Thursday, December 28, 2017

34 weeks: Christmas!!!

Ruby started Winter Break this week! We've been having a fun time at home, and of course traveling for Christmas to see our family.
Miles started army crawling!
Reid got a weird rash, but I think he's on the mend.
 Ruby's class earned 10 Tiger Paws, so they got to have a board game day with their Big Buddies. She brought Sequence for kids to play and had a blast.
 Guess who made these?? (there was one for Miles too) She's so cute.
 We made a double crane and Reid was so excited.
 He loves his brown blanket.
 Almost Christmas! We've been burning this Advent candle we got from church every day.
 He's on the move.
 We have this tiny little red rose blooming outside, and it frosted. The kids thought it was so cool and kept saying "Jack Frost came! He was busy and got everywhere!"
 We went to the doctor for Reid's rash and decided to get all three kids the flu shot, just to be safer this year. Reid didn't even flinch, Ruby was pretty scared but didn't cry, and Miles made a very sad face but ended up not crying either. Brave kids!
 She sure loves him.
 He loves his toy basket.
 Cutie pie.
 Doing a Christmas break workout with Mom. She loves jumping jacks.
 We made sugar cookies and these amazing molasses ones from my Bon Appetit magazine.
 The kids had so much fun cutting them out and frosting them.
 It was so cute.
 Dance party!
 Watching his siblings dance away.
Matching Star Wars jammies!!! They love them.
 On Friday night we watched the Polar Express, then all slept in the living room.
 They loved it.
 Then on Saturday morning we opened some of our gifts so we wouldn't have to take them all down. Reid got some clothes, a new blue water bottle, and Lincoln Logs.
 Ruby got some books, clothes, and a snow globe.
 Miles loved the paper!
 Her snow globe... sadly it shattered that evening. :(
Then Ruby and I headed downtown to watch the Nutcracker ballet at the Keller Auditorium. She got a booster, which helped. :) We got some free tickets from one of Patty's friends who is in the orchestra. It was amazing!
 Mommy/daughter date. 
 Ruby sat with us in church on Sunday and loved the candle part.
 Then we walked outside and it was snow/sleeting!
 We drove very carefully all the way down to Medford that afternoon.
 We ate Christmas Eve dinner at Cindy's house. Ruby loves the Rubix cube.
 Heading to bed on Christmas Eve.
Baby Santa
 On Christmas morning our kids got up at 5:30! Andy got up with them and they waited for everyone else to get up. They did their stockings and our gifts to each other.
 It was fun!
 Miles got a little teether toy.
 Ruby got a new real Bible.
 Mmmmmmm.... feels great on his 8 (!!!!!) teeth.
 Reid got a new tractor book.
 Making a gun out of the Tinker Toys.
We had a low key morning and Andy and I did his puzzle that Ruby gave him. 
 Andy had to lay in between Miles and the Christmas tree so he wouldn't try to eat it.
 He woke up from his nap and cried these big crocodile tears.  
 The Halls all came at around 2pm. We tried to take a family picture using Dad's new drone, and it was hilarious!
 Ruby loved playing with the girls.
 Reid got a new excavator and loves it.
 Watching a Christmas movie before bed.
She loves Lia.

33 weeks: Carolers and lights

We love doing Christmasy things around town. This week we went to see the Dickens carolers while we ate dessert at McMenamins.
Also, Miles is still coughing, but he is starting to move around a lot more... mobile baby coming soon! Yikes!
 Me and Reidsy at McMenamins
 Ruby and Andy enjoying the carolers
 They asked what Ruby's favorite Christmas song was, and she said "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat." They were shocked and said that no one has ever requested that one, but it's one of their favorites! Haha. Then Reid requested "blue tractor," but I told him that's not an actual song, just one mom made up. So they sang Jingle Bells for him and this year he actually rang the bells.
 They were behind Miles and he kept trying to look back to see what in the world was going on.
 Ringing their bells.
 Mmmm... bread pudding and berry crumble.
 We stopped by a house that has a Christmas light walk through afterward. It was super cold! But really fun.
 They had fake snow coming down and Ruby loved it.
 Christmas baby!
 Scooting over to Reid's cars and tractors...
 We built a boat and a crane.
 I was cooking dinner, Miles was fussy, and Andy wasn't home yet. The kids were being so quiet... When I went to see what they were doing I found this. Ruby was taking a bath in Miles's tub and Reid was stark naked. Hahaha! They're so crazy.
 Ruby came up with some kind of science experiment.
 Miles likes to peek through his crib when he wakes up from a nap.
 Laundry basket buddies
 We've started working on some letters. He gets frustrated though and wants me to do it for him.
 I have lots of fun doing her hair.
 The boys and I met some friends at an indoor play park on Friday. Reid loved the bikes!
 Reid and William on the double bike.
 Miles is sitting up SO well!! He had fun playing with the baby toys.
 Reid found this convertible car he loved.
 Miles likes standing up (with help).
 Ruby was so tired at bedtime that she fell asleep during stories.
 We went out on a date to Star Wars! Patty watched all three kids again for us and they did great. Our mileage on our Accord turned to 111111 while we were out. :)
 And... nap time. He sure loves Mommy.
 The kids' cousin Penelope turned 2! We went to a little family party at their house on Saturday.
 They all loved the ball pit.
 Andy puts the big kids to bed every night while I put Miles to bed. It works out pretty well.
 We taught Sunday School for Ruby's class again. She's pretty good at Foos Ball! We put Miles in the nursery instead of bringing him in with us for the first time, and he did really well.
 Miles and his cousin Frances! They're so cute and about 8 weeks apart. He's quite a bit heavier than her.
 Kissing sister.
Reid tied his cars so they couldn't drive away apparently.

Play, play, play

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