Monday, April 16, 2018

50 weeks: My birthday and sleep training

Tuesday I turned 35! And this week we started sleep training Miles. It has gone really well. He is sleeping a ton better, and sleeping all night in his own crib. Yay! I'm still feeding him once or twice at night, which is fine with me for now. But he is able to put himself to sleep now. :) He's also getting his bottom two molars in, so he's been fussy a lot from that, poor guy.

Ruby is doing so well in school. Her handwriting is getting really good! And she always has fun stories to tell us about playing with her friends and new things they do in school.

Reid is playing pretend so much lately, it's adorable. I love his voice he uses when he's talking for his toys. I'll have to get a recording of it. :)
 My pancake breakfast Andy made me. 35!! It really feels a lot older for some reason.
 The boys and I went to the mall to get some birthday freebies. And I got a mini makeover at Sephora (just my eyes). They did really well sitting in the stroller for 15 minutes.
 And then I took them to the little play area. Miles LOVED it.
 After nap we went to Baskin Robbins for our free ice cream. Mmmm!! We had to race home to get there in time for Ruby's bus.
 Poor guy's teeth are hurting. :( He has been drooling a lot.
 We made salted caramel brownies and had those with ice cream and strawberries for dessert. Following yummy spring risotto, of course. I sure love good food.
 Andy and the kids got me these flowers and birthday balloon.
 Ruby loves to help make breakfast. She's a great sous chef.
 The boys both rode in the big cart at Winco! They loved it, even though it doesn't look like it. Miles slouched down a few times so I had to fix him. Haha
 Reid and Megan played "babies" for a long time.
Miles's first night sleep training and he cried about 20 minutes. Then he finally started to fall asleep holding onto the side of his crib...
He literally did this for at least 10 minutes, probably more like 12. I finally went in there and helped him lay down and he was out for the night. He woke up to nurse at about 10, then he slept pretty good the rest of the night until 6:30am. :) The last few nights have been similar, he wakes up to nurse one to two times a night. Otherwise he wakes up briefly and goes back to sleep within a minute or two and then sleeps until 6:30 or 6:45. Yay! 
 Morning snuggles. It's so nice when they're being kind to each other. Our family motto is to be kind, gentle, and generous, and we're all working on it.
 Puzzle time!
Helping me cook again... on her tiny chair. Hahaha We made my Dad's sourdough pancakes. Mmmm!
 Playing doctor.
 He didn't like this so much.
 Andy enlisted the kids to help clean the bath tub, then they got their swimsuits on because they were getting soaked. So then they just got a bath too.
 Snack time!
 Miles fell asleep like this for his nap!!! I went in and helped him lay down again, but hilarious.
 Me and my cutie pie.
 We played Old Maid. I won this round!
 Andy had to play with Reid climbing all over him.
 Miles had a bath in the sink, he loved it.
 Ruby has been sleep training Samantha while I sleep train Miles. It's so cute.
Del and Patty came over so we started a very hard puzzle, and only got a little way done. Thank goodness that we can roll it up on our puzzle mat. We'll finish it this week. 
 The kids said they were poor so they had to sell all of their things. They got out tons of play food, clothes, shoes, toys, blankets, etc and set it all up in the living room.
 She set Samantha's room all up in the corner and put her to bed. She has the baby monitor and moved the white noise machine over by her as well. <3
The boys and I took the car to Les Schwab and they had SO much fun in the car at Fred Meyer while we waited!
After school we did some art. They traced some of their toys and it was so cute.
 Ruby wanted me to take a picture of her eating black beans. :)
 Reid learned how to cut his chicken with a knife.

Friday, April 13, 2018

49 weeks: Low key

We had a very low key week! Lots of fun activities at home though, and we're trying to get through all of this rainy weather so we can enjoy the outdoors more in the summer.
We got a large box from Target and the boys made it into a flying car to fly down to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We got a video baby monitor after all these years. We're going to sleep train Miles, so we wanted to be able to see him.
When he woke up the big kids gave him all of his toys and more... silly kids.
When Ruby got home she immediately wanted to make the box into a castle. So when Andy got home he helped cut it out. It turned out so cute and fun.
Miles loved it.
Miles as a doggy. I quickly intervened.
We stopped in at the library and happened upon story time! We had lots of fun.
Reid loves helping check out the books. We got lots, as usual.
Miles has been LOVING bananas!
So happy!! I loved these jammies on Reid, and they're so cute on Miles too. <3
Zzzzzzzzzzz Enjoying his last week in our bed.
They were being so sweet at Costco.
Doing experiments is so fun!
?????? They're ridiculous.
Miles likes playing in the cupboards.
Morning time!
Trying to get some wiggles out while it's rainy.
Miles likes the animal hospital. It's such a great toy.
All set for rest time! I was letting him just stay up, but decided that he (well, me really) needs a rest every day while Miles is napping. It's usually only 15-20 minutes, but it's definitely better than nothing.
She's getting so good at riding her bike! We were given this red one that she loves.
And Reid inherited the blue one with training wheels. So fun!
On Saturday we celebrated Andy and I being together for 14 years plus my birthday. These crepes with mascarpone filling and strawberries were SO delicious. Then Patty and Charlotte came and watched the kids while we went out on a second breakfast date.
Story time.
The boys were in dire need of a hair cut.
And Ruby wanted hers shorter too.
Andy took Reid to their usual place and I took Ruby to a kid place.
She cut off about 6 inches! It's so cute, but I miss her long curls. They'll grow back.
Mommy and Daddy dolls. :)
What a cute hair cut!
She found my old prom dress and looked like Belle.
He has been loving picking up his own food, especially stuff like ground meat, rice, etc. This is purple cauliflower and orzo.
We kept Miles in church with us on Sunday because he was a little congested still.
He stacked a block all by himself in the nursing moms room!
After church we went to the warm soaking pool at Kennedy School Mcmenamins. It was amazing!
Miles loved it.
The kids set up a cute store and made us buy our own food with Monopoly money.
Cinnamon toast for dessert.
They built a fort under the table to read bedtime stories.
And more twinsies! Reid was reading to Miles, it was so cute.
Morning snuggles in the laundry.
Reid had so much fun at a play date with his friend William chasing their chickens around.
He was just staring at the Life box for a long while.
She fell asleep in our bed, it was so cute and sweet. But it was because she was being naughty in their room, so that is not cute or sweet. I love her.

50 weeks: My birthday and sleep training

Tuesday I turned 35! And this week we started sleep training Miles. It has gone really well. He is sleeping a ton better, and sleeping all ...