Saturday, April 29, 2017

Waiting for baby

My parents got here on Tuesday and we're all just sitting around waiting for the baby! We all thought it would be born by now, but it's just not ready. 

The kids, honestly, have been a handful this week. We don't know why, but they've really been acting up a lot, which is hard! Hopefully it will let up soon.

I don't know if I've said this, but Reid is totally day time potty trained, even at nap. And he has been for a while. And Ruby got her first back molar coming in about two weeks ago. I had no idea it was even on its way! She was feeling way back there with her finger one day and said she has a new tooth! No other loose ones at this point yet though.

Ruby is getting soooo good at reading! It's been about a month since she's really started going, but she reads everything now. At school, they send books home with her regularly to read to us. She's on the level 2 books now, because the lower ones were too easy. :) We're so proud of her! She rarely gets frustrated, and we help her sound out the words she can't figure out.
 Enjoying some last time with just my boy while Ruby's at school.
He likes taking selfies lately. 
 And he took a baby belly photo. Haha!!
 We've been doing a lot of walks since the weather has been better!
 Morning train time. We made a track, and Reid didn't want it changed for a long time.
 We went to Babies R Us to get a new car seat for Ruby, and the kids had fun riding this Snoopy car.
 Helping do some chores.
 Tomato soup and grilled cheese...
...their favorite! 
 Reading to me at nap time.
 New car seat! We've got the big kids on the middle and side, and the baby will fit on the passenger's side nicely. We have the infant car seat hooked up in the Accord for now though, since Andy and I are planning on driving that to and from the birth center.
 Boxes are the best.
 He lined up all of his tractor books.
 He's been playing "baby doggy" or kitty or squirrel a lot lately and has a cute tail.
 We went to Chick-fil-A on a lunch date, just Reid and I.
 Ruby came home from school on Monday not feeling well. A bunch of kids at her school have a cough and they shared it.
 We went on a family walk, but Ruby rode in the stroller. And then she started feeling better.
 Double sweeping action!
 We've had a few pajama days just waiting for the baby to come.
 Feeding her baby a bottle. She's so excited to be a big sister all over again!
Grandma snuggles! He has skipped his nap a few days this week, so he's been extra tired at bed time. 
 Samantha came around.
 Lounging with Grandpa.
 Craft time! Reid painted with lots of concentration.
 She's so precious.
 Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to Imago for play time on Thursday.
Silly cuties. 
Bed time stories.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

40 weeks! We made it to our due date!

Due date today! I honestly didn't think I would make it to today. Reid being born a few days early threw me off, and it has been kind of hard waiting. But the baby will come when it's ready. I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of being pregnant (probably ever).

Everything looked good at the midwife on Monday. The baby was in a good position for the minute, although it moves around so much. I'm a little worried that it's posterior again, but I think we can get it to turn around in labor if it's not in the optimal position.

We finally decided on a boy name I think. Which feels nice to be all the way ready. And my parents got here on Tuesday. It almost feels like everyone's sitting around staring at my belly though. Haha It is a nice distraction for the kids, and a huge help for me. I've been really tired and uncomfortable. Sleep has been horrible, I lay awake in the night for no apparent reason, which is miserable! And then I'm tired all day and need a nap. Thankfully I've been getting one in every day.

Changes this week: Nothing unfortunately! I was hoping we'd have a baby by now. :)

Cravings this week: Brownies, so I made some traditional ones. They were super sweet though, since we're used to healthier desserts now, which I didn't love.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter! And Ruby's Kinder orientation

We are all ready to meet the baby! We've been going on lots of walks, which has been fun. Easter was really great this week, we celebrated just with us, then with the Pullen family.

Some funny kid sayings lately:
Reid says "Yesteday" all the time, meaning any time before right now. Such as "Yesteday we saw a fwont loadew at Winco." His obsession with construction machines and tractors is comical.
Ruby has been calling Reid "Reid Reid."
 Reid and I saw lots of trash trucks on our walk the other day. The guy made the big claw arm thing wave at us.
 Me and my boy! Enjoying some of our last little time with just the two of us.
 Cutting up apples for Andy.
 We went to OMSI on Friday to play for a little bit and eat dinner.
 Reid loved the crane!
Dinner time!  
 Silly kid. Then we headed to our church for the Good Friday service.
 On Saturday we went to Village Baptist for their Easter egg hunt. It was fun!
 They did each age group in phases. Reid just wanted to collect all of the pinwheels. He did end up getting a few eggs.
Enjoying some fruit snacks. 
 This is how we do egg hunts in Oregon... mud boots required!
 Prepping Ruby for the older kids' hunt.
There she goes!! We came home with lots of candy. :/ But they had fun. 
 Nap time!
 And then we dyed eggs. I saw this idea for toddlers using a whisk, it worked okay. I think Reid only made one egg and then played with it the whole time.
 Ruby did pretty good! We only cracked one or two.
 Some of the finished eggs.
 They played Easter eggs for days.
 Family walk! The weather has been having some nice, sunny breaks, so we take full advantage!
My silhouette right now. 
 Ruby found a mini Flower Land.
 Easter morning! Reid often wakes up with his hair like that in the front. He must sleep on his face! Hahaha
 Found hers! And then she said it was in the same place last year. Oops!
 It took Reid a little while, but he found his too. We did a big Classic Lego set in their easter eggs this year, and no candy from us. I'm totally doing that every year. They got plenty elsewhere!
 Reid got a new measuring tape and loves it.
 Then we ate breakfast and all got dressed, and did a little egg hunt outside. Last year the birds pecked all of the eggs, so Andy stayed outside this year until we got them all picked up.
 They're so cute.
 Ruby got the most, of course.
Reid got his fair share too. 
 They ended up sharing everything though, so it didn't matter. Here's all of their Lego's after they cracked the eggs! They loved it.
 After church, we came home for a little rest. Hahaha
 Off to Tony and Courtney's for family time. Here's all of the kids!
 We had a classic egg hunt. Reid picked up only blue and green eggs.
 Ruby got a bunch.
This was hilarious!!!!!
 Family photo! Last one of our family of 4.
 Reid had fun opening his eggs.
 Easter dinner. It was delicious.
 She loves Penelope.
 He didn't ever take a nap, so he did this when we got home. He was definitely all tired out!
 Monday was lovely, so we played outside for a while. It's so nice that we can go out more often now! It's still super muddy, so they definitely still wear boots.
 Morning snuggles. They play "baby" a lot.
 This is pretty much how he sits at meals unless we strap him in. Apparently it's a lot like me when I was little. Haha!
 Cuties. I think they were playing that Reid was sick.
 My belly on Easter! This is with my splint on, which definitely helps. But I'm seriously all belly. It's like I have a ball in there.
 Helping Daddy wash the dishes.
 I hosted a Norwex party, and this is all of the stuff I won! It was seriously like $650+ worth of stuff I got for free. And it was perfect timing for my nesting. We've all been cleaning like crazy!
 We got a changing table for the baby! Andy and the kids got it all put together.
Watching Rogue One (after the kids went to bed). And I've been doing a lot of this to try to get the baby in a good position. I've also been putting on sweat pants as early as possible at the end of each day. Hah! My maternity clothes aren't even fitting anymore.
 Workout! I love my kiddo's.
 Ruby pretty much failed her hearing test back at her annual checkup in January, so we went back in this week to get retested. She did fine, a little less accurate hearing in her left ear, but I'm pretty sure she's good. I think before she was either confused, or scared to raise her hand.
 Big girl! Off to Kindergarten orientation at Terra Linda.
I can't believe she'll be in Elementary school next year.

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