
 Reid loves to share his stuffed animals and blankets with Miles.
 Happy 6 months little guy!!! I can't believe he's already half-way to a year.
 We did a little photo shoot, and of course Reid wanted to join in.
 He's starting to sit up pretty well.
I just love his two little teeth.
 Napping with his feet up. Ruby used to do this too.
 Mmmmm... avocado
 We made a Thanksgiving tree. Every day we take down a leaf and write what we're thankful for. Ruby does most of them. Hahaha
 We got her Kindergarten school pictures back! She's pretty cute. And of course has a silly smile.
 We made pizza that was delicious and watched the last World Series game in our living room.
 The boys and I had fun at the library. Reid made a crane, of course.
 Broccoli! He's loving everything we give him. Especially some lentil stew I made.
 On Friday I took all three kids (Ru didn't have school) down to a church in Beaverton where I did childcare for a monthly women's event. I was in Miles's room and we had 14 little babies and toddlers. There was another little baby the same age as Miles, and they were cute together, eating each other's feet, sharing toys, etc. Miles took a nice nap in the swing.
 Sometimes he just falls asleep when I'm holding him. :)
 Prepping for the time change. We had all three kids stay up half an hour later on Friday night, then later on Saturday night as well. They were so tired!
 Saturday morning pancakes accompanied by kleenex. We have a cold Ruby brought home from school that is just not going away. We're all coughing. :(
 I too Ru and Miles to Ruby's friend Penelope's birthday party at a community center on Sunday. She had so much fun!
 Intro to Where's Waldo.
 Happy bath time! He kept splashing and splashing.
 We dedicated Miles to the Lord on Sunday. It was really special. Our prayer is that all three of our kids live compassionate lives and really care for people the way Christ does.
 Poor Ruby had an earache.
 And lost another tooth! This makes 6. Her top teeth are really coming in well.
Ruby wrote all of the kids in her class in alphabetical order when she got home from school one day. I think there's a list posted in her classroom, but wow!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

26 weeks: Lots of play

Our kids love to play all day long. I love that they learn so much through their play. We definitely have fun around here!

Miles seems to be about to get some more teeth in. I think the other two kids had more in by now. But his two little bottom teeth sure are cute. He's such a happy guy, and getting him down for naps in his crib has been really easy lately. I can tell when he's getting tired, and he goes right to sleep with a paci, then I lay him down and he rolls over to his side and goes to sleep.
 Me and my boys!
 We walked over to the school to watch Ruby do her Jog-a-thon. She did 4 laps, a whole mile! It was pretty cute.
 Miles's intro to the Lego world.
 Building a crane truck.
 Ruby learned the game "Garbage" at school and came home and taught it to me. We've been playing a lot! She has always loved games, and really loves cards.
 "Mom, do you like sea food?"
 He laughs at everything.
 My hair is getting really long!
 Typical play. Miles likes to be in the middle of it all.
 My three sillies.
 Twinsies! She loves when we are alike.
 He loves vacuuming and always wants to do it when I'm done.
We walked to the park to enjoy the nice weather. We also saw Ruby out at recess and gave her a hug. 
 He rolls over at the end of his nap a lot now.
 He's starting to sit up pretty well! He definitely still falls over though.
 Reid had fun playing with his friend William.
 The kids helped me make apple crisp (mostly Ruby) with Pippin apples we got from the Portland Nursery, and it turned out so delicious.
 This is often what our mornings look like. We have some early risers (mostly Reid).
 Hauling his stuffed animals.
 Then Ruby made this for a tote and they put all of the animals in it to scan them. These are all buttons. They're so creative.
 Bath time! We've also been giving them showers, which is just really convenient. I get in the shower and Andy throws the kids in one at a time. :)
 Evening play time.
 We went to Magnolia park for an evening picnic on Sunday evening. It was cold!
 The leaves are so pretty.
 Miles had his first swing ride and loved it!
 Ruby is so good at pumping now all on her own.
 Reid wanted to try on the sunglasses at Winco. And he always looks for the "polishers" (the sweeping machine things).
 Helping with the laundry.
 Naked baby time!
 They sure are cute. Ruby and Miles really look alike in this picture.
 Snuggling with Daddy while he finishes up work.
 She also made up her own card game!
 Since Miles is almost 6 months, we tried giving him a little roasted butternut squash. He didn't really get any in his mouth. We're doing baby led weaning this time, so no purees, he's just supposed to feed himself. Way easier!
Evening living room dancing time. It's getting dark way earlier, and I'm thankful for a bigger house and longer hallway for them to run around! 

27 weeks: Halloween, and Miles turns 6 months!

Our little guy is 6 months already! We had a fun week with Halloween. I love these guys a lot. This is what happens when you have older...