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Goofy kids

Our kids are the silliest. The other morning Andy and I were getting ready, and we heard the door jam thing going "doooiiiing... doooiiing" I went in there, and Reid was saying "paci." He thought it was his paci laying on the ground when he couldn't find it. We laughed so hard! He really loves his paci now and pretty much wants it all the time. We took Ruby's away when she turned 2, so we'll see how that goes for him. Yesterday I was telling Ruby about the Sword in the Stone movie, and I said, "There's a sword in a stone, and only the true king can pull it out." And she leaned forward and whispered, "Jesus." Hahaha. I love it. She has been praying cute prayers too, most of they time they go like this, "Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Please help us have a good time. In Jesus' name, amen." Things have been going really well with Penelope too. It is hard to get out of the house, but otherwise it's great! She is …

Big helpers

My two have been good helpers lately, especially with Penelope. Ruby likes to help feed her bottles and get things that I need, and she likes to entertain her. Reid is so good at throwing away diapers and making her smile. :) They are so sweet. Reid always says, "Hi Peanut."  Speaking of Reid, often times he can say his "L's." I know Ruby wasn't saying them yet at his age. But R is still awww, and he says Ruby's name like "Ebee." It's the cutest thing. He is getting so verbal! He loves talking and putting words together. We were watching the Giants game tonight and he kept repeating after me. He said, "Go Pence," "Hit it hard," and "Home run." It's so fun to hear him talk. He was walking around the table in circles today saying, "Dirty dishes." Hahaha. He also says "Do it!" a lot which means he wants to do it himself. He's getting more into that independent phase. Ruby has been a r…