Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kitties and hair do's

We are super busy enjoying our summer. We've spent a lot of time outside, and I am enjoying these last few weeks with Ruby before she starts Preschool. I'm really going to miss her!

Last night we decided to start night time potty training Ruby. She has always woken up wet, so I thought it was boing to be difficult. So I layered her sheets with a few mattress pads (3x) just in case we had accidents in the night. But surprise... she was dry this morning! We were all excited. If she doesn't wet the bed for 7 nights, we're going to get some Guppies for the family. She's pretty excited.
 Breakfast! The kids love oatmeal.
 When you accidentally leave the child lock on the entertainment cabinet unlocked...
 We got these new squirt guns from the Dollar Tree. They have been having so much fun!
 He loves to "pretend to drive."
 On Saturday we spent the morning at Jamison Square to play in the water! It has been really hot lately, so we've been seeking out water to cool off!
 Reid loves to do this in any shallow water (including the bath).
 He ripped his toenail off last week, it has been hard to keep it clean! I got some Liquid Bandage and it's finally starting to heal.
 He liked sitting by me, especially after all of the dogs arrived...
 There was a Welsh Corgi parade of some kind. Hundreds of these dogs took over the fountain.
 It was hilarious.
Ruby even got to pet one. 
 But then she got pretty sad because with so many people and dogs there, we couldn't really swim anymore.
So we walked to the bakery around the corner instead. 
 Reid ate the blueberries off of this cake. It was a fun morning!
 Then we watched Hugo on Friday and Saturday nights. It was really good! After it was over, Ruby wanted to play Hugo. So here they are, Andy is the Automaton, and Ruby and Reid are the two kids.
 Reid likes to draw.
 Sometimes he wants to hold my hand while we eat.
 Riding the bus to church!
 Our neighbor kittens like to come to our back yard to play. Reid LOVES it so much. Especially the orange one.
 "I'm trying to rock the kitty."
 I went out with all of the Pullen ladies for mani/pedi's on Sunday. It was lovely. Then when I got home the kids wanted me to paint their toes and fingernails too. :)
 We enjoyed playing at the park and set off our rocket!
 They get cold in the mornings. :)
 The kids and I went to the zoo! I decided not to take the stroller, which turned out to not be a great idea. They were pretty tired by the time we were leaving, and we were way down by the Lions. So I carried them each in turns, and we walked really slowly up to the car. Oh well, I learned!
 Mmm, apple snacks. And Reid loves playing with water fountains.
 We saw the lion demonstration, which was fun!
 They were really big!
 Ruby got the bike caught in her hair during nap time. I'm not sure how that happened...
 Playing baseball.
 Morning snuggles with Daddy!
 They really like playing games and things together now. They have been doing well with getting along more than they used to!
 Time for Candyland!
 It was quiet in the bathroom for a while... Reid was playing with the water, and then unrolled the whole toilet paper roll. This doesn't happen most of the time because the bathroom is dark and Reid can't reach the light switches yet. But when we leave the light on, we're in trouble!
 They played together really nicely in their bedroom for a long time! So nice for Mommy.
 Playing in Penelope's bed. Ruby put on her sleep sack. Hah!
 Reid loves to hold her, feed her, snuggle with her, etc. 
 Outside time! Playing with the kitties.
 It liked her.
He doesn't like to put this one down. But they're both long hair, so when we come inside, he is usually covered with cat hair! And I'm allergic, so I sneeze all day long. :(
We got this hair book from the library, and it has been SO fun! Ruby loves when I do new hair styles. Her hair is so long and beautiful, and it's so much fun to play with it.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Pics galore

