Tuesday, February 13, 2018

40 weeks: Miles turns 9 months

Our little guy has been out as long as he was in! I can't believe he's 9 months already. He's been working on his first molar, and it's a doozy. I looked in his mouth last week and his gums were purple. :( It went back down though and still hasn't popped through. I remember Reid going through this too. He has been a little fussy, but not terrible. We have some calming tablets that really help him a lot. He was 21 pounds, 11.5oz at his Dr. appointment, and I think 29". He's gone down a little on the length growth chart, but he's on track with weight. The doctor will keep her eye on that.

I've been trying to work with Reid on learning his letters, he's a little behind where Ruby was at this point. But I'm not worried, we play so much now and that's what's important for before school. We love to go on adventures, watch tractors at work, play at the park, play "Grandpa and Lia," play cars or train tracks, clean the house together, etc. He's so fun.

Ruby has been doing great at school. We got her report card and she got lots of 4's (highly proficient) for reading, and mostly 3's and a few 2's for other things. Her teacher says she's doing really well. She constantly comes home talking about all of her friends. She's such a social girl.
 She loves lots of pepper on her food lately! Haha.
 Our pretty fish Cobra.
The weather has been really nice lately, so we have been trying to get out a lot.
 Poor Reid though, this entire walk he cried because he threw a fit right before we left and broke his crane truck. He's given up his naps, so he gets quite tired most days. :(
Helping Mama cook. Both kids have been super helpful with cooking, Ruby calls herself my Sous Chef. She loves making scrambled eggs in the mornings and is really good at it!
 He's standing on everything now and is very proud of himself.
The kids made a store, and Reid hauled his groceries with his tractor.
 Ruby playing the checker, complete with a "boop" noise for every item.
Andy joined in helped the kids put their groceries in the trunk (the pantry) and drive home. So clever.
 Pushing a "kid cart" at Safeway.
Helping Mama clear out the garden bed. I can't wait to plant things!
I tried my sling with Miles and he liked it! He sure is a cutie.
Waiting for Ruby's bus.
Playing dress up. <3
 When Ruby got her red dress, she gave Reid her old blue one. Hahaha! He likes to wear it when we do dancing.
 Go Miles!
 And go Ruby!
 Miles wants to join in on everything the big kids do.
Reid and I (and Miles) came across a house being torn down, so of course we had to stop and watch for a while. It was crazy! They ripped the whole thing down in about an hour or less.
 He has been playing fire fighter a lot.
 And little man is 9 months!!! He's so happy.
Bed fort!
Playing with their "Nert guns" as Reid calls them.
Driving their tractors. I love how their little brains are so creative. 
Ruby had off of school on Friday, so I packed up the kids and found a fun park!
It was right on the Columbia River and there were a bunch of floating houses we could see, it was super fun.
Playing pirate ship.
Spinning on the swings!
 And what a gorgeous view. It would be amazing at night too.
Poor guy hit his forehead in the same spot twice. He's in the falling and hitting his head stage. :(
 On Saturday Andy took over with the kids and I got to go try on clothes at Nordstrom. It was lovely. :) Never mind that I didn't buy anything and these jeans were $225!! So cute and comfy though.
He loves playing and laughing.
And then got sleepy.
 Our three have such different eye colors, it's amazing. I'm still not quite sure if Miles's are going to turn out blue or green.
 We went to Chick-fil-A for dinner as a special treat.
 The kids love playing in the play area, and of course Ruby made friends.
Miles had fun too.
Then we headed down to the Winter Light Festival by Omsi, stopping at the train car to use the potty first. Miles liked the giant bean bag.
 The light festival is always lots of fun.
 There are a bunch of different light displays to enjoy, some are interactive.
 They lit up the trains at the train museum too. The engines in there were HUGE!!!
 So much fun. 
And a fire breathing dragon.
Reid has been scared to go back into the 3's Sunday School class since he got scratched a month or so ago. :( So since he's almost 4 anyway, we put him in the 4's and 5's class. Ruby really wanted to go with him, so she went too. They did great together!
 Such a sweet baby. We sure love him.
 Ruby got her first homework over the long weekend. We got to see how different toys moved and write about it.
 I never thought we'd bed share, but that is what is working for us right now. I can't get naps, and Miles sleeps way better in our bed. So this is how we roll!
Someone has a sister...
He had a funny curl sticking up like a horn and wanted to try to brush one on the other side. Haha!
 Crane building.
This is the only way I can get the laundry folded now with my crawler... he gets into everything. He's a lot like Ruby was as a baby, which means no rest for mama.
 Outside snack picnic after school!
They saw a cloud that looked like a brush. :)
 She had a super loose tooth for a very long time.
Crawling through the chair to get his toy.
 Me and my big little guy!
Making pouty faces during story time. Reid!! Hahaha
He has been in a weird phase where he's super tired at 5 or 6pm and takes a little nap, but then he's not tired at bed time. After we put the big kids to bed one night he was playing peek-a-boo with Mama on the couch, it was so cute.

40 weeks: Miles turns 9 months

Our little guy has been out as long as he was in! I can't believe he's 9 months already. He's been working on his first molar...