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39 Weeks

Ruby's turning 9 months old tomorrow. Crazy! This has been quite the week of accomplishments for her. She has learned to pull herself up to standing, sit from laying down, and how to clap. She also got her bottom right molar in. The down side of all of that is that sleep has been horrible. She tries out all of her new things in her crib when she needs to be going to sleep, including in the middle of the night. Needless to say we're all tired. I'm hoping and praying that she starts sleeping better soon. We ordered a white noise machine and a book about sleep, so hopefully that will help. She has also started liking to eat solid food more. Her current favorites are peaches, sweet potatoes, and carrots. All of the orange foods. :)  Crawling over Daddy's leg with her coat on. It was super cute.  The first time she pulled herself up, and we got a picture! She was proud.  Clean, snuggly baby.  She's getting good at standing with furniture.  Playing with her dolly.  She a…

38 Weeks

We had a fun week last week. We;/ finished out our staycation by going to the pumpkin patch. It was raining, so we didn't get pumpkin pictures, but that's okay. Ruby posed on a hay bale for us. She's really getting her army crawl thing down, and also gets up on her hands and knees. She pushes off of her feet though, so crawling isn't quite working yet. She can pull herself up to kneeling when she's by furniture. She also said "baba" this week, and we think she's trying to say "Mama." :) She loves to say "Dada" still though. It means Dad, Mom and food. She's so sweet at night. When we're praying with her before bed she reaches out for us and goes back and forth between us. It's too cute. She gave me a kiss this week while we were praying. She's about to get her bottom right molar, so she's been a bit fussy this week. She still has a little cough, but she's almost better from that month long cold.  She loves…

37 Weeks

I forgot to do my blog post yesterday... oops! Here's Ruby at 37 weeks. We've had a lot of fun this week. This picture is at Old Navy trying on clothes. We had lots of fun :) She's the cutest baby ever. She has lots of fun crawling around and getting into everything. We've been getting lots of library books, and her favorite ones are the ones that she can touch (like with fur on the animals, etc). She loves music and dancing. She's ticklish just about all over and is so happy all the time. She's still getting over her cold that she's had for almost a month. She mostly has just a cough left.   This is how she often falls asleep, with her feet straight up in the air. Silly baby.  Playing with her food.  She loves her photo album.  We went to the zoo on Tuesday. She loved the animals and had lots of fun! She may have loved looking at people more, though, which makes me think that she will love going to Disneyland next month. Playing the drums with Daddy.   Ze…

36 Weeks

Ruby is seriously about to start crawling. She can get around really well with the army crawl, but she's up on her hands and knees all the time too. It's adorable. She loves saying "Dada" all day. I think she thinks Andy and I are both Dada. She was almost better with her cold, but yesterday it started getting worse. I'm not sure if it's the same one still or if she got a new one. Poor baby. Ruby loves reading books and playing with new toys (or kitchen utensils). She also loves going on walks and she still loves people. She hasn't gotten stranger anxiety yet. She's such a sweet baby.  Nap time with Daddy on staycation.

 We hiked 5 miles at Silver Falls on Saturday. It was lovely, but we were tired afterward!  She drools non stop when she's sick.  All bundled for an evening walk. Fall is in the air.  Playing around in the bath tub. And playing with Mommy's purse.