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Family shenanigans

After being cooped up for a whole week, we were able to get out a bit and enjoy the park and the zoo. But then this week I haven't had the energy to venture out with the three kids (I've had Penelope all week). So back to being cooped up! She's not coming all next week though, so I'm busy planning lots of fun adventures for us! I love exploring and finding fun things to do with the kids. :)
Ruby is having so much fun playing lately. Her primary love language is definitely quality time. She constantly wants Andy and I to play things with her, which we love to do. And she's great at coming up with new things to play too.
Reid hasn't needed much sleep lately! He has been going to sleep super late (like 9pm or later! We put him to bed at 8-ish), getting up early (6am-ish), and only napping for an hour or two. I don't know how he functions on so little sleep for a 2-year-old. But I can't get him to sleep more. He must just be one of those ones who doesn'…

Sick, sick, sick

We all caught a nasty cold, and it has been no good. We've still been able to find time to have a little fun though in spite of it. I was able to get away on a women's retreat with our church over the weekend. That was much needed and lovely. Andy and the kids did great here at home. Ruby is not napping as much anymore, now that she's 4. That helps her go to sleep at night better, but some days she still needs a nap. Reid finally has all of his teeth in, and he is as cute and funny as ever. Today he had a sad face and said, "I can't fly." I laughed so hard. He's also really attached to his paci. Tonight he came up to me and said, "Where is it, paci? Find it. Help me."  Me and my two cuties. I love them, and we all love being outside.  He's so cute in his cloth diapers. And his pink paci. Hahaha. They didn't have any more blue ones at the store. :) He has been chewing holes in his paci's really fast, so we're going to take them a…