Thursday, May 26, 2016

Family shenanigans

After being cooped up for a whole week, we were able to get out a bit and enjoy the park and the zoo. But then this week I haven't had the energy to venture out with the three kids (I've had Penelope all week). So back to being cooped up! She's not coming all next week though, so I'm busy planning lots of fun adventures for us! I love exploring and finding fun things to do with the kids. :)

Ruby is having so much fun playing lately. Her primary love language is definitely quality time. She constantly wants Andy and I to play things with her, which we love to do. And she's great at coming up with new things to play too.

Reid hasn't needed much sleep lately! He has been going to sleep super late (like 9pm or later! We put him to bed at 8-ish), getting up early (6am-ish), and only napping for an hour or two. I don't know how he functions on so little sleep for a 2-year-old. But I can't get him to sleep more. He must just be one of those ones who doesn't need a lot of sleep. I envy that!
 Andy and I had our 10 year anniversary of our engagement this week! I can't believe it's been that long already. :) I'm so glad he asked me. It's been a great 10 years.
 Potty party! Reid has been wanting to sit on the potty more. In fact, today he told me "Poopy." I checked his diaper and he hadn't pooped. And then he did, and said, "Potty." I should have just put him on the potty when he first said it! I'll know for next time. 
 Music time! They had fun playing the ukulele and mandolin.
 Squishy face!
 I got some squeeze bottles and made these fun pancakes for the kids on Saturday. They loved it!
We headed to the park after nap and had so much fun playing baseball! Ruby likes to bat lefty, but writes and throws righty.
 Reid needs some batting lessons. But seeing a dog in the back ground reminds me that every time he sees a dog he says, "Hi doggy!" over and over again. He loves them!
 Now the real competition begins. He hit a home run. :)
 Yogurt lips! We have Cereal Sundays, and these guys love it.
 We were all too sick to go to church, so we stayed home and had a Sabbath. We spent time with Jesus, read our bibles, sang, danced, rested, and it was good. I set up blankets for the kids to read their bibles on, and set the timer for 3 minutes. Reid did great, but Ruby just wanted to play with us.
 We played doctor for a long time. We all got lots of shots.
 Then after nap we headed to the zoo! We got there right before it closed, so we didn't have much time. But it was fun anyway. Reid loved the birdies.
 Ruby said, "Mom, why are there two crocodiles?"
 We got an up close view of the giraffes eating their dinner.
 Balancing on the wall.
 Riding the lion!
 Soccer time! Ruby's a pretty good goalie.
 We ordered some caterpillars from a gift from my parents. The first ones arrived dead because they were delivered on a super hot day. But they sent a replacement, and we have 5 thriving caterpillars!
 It's so fun to watch them! They're about 5x bigger already! They'll be building their cocoons any day now.
 Castle building is fun.
 Playing in the laundry. They did this pretty much all day on Tuesday.
 Penelope! She's sure a cutie.
 Right after he woke up from his nap. Hahaha!
 I made some new play dough yesterday and then made a nativity scene.
 And we made an awesome train track! Reid's remote controlled train is way too fun on it.
 Ruby came up with a fun game that we played last night. It was Blind Man's Bluff but we had to throw paper airplanes at each other. It was so funny!
 Reading last night. He kept saying, "Who's hiding? Spider!"
 And reading again this morning.
 He was telling me all about the chair.
 Serving up some blanket salad.
 We made Train Land today! It was a lot of fun.
Ruby put on one of my tank tops under her shirt like I wear it. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sick, sick, sick

We all caught a nasty cold, and it has been no good. We've still been able to find time to have a little fun though in spite of it.
I was able to get away on a women's retreat with our church over the weekend. That was much needed and lovely. Andy and the kids did great here at home.
Ruby is not napping as much anymore, now that she's 4. That helps her go to sleep at night better, but some days she still needs a nap.
Reid finally has all of his teeth in, and he is as cute and funny as ever. Today he had a sad face and said, "I can't fly." I laughed so hard. He's also really attached to his paci. Tonight he came up to me and said, "Where is it, paci? Find it. Help me."
 Me and my two cuties. I love them, and we all love being outside.
 He's so cute in his cloth diapers. And his pink paci. Hahaha. They didn't have any more blue ones at the store. :) He has been chewing holes in his paci's really fast, so we're going to take them away soon. He will be sad, but it's necessary.
This was the theme of my retreat I went on. I had such a good time learning more about taking a Sabbath, resting, self-care, etc. I sure missed my husband and babies, though.
 Back at home! These guys love corn on the cob.
 I got Ruby these cute workout clothes while I was gone. She loves them.
 We went on a lovely family walk and took time to pick flowers... kitties...
 ...and just sit. Just what we needed.
 Sometimes Ruby sits on the front step and does this, so Reid copies her. It's hilarious.
 Reid and I had the morning together on Tuesday. Ruby spent the morning with Aunt Becca, and we haven't had Penelope all week because we've been so sick. So we played soccer, read lots of stories, and had a great time.
 Ruby didn't want me to sing to her at nap time, so I counted her to sleep. I got to 472. Haha!
 Our cute little garden. We've been putting beer in little cups to kill all of the slugs, and it works great!
 We were home sick, so we made the cookies from our Sesame Street Treasury books. It was fun.
 Ruby was saying, "Get on, steeb."
 Bike riding fun! They both like the tricycle better.
 Del and Patty came and watched our kids on Wednesday night, so we we went on a date night. This sushi place was fun! We got appetizers there.
 And then ramen across the street. It was delicious!
 Reid loves to snuggle, especially when he's upset.
 Tickle time!
Andy had to work at home on Thursday because he didn't feel well. So the kids and I went on a nice walk to the park. 
We found Flower Land (as Ruby said). They loved playing in the daisies!
 They were making chocolate cake at the park. Then it started raining, so we booked it home! Thankfully we have a rain cover on the stroller.
 He's so funny...
 Notice the clothes hanger around his knees.
And then Reid was super sick in the night on Thursday night. He kept waking up panicked and having a hard time breathing, with a nasty cough. I took him into the ER at about 1:30. While we were there, he was much better.
 When we finally saw a doctor, they said he had croup. So they gave him some steroids and we got home at about 4:30. We both headed straight to bed and slept until 9. Thankfully Andy was able to work at home in the morning and be with Ruby. He hasn't gotten the croup since then. It was scary!
Home at last. Sweet sister.

Play, play, play

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