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A visit from Grandma and Grandpa!

My parents came up this week, and it was a lot of fun to see them! We spent Tuesday exploring Portland a little bit, which that was fun. It's always great to have them here. The kids loved it. My mom is so helpful with the kids and doing dishes. :) A nice, much needed break for this mama. Reid has not been sleeping well at all this week, so I've been super tired. I've even taken a few little naps with Ruby, which has been very sweet. She loves it too. Both of the kids and I have gotten a ton of owees lately. Ruby started with a black eye, and now has a scrape on her leg, blackberry scratches on her foot, she fell and hit her chin on the couch, and I think that's about it for her. Reid got a low grade fever all day on Thursday, I have no idea why, but he also cut his finger on something under the dishwasher, bit his lip, and fell off of the back step (from sitting) onto his face. It has been brutal! At least it hasn't been anything serious. Giving Daddy a kiss whil…

Andy's birthday!!

I've got the rest of the photos from Andy's birthday celebration now. :) We had a fun time going out to dinner at the Montage and then we went to Fifty Licks for ice cream. We love having a lot of options for places to go to here! Today I asked Reid if he wanted a hot dog for lunch. And then he said, "hot, hot, hot" and put his hands out like he does when things are hot, and then said, "woo woo, doggie!" It was hilarious! He is getting so funny, he keeps us laughing all of the time. He says so many words now, there's no way I could count. This morning he said, "book, bible, light" all in a row. He's going to be putting words together pretty soon, I think. It's still hard to keep him off of the table when Ruby's trying to do painting or crafts, or when I'm trying to do dinner. He wakes up in the middle of his afternoon naps at least once or twice usually, and I have to go rock him with his paci for a minute and then he'll g…