Monday, December 4, 2017

30 weeks: Thanksgiving

We had a good week, aside from still being sick and Miles not sleeping well at night. I'm hoping and praying that Ruby stops bringing these bugs home from school, and especially that we don't get a really bad one. :(

We had a great Thanksgiving with Andy's family. It was really fun for Ruby to have a few days off of school. I miss her when she's gone! She and I went on a quick run to Target and had the best time. I sure love our kids a lot.
 Reid came in our room one morning like this. Apparently they were playing Anna and Elsa. Hahaha!
 Ruby got to have pajama day at school because they got a lot of food for the canned food drive. She was so excited! It was cute to see all of the kids in their pajamas at the bus stop.
 The rest of us went to Panda Express for lunch because we got a free bowl from T-mobile Tuesday. It wasn't that good, but at least it was free. And a fun outing.
 Our big boy!
 Ruby has been hiding books under her pillow. She's currently working on about 5 different books, including the Hobbit. I think she's on page 6 now.
 Reid has been really liking to color lately and is getting better at it.
 Just about too big for the bassinet. He doesn't sleep well in it anyway. I'll be sad to say goodbye to it, maybe my grand kids will sleep in it some day.
 This was such a sweet moment... until Reid hit Ruby for no reason and they started fighting. Real life.
 The hors d'oveurs table at our Thanksgiving gathering. Our kids ate so much cheese and crackers. Haha
 Reid had so much fun with this little "control" blue car (it had a battery and drove around this track). That is, until he lost it somewhere and we never did find it. He's not great at remembering where he puts things.
 They played a great game of Clue, and Ruby and Andy won.
 Miles took a nap in Frances's little bed thing. I think it's called a Dock-a-tot.
 The kid table. Our kids did great and ate a good dinner. Which of course was a requirement for getting the pumpkin pie we made.
 First Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our three kids, and also that the Lord provided our new house just at the time we really needed.
 On Friday we made Gluey Kabluey (cornstarch, water, and food coloring). It's their favorite.
 It quickly got quite messy, but is surprisingly easy to clean up. It wipes right off.
He makes the funniest faces sometimes. In the background is a yellow paper that has Ruby's school schedule for the year on it. They have "specials" each day that are like PE, Music, etc. She checks the calendar and then the special schedule every day so she can plan what to wear.  She's so much like me.
"Thanksgiving is over."
 Miles is starting to scoot around. He'll be crawling soon, and then watch out!
 The shirt tells no lies.
 Best brothers.
 We had Miles in church with us and he LOVED the music. He was dancing and wiggling all around.
 Post-church play time.
 We had a picnic dinner so we could watch Cars 3.
 His 3 little teeth.
 Bed time shenanigans.
 Ruby has this fun book. Haha
 This is how I do my workouts some days.
 Done with nap!
 He was playing "baby" and had his baby beaver under that blanket too.
 She was going around the house and making notes of things that needed to be put away or just things that were happening.
"Things we need to pick up
Some shoes
Reid on the potty
Dad's computer
Mom and Dad's bedroom
Miles's blanket"
 My Dad left his Rubik's Cube here while he's in New York and we've been having fun trying to figure it out. I did it!
He's sitting up pretty well but still falls over often.

29 weeks: Visitors and a chest cold

We all got a nasty chest cold that was super slow in coming on, but kept getting worse and worse. Miles caught it last, and it has been so rough to hear him coughing and choking. We got a humidifier and are trying everything we can think of to help him feel better and breathe well. Poor baby.
 But aside from not sleeping well, he's still our happy little guy.
 Reading to baby brother.
 He loves this toy so much and likes to close them all.
 Reid built this crane that turns in two places. 
 Ruby loves drawing stuff like this, it's so cute.
 And she loves making scrambled eggs. She's a good helper when she wants to be. :)
 Reid and Megan playing baby. The kids love it when she comes over.
 Out of the whole couch they all three just want to be close to Mommy. <3 I'm treasuring it.
 Morning snuggles, as usual.
 Reid has been more into games lately. We had lots of fun with Cootie.
 Ruby tries to teach him with this Preschool book he has. I think she really just wants to do it herself.
Mmmm... munching on broccoli. He loves it. 
 He's got a top tooth on the side in. It looks kind of funny to have just that one. The others are on their way too.
 Typical Reid.
 Reading time with Daddy.
 My parents came up for a few nights on their way to New York! We had fun playing Clue.
 And they did a skit for us. They both had super powers. Ruby could make rainbows and Reid could make ice or something. Mom played a lady who was too hot and they cooled her down with their super powers, then she gave them each a dollar. It was pretty cute.
 Miles fell asleep like this. Hah!
 Enjoying some apple dumplings (in a mask, of course). 
 Sunday School! Ruby had fun with the boys playing foos ball. She's actually not half bad.
 More performances. Dad was a dog doing tricks and Ruby was his trainer.
 The helicopter is holding a bomb apparently.
 Brothers. <3
 He sat on the box and fell in. He was pretty stuck. I couldn't help taking a picture. Hah!
Poor little sick guy. :( 
But he's just so cute.

30 weeks: Thanksgiving

We had a good week, aside from still being sick and Miles not sleeping well at night. I'm hoping and praying that Ruby stops bringing t...