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I love these kids.

These two have my heart. <3 I am so blessed to be their mommy and to get to take care of them every day. Even though some days might be tough and they're definitely not perfect kids, they are mine.  Reid loves singing lately. His favorite songs are, "Hey, hey, how do you do?" and "Do, re, mi." Ruby has been a really great helper. She helped with a lot of cleaning today without a fuss at all!  They love to play together, or sometimes they just like playing with the same toy. :) Reading together. And Ruby loves the Moby wrap that I made (with my mom's help!).  She loves to vacuum!  He always wants to try everything that Ruby does!  Ruby cut out this car and drew all of us in it. She's so creative.  We got to watch this little Peanut again. She's so sweet.  They love playing with Daddy.  We're ready for Giants baseball season!  And for spring! I got these buckets from the dollar tree for a little gardening. I'm afraid that the birds might h…

Visit to Grenada!

I took the kids south for a few days this week to visit my family. With them being sick for so long, I was going stir crazy! It was nice to get away for a bit, but we sure did miss Andy while he had to work! Reid's tooth is just finally popping through! It has taken sooooo long, I'm dreading the other three. Hopefully they will be easier than this one. I don't know why his teeth take like two months to come in! They come up and then go back down, over and over. Poor baby, we're getting a lot of use with our teething tablets. And we do his amber necklace around his ankle with socks over it too, so that helps a little bit. He slept really bad for a few nights. :( Ruby has been such a big helper this week. It has been going much better with her lately. I notice that if I give her a lot of choices, and then consequences right away with empathy, it works really well. And she'll get herself all ready in the mornings if I tell her what time we're leaving! That saves …