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Solo trip to NYC!

I headed to NYC on my own for 4 nights this week. It was so much fun, and a much needed break from everything. Andy and Patty did a great job taking care of our kids, although I really missed them. Here's a bunch of pictures!  I took a picture of the airplane for the kids. :) Then apparently Reid thought I was on an airplane for the whole time I was gone.  Made it! I landed in Newark, then took the air train and New Jersey Transit over to Manhattan. Randall met me at Penn Station.  Then I headed up to where Randall and Sophie live on W 113th St. The exterior of the coffee shop from Seinfeld is right around the corner from their apartment.  I was greeted with this lovely sign. I was super tired when I got there! But we ate dinner and played Scrabble I think that night.  The next day I took it easy in the AM while Randall and Sophie went to work. Then R came home and we headed out to the Met. We walked through Central Park, which was gorgeous!  All of the fall leaves were beautiful…

18 weeks, Happy Thanksgiving!

Little Baby is growing fast! This morning I said to Ruby, "The baby is the size of a bell pepper today." And she said, "So, we have Ruby, Reid, and Bell Pepper." Hahahaha
Everything is going great, except I have had a tender/painful spot on the lower right side of my belly for a long time now. Maybe even since before pregnancy. So I'm not sure what that's all about. It hurt the other night when I rolled over to that side. I'll ask my midwife, and we might have to get it looked at. I did some research during insomnia, and it might be a uterine fibroid. But might also be something else, since it was there before my uterus was big. I'm trying not to worry about it.
I've had occasional insomnia, which makes it really no fun. Worried about money, worried about pains here and there, etc. It's a good time to pray.
I'm trying to savor everything with this pregnancy, since it's most likely our last one. I can't believe we're almost h…

I'm a week behind!

Sorry, I'm a whole week behind with my post! These pics are from the week before last Thursday. I went to New York, so that threw me off. :) 
So here are the pictures. The kids are getting so good at playing together (part of the time). It's so sweet to see them interact and love each other. Sometimes they wake up in the mornings and we just hear them talking or playing. I love it!
 This is how Andy takes his food for lunch. Hahaha He usually stuffs it all in a green bag (reusable/stuffable shopping bag) too.  We spent the day at OMSI with our friends Cheryl and Nora!  Little Eaglet  He played with the bucket and bean bags for a long time.  Then we had lunch on the train car with Daddy.  Fresh play dough! We made an entire recipe of just blue for Reid.  Andy came home with a headache, so Ruby rubbed his feet. She is so compassionate and caring, the Lord answered our prayers for that one. The Pullen's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution  He loves to push the mower. …