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16 weeks: Big girl bed and Ruby turns 31 months

Andy and Ruby having so much fun talking in the fan. :)
It's been a good week. Reid has been discovering his hands more and more. He's been sucking on his fingers and chewing on things too. He likes to bat at the toys on his play mat and grabs them, and he's been grabbing and pulling on my hair. That must be why so many moms cut their hair short. :)
We got Ruby's toddler bed out this week! She has slept in it a few times, but if she doesn't stay in it, she has to go back in her crib. We only have one mattress, so we have to switch it back and forth. I ordered a new one that should come next week, so that will be nice. She's so cute in her new bed and likes sleeping with all of her "guys" (stuffed animals and dolls).  The weather was so nice the other day in the evening that we took a family walk to the park.  Ruby swinging with Daddy.  Reid swinging with Mommy.  She climbed this thing all by herself. She's getting so big!  Ruby likes to take car…

15 weeks: Amy and Ben's wedding

This little guy is getting so big. He likes tummy time on this pillow. He's been grabbing his toys on his play mat too! And he lets out a giggle every now and then. Not consistently though. He's drooling a lot and loves chewing on his fist, so I think teeth are coming soon. He absolutely adores his big sister and loves staring and smiling at her.
Ruby has started saying "I love you too" when we say "I love you." It's so sweet. And she loves stalling at bed time with "I forgot to give you a hug and a kiss" about 10 times.
 The kids and I drove down to Medford this weekend to go to my cousin Amy's wedding. We were sad to go without Andy who had to work, but we ended up having fun with my family.  Reid and Grandma enjoying the ceremony.  Ruby and I after the wedding.  Me and my babies. Just missing Daddy!  Me, Carla and Ryan with our boys Reid (3 months), David Daniel, and Brett (both 6 1/2 months).  Second cousins! JB, David Daniel, Jon, Ru…