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Enjoying the fall, and going potty!

It has been very fall-y outside. :) The colors are gorgeous, and we've had rain mixed with occasional sunshine. Everything is muddy, so the kids haven't been able to get outside too often. So we've been trying to get more creative with inside things...  Like vacuuming!  My baby belly... I'm already getting big. Andy had to get my maternity clothes out.  Joel and Dana came over for dinner, and the kids had fun playing cars with them. We love our cars and car mat!  Saturday we had a super low key day. We started the morning off by snuggling in our bed.  We watched a movie, part in the morning part in the afternoon.  And had some post-nap snuggles too!  The kids wanted to do my hair...  It only hurt a little bit. Haha! Then Ruby wanted to brush Reid's hair.   We got a Chipotle coupon, so we tried the new one down the street. The kids really liked their apple juice.  I had to take Ruby potty three times. I think she just liked going in the one they had.  We got some g…

14 weeks

The baby is the size of a lemon this week! So exciting. This pregnancy is going by pretty fast so far, and as of today, I'm officially officially in my second trimester. (I was informed last week by a well meaning friend that it doesn't start until today. Hahaha.)
I can't wait to get in and hear the baby's heartbeat again soon. Our next appointment is on Nov 7th, so I'll have to wait until then. I've been feeling it wiggle around a lot though, so that is so nice.
I've definitely had less nausea the last few days. YAY!!! Hopefully that's over. I've still been really tired, and often will be asleep by 9pm. We do get up early around here though, Reid has been waking up at 5:30, and a few times in the night too. I got a nice, long nap in today while both kids napped. It was heavenly. Otherwise, no naps have happened here all week.
It's really weird trying to think about having a baby again and all that goes with it. It will be sleeping in our room …

Sweet kids

I don't know if this has to do with it, but since Ruby started preschool, she has been very sweet and helpful. Maybe she's just growing up! She still has her naughty moments, but she is turning into a very caring little girl. She helps take care of Reid, is willing to clean up and do chores, says "I love you" to all of us, gives us snuggles, etc. We love it!!
Reid is still not doing any better in the bowel department since we went off of dairy. We're going to do it one more week, then move on to gluten... trying to figure it out, poor guy. It will be nice to be able to have cheese again though. I'm not looking forward to having to buy gluten free bread, oats, pasta, and everything in between. It's definitely more expensive. But it will be worth it if it helps his gut health!  She has been taking him to the potty when she goes, and is trying to teach him. It's so cute! He likes to sit on the potty, but doesn't go on it yet. Hopefully soon. At leas…