Thursday, October 29, 2015

Foodie weekend!

We had a fun week! We didn't have too much planned, so we did two different libraries, Omsi, and some fun stuff at home. And over the weekend, we had a cousins foodie weekend where we made some delicious food together. It was a nice break for me to cook all day while Andy hung out with the kids.
I'm pretty sure Reid is starting to get his second set of molars in. He's been drooling a lot, and I can feel his gums getting a little bigger back there. Every time I put my finger back there he tries to chew on it though. Hah! And he just takes off his amber necklace when I put it on, so I'm not sure that's going to be any good this time. Poor kid. He has been sleeping a little better, and he has napped for three days without waking up in the middle of his nap! Usually I have to go in there and rock him for a minute and he'll go back to sleep. So that has been nice.
Ruby has been napping about every other day or two out of three days usually. When she doesn't nap we do a rest time and she can come out at 2:00. Then we paint or she can watch a show. It's so nice when she naps though. Except when she doesn't nap, she's super ready to go to bed at 7:15.
 Watching the fish at the library.
 He loves shapes. He has been learning so much! His favorite thing is counting lately, everything is "two!" And tonight during bath time he was trying to count the shampoo bottles, and kept saying "three!" and "four!" He's a fast learner like his sister.
 Strong girls!
 So I think Ruby got the chicken pox. Hahahah!
 Tony and Courtney's dog Odys visited us on Friday night. He was so cute, the kids loved him! Especially Reid. We have to get that boy a dog some day.
 He loves music, and sings and plays a lot.
 Me, Dana and Karen starting our foodie weekend!
 Enjoying our mimosas.
 Breakfast was baked spinach/eggs and bread pudding. It was soooo good.
 Pomegranates for the salad.
Rolling the Beef Wellington! 
And decorating. 
 It turned out beautiful.
 We had so much fun!
The moment of truth... carving it. It turned out perfectly done and was absolutely delicious. 
 Warm molten chocolate cakes for dessert with raspberry coulis and whipped cream. So good.
 The kids helped me make breakfast for everybody at our place on Sunday morning. My sous chefs.
We headed to the farm down the road for pumpkins. The kids loved the hay maze. 
 Picking out a pumpkin!
 I love these cuties.
 Daddy had fun carving the pumpkin with the kids while I roasted the seeds.
 We made a scary/happy face.
 Ruby made a picnic in the bedroom for us on Monday morning.
We went to a new library and made it during story time. Afterward Ruby hosted her own story time and had an audience. 
 He does this while he's nursing all the time. He loves to poke my eyes, mouth, etc. I love it.
 FaceTime with Grandma Debbie!
 We went to Omsi on Tuesday. The kids loved playing in the rocket ship.
 Astronaut Ruby!
 They really love the little kids room. The sand area is especially popular.
 He loves to kiss mirrors.
 Ruby makes a "house" out of the front hose all the time.
 She has been into making a "cozy spot" out of her bed lately.
 We did a little shopping at H&M yesterday, and Ruby really wanted to try something on. So I let her try this dress on and she loved it.
 She has been putting Josefina to bed lately or just going in her room and nursing her. It's the cutest.
 She made this Lego car all by herself!
 Good night Josefina.
 Helping me get the mail... in my heels.
 And we got out my wedding dress, she loved it!
 Workout twinsies.

Friday, October 23, 2015


We're all starting to feel better! My fever broke on Friday afternoon, and I've been recovering since then. I feel pretty much all the way better now, just a little congestion. Andy and Ruby both had a lot of congestion too. Reid didn't get anything, which is great!
I do believe Reid is starting in on his second set of molars. He's been drooling a lot, and his gums feel rough back there on his right bottom. Not really looking forward to going through that, but it will be nice when it's done. He is such a sweet boy. He was giving me tons and tons of kisses this week (I'm so surprised he didn't get sick!).  He likes to kiss my knee when we're eating meals, my pants have been getting pretty dirty from that. ;) We were all giving each other a big family kiss Thursday night at bed time, and it was the best.
Ruby has been playing a lot of pretend with her little horses and other toys. We played that they were going to school the other day, which was fun.
 We went to an apple festival on Saturday in Portland. It was a ton of fun! Ruby found some new friends and danced with them. She initiated. :)
 We all got in a long line and tasted about 30 different kinds of apples. Then Ruby wanted to sit by this scare crow lady.
 They had fun running around after we ate some pizza. Reid had been in the stroller, so he was ready to go!
 Painting a pumpkin.
 During nap time I got to go to my first live Beachbody event! It was Super Saturday at the convention center. I rode the Max in, and it was fun.
 Talking on her little play "phone" (it's really a remote control).
 This boy loves playing with anything that moves. Cars, trucks, strollers, etc.
 This is how Ruby does dot-to-dot! She gets all of the letters in a row, but her lines are definitely not straight. We couldn't figure out what one of the pictures was after she was finished! Hahaha.
He loves standing on his head! 
 These guys wear capes a lot. And play together a lot too.
 We went to Fred Meyer, and I dropped Ruby off at the Kid Zone for a little while. It was nice to spend some quality time with Reid. I got my ring cleaned, and the lady at the jewelers was obsessed with how cute Reid is. I totally agree!
 Kissing her "peanut butter jelly and sandwich," she got jelly all over her face.
 Modeling her new shirt. I got it in the boys section, so cute on her!
 Daddy's home! These guys love to play with Andy.
 Pirate Ruby! Reid had it on for a while too, but I couldn't get a picture. He kept wanting me to put it back on.
 Ruby plays "cave" a lot with the couch cushions. This time it happened to be on the bed.
 We've been loving to go on family bike rides with our tandem and the kid trailer! Trying to get a lot in before it gets too cold/rainy.
 In the mornings, sometimes they wake up and play together in the crib.
 He loves putting on everybody's shoes!
 I made Ruby a little kite, and she has been running around everywhere with it trying to fly it. We need to get her a real one sometime.
Snuggling with Daddy and his clump-o-lump.

Play, play, play

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