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51 weeks: Celebrating my birthday

This guy has started climbing on things! He getting really good at getting around and will stand for 10 seconds or so on his own. He's taken a few tiny steps by himself, and I'm sure he'll be walking soon. He's getting another tooth, so 4 total for this month. But he's doing pretty well with that. It is getting really difficult to change his diaper because he constantly wants to be on the move and absolutely hates laying there. Poor guy. Ruby got a cold from the nursery this week, and I think Reid is getting it too. :( They've been really healthy all spring, this is only their second cold since the nasty RSV thing we had in January. I think the vitamin D I've been giving them has really helped with that. She has not been doing well with potty training still. She's been having a lot of accidents. It's hard. She is, however, doing better with her attitude and not throwing so many tantrums. There was a night last week that was really, really difficul…

50 weeks: Adventures in Portland

We've had a pretty good week up here in Portland. We're getting used to living here. :) We had our first house guests (Becca and Daniel) on Saturday, so we finished unpacking a lot of boxes to get ready for that. We still have a lot to unpack, and honestly, I don't think I've unpacked a box since then. Oops...  I can't believe Reid is going to be one in two weeks! He's getting so big! He has gotten three teeth in this week, and his molars are hurting him for sure. Last night he slept horribly. He just wakes up and is awake, and I can't get him back to sleep. So we let him cry a little while last night. :( It's not easy, but sometimes that's the only option. He's about to walk for sure. He can let go of things and stand for a second or two, and he's really fast at cruising along tables, chairs, couches, etc. He also tries to say all of the words we're saying to him. He kind of said his first real word this week too, we heard some ducks …