Wednesday, October 18, 2017

21 weeks: Teeth!

Little man has some cute little teeth popping through. Thank goodness for a little break from teething for a while (I hope...).

Things have been so crazy, we moved and now I'm way behind on my blog posts. So here are pictures from Miles's 21st week for you to enjoy.

 Chewing on everything!
 We needed a break from packing, so I took the boys to the Children's Museum.
Reid was the cutest little Veterinarian. 
 And we both had lots of fun rerouting this river while Miles slept in the stroller.
 Ruby made this fun poster! That's her under the tree, and those are all berry bushes down at the bottom. Reid drew those lines in the sky, so Ruby just tried to make them into clouds.
 Story time.
 Miles loves Daddy.
 Reid loves to mop. And he loves that the handle goes down to "kid height."
 The cute faces of Miles. He's such a charmer.
 She wanted more school work, so I gave her some math problems. She's getting pretty good!
 We took the infant insert thing off of the baby bath tub, and Miles just wanted to sit up. So then I turned it around to the sitting side and he loved it!
 Cute little rabbit.
 The boys and I went on a nice, cold walk.
 Reid wants to do some preschool while Ruby's at school. I think Ruby knew all of the letters in the alphabet by this age, Reid knows a few. Honestly, I think Ru knew so many because of an electronic game we had for the car that is now broken. Haha!
 Getting off of the bus! She's so cute.
This is how Miles likes to spend his time at Winco. 
And Reid is a lot of fun to have tag along too. He likes to help me bag the groceries. 
 He LOVES his Sophie the Giraffe.
 We go to our church Home Community every Friday night. This guy is Herb, and he's great with all of the kids. Reid loves it when he reads to him.
 We spent a lot of time packing, packing, packing. Reid packed this box (and a few others). Pretty cute.
 Ruby made this for her cousin Chloe's birthday. It says, "What do you call an H that has hair? A hairy H. Boooooooooooooo! Happy Birthday!"
She's so funny! She'll tell a joke, then immediately say "get it?"
 Horsey ride.
 Game time. Reid loves to climb.
 Ruby wanted to make a scavenger hunt for Andy and Reid (after loving the one at the Sprunger's boys' birthday party). So we wrote these riddles, and the prize at the end was dinner. :)
 She likes to help peel potatoes and carrots and things.
 Bike riding! Enjoying the last little bit of summer.
 All ready for Sunday School. This is the kid check in area at church.
 Andy and I signed up to teach Ruby's class once a month. It was fun!
 Playing tunnel tag. Andy's more used to teenagers, but we had fun anyway.
 We had an oven, fire adventure... Andy had nachos on broil with the oven closed. Thankfully we had lots of baking soda! We were all okay.
 The nachos, not so much...
 We headed out to Hillsboro to catch a little bit of the air show. It was loud! But really cool. We saw some kind of jet doing all kinds of tricks.
Cutie Miles. I had to cover his ears a lot. 
 She's so pretty.
 Reid did not want to come out of the car. But after the really loud plane was done, we finally got him out.
 Reading together in a little fort they made.
 Reid likes to take selfies. Hahaha
 He's so handsome! All ready for a walk.
 He loves walks too.
She wanted to make a calendar. I love the things she comes up with.

Monday, October 9, 2017

20 weeks: School exhaustion and a birthday party

Ru kind of had a rough week. She loves school, but she's so tired from not getting to rest much. But she'll adjust soon I'm sure.
The kids were naughty, then they got in trouble. So Ruby made this for me, which is so sweet. Apparently the "a" stands for Ruby and Reid, not sure why.
Singing me a song. He's really musical and learns songs quickly. He's so good at staying on pitch!
The silliness is out of hand sometimes, but they sure do make us laugh!
Andy has been making breakfast most mornings since Miles was born. <3
Playing together right before school.
Reid wanted to brush my hair.
All snuggled up, playing "baby."
I got to volunteer at Ruby's lunch time! Mostly to help kids open their lunch containers or get them spoons/napkins. It was so cute. Ruby was so happy that I was there, and it was fun to meet some of her friends. She got hot lunch that day.
Happy guy! He has been sleeping really badly though. 4 month regression plus getting his two bottom teeth in makes for a terrible night of sleep. He wakes often and is really hard to get back to sleep.
Playing "school."
This is what she wrote, several kids from her new class.
Shark baby.
Sooooo tired.
More of playing "baby."
Boy time!
We went on a walk, and I didn't realize Reid had hardly any head room. Hahaha! He didn't complain though.
We watched some guys putting on a new roof.
He found his thumb! But just for a day or two, then back to his paci.
I paid the kids $.25 each to help me clean off the front of the cupboards for moving.
Our cousins' foster boys had their birthday party on Saturday, and it was so fun!
Ruby won "pin the trailer on the tractor."
She and Jack read all of the clues for the scavenger hunt. Then she has been wanting to do scavenger hunts here at home ever since.
He got distracted from the hunt when found the mower!
And they dug up the prize box!
Dessert time!
He's so cute when he sleeps,
Playing hockey with bats and a beach ball. 
My workout buddy.
Post-nap snuggles.
Picking Ruby up from the bus stop.
Her stack of books to read. :)

21 weeks: Teeth!

Little man has some cute little teeth popping through. Thank goodness for a little break from teething for a while (I hope...). Things ...