I put a lot of pics in this week... our kids are so cute, I couldn't help it! We've had a lot of fun adventures, really taking advantage of our summer. I can't believe our Ruby girl starts preschool in just a few weeks. I'm really going to miss her 3 days a week, but it is going to be so good too. I am looking forward to my Reid time!
We have been figuring out a lot of good stuff for helping Ruby obey better. I've started doing more consistent time-outs, and setting a timer. Every time she's mean to Reid or doesn't obey, she goes straight there. It helps so much! And she had been screaming out of frustration a lot lately too, so I set up a little jar of 10 coins. I take one out every time she screams and it's not an emergency. If she ends up with all 10 at the end of the day, she gets a prize, if she has only 5 left, she gets a smaller prize, and nothing if she has less than 5. That has helped too. I think we're going to go to the Dollar Tree to get new prizes.
She has also had this weird scratchy voice for a few days now. I have no idea why, she doesn't have any other cold symptoms. Hopefully it will get better soon.
Reid has been getting owies like crazy! Yesterday he tore off half of his toe nail when he fell on the walk way, and then he cracked his head open again on the fireplace. :( He's fine now and I was able to stop the bleeding fast enough. But he did NOT want a bandaid on his toe. I had to put one on because he was getting blood everywhere. Poor guy! He's like me, I always have owies. I even hit my forehead on the bathroom counter a few days ago and have a dark red line. Thankfully it was just above my hair line. Hahaha
 He was pretending to work and talk on the phone.
 On Friday I took the kids to Jamison Square to play in the water. It was so beautiful, and so fun!
 There were only a few kids there when we first arrived.
Sibling love. 
 She really loves swimming!
 This little girl was cute. These two just stared at each other right in the face for a while. Hah!
 By the time we were ready to leave, there were tons of kids!'
 So fun.
 We headed down the street to Starbucks for plain steamers. Reid didn't want it at first, but then he tasted it and said, "Ooh, yummy!"
 She loves steamers.
 They're so cute.
 So sleepy after so much playing!
 On Saturday we went down to George Rogers park in Lake Oswego. It was lovely! I like Reid's hair in this photo.
 It was such a great beach! This is the Willamette River.
 These people had a little baby, and Reid went over to stare at her! It was so funny.
 Cutie girl with a pretty view.
 Saturday night Andy and I headed down to the Furman's house for dinner. It was lots of fun!
 Sunday after church we busted out the kids' bikes at the school where we park.
 Reid loves the trike.
 He was trying to shade his eyes. It has been hot!
 We went out and got ice cream to beat the heat. Reid freaked out when I tried giving him a different cup so Andy had to take him to the car. :( We can't give in to fits though.
 He loves blueberries!
We made salt dough to play with and to make... 
 ...Christmas ornaments! These are the only cookie cutters we have, so that's what we used. :)
They turned out pretty cute. 
 And then Ruby played with the rest.
 Watching the Olympics!
 We headed to the library this week too! These guys love books.
 He kept wanting to carry books around.
Ruby is such a little leader. She led all of these guys in building a house together. They even did rainbow colors! She was generous and gracious, when it fell down she just said, "Oops! We'll have to start all over." It was adorable.
 Reid, on the other hand, just likes to play with these kinds of things!
And puzzles. 
 The rainbow tower.
 And back at home! It was nice and quiet for a while. :)
 We got a book that has a bunch of different hair styles. It has been fun to try some!
We met Grandpa Del, Grandma Patty, and Coraline at the park. These girls had fun. They were singing while they played in the water. 
 Story time! Intro to Garfield.
 Little Penelope came over on Wednesday. This is where she naps in the afternoons.
 I love reading to them at nap time.
 She has been scooting and rolling around all over! She scooted right under this chair.
We printed off some paper dolls, which are so fun! 
 Ruby's getting pretty good at scissors.
 Playing outside in the water... naked!
 He wanted Ruby to get him dressed.
 It was pretty cute.
 We went over to our friends Audrey and William's house. It was fun to play and eat lunch there!
 Silly, cute little guy.
Aaaaannnnnddddd... I became a Ruby Coach this week! Ruby was pretty excited. :)

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