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Kitties and hair do's

We are super busy enjoying our summer. We've spent a lot of time outside, and I am enjoying these last few weeks with Ruby before she starts Preschool. I'm really going to miss her!
Last night we decided to start night time potty training Ruby. She has always woken up wet, so I thought it was boing to be difficult. So I layered her sheets with a few mattress pads (3x) just in case we had accidents in the night. But surprise... she was dry this morning! We were all excited. If she doesn't wet the bed for 7 nights, we're going to get some Guppies for the family. She's pretty excited.  Breakfast! The kids love oatmeal.  When you accidentally leave the child lock on the entertainment cabinet unlocked...  We got these new squirt guns from the Dollar Tree. They have been having so much fun!  He loves to "pretend to drive."  On Saturday we spent the morning at Jamison Square to play in the water! It has been really hot lately, so we've been seeking out wate…

Pics galore

I put a lot of pics in this week... our kids are so cute, I couldn't help it! We've had a lot of fun adventures, really taking advantage of our summer. I can't believe our Ruby girl starts preschool in just a few weeks. I'm really going to miss her 3 days a week, but it is going to be so good too. I am looking forward to my Reid time! We have been figuring out a lot of good stuff for helping Ruby obey better. I've started doing more consistent time-outs, and setting a timer. Every time she's mean to Reid or doesn't obey, she goes straight there. It helps so much! And she had been screaming out of frustration a lot lately too, so I set up a little jar of 10 coins. I take one out every time she screams and it's not an emergency. If she ends up with all 10 at the end of the day, she gets a prize, if she has only 5 left, she gets a smaller prize, and nothing if she has less than 5. That has helped too. I think we're going to go to the Dollar Tree to ge…