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14 Months

Ruby turned 14 months this week. We are so in love with our girl. She constantly makes us laugh. She started to hug and kiss us a lot more this week, which is so sweet (she says hug "uk"). The weather has been nice, so we've been going for more walks and playing a little more in the park. She's still working on transitioning from two naps to one. If she wakes up early, she still takes two naps. But if she sleeps until 7am or later, I put her down after an early lunch, so that seems to work out well. I just can't really schedule anything out of the house until I know when she will nap that day :) The big news this week is that since it's spring break here, we decided to work on night weaning Ruby. Andy has been getting up with her since Sunday night for most of the night. I've only fed her once a night for three of the nights. It seems to be working! She has gone from 2-3 hour stretches of sleep all night to a few 6 hour stretches! Yay! Andy has been so p…

Photo overload

We've had a fun week! Lots of photos for you. Ruby also got a cold this week, which was not so fun. She has been learning all sorts of new words. Yesterday I made a list of all of the words she currently says, so I'll post it here.
Dada, Mama, ball “baww”, banana “badada”, chicken “didi”, pretty “p-t”, shoes, hat, nose “no-ts”, mouth (sounds a lot like ball), eyes, hair, ears (all sound similar), meow, hug “uk”, doggy “dut”, uh-oh “uh-dy”, hot, boo “baa”, hi, bye, yucky, all done “aaa daa”, up, help, ow, toes, head, yes, no, water, button, cheese “bee”, avocado “agogago”, the end "dee ahh", and baby “bebe”.

She started playing peek-a-boo with her hands or a blanket. It's too cute! I need to try to get a video of it. She even tried to play it with me in the middle of the night... Silly girl. She likes most of the food I give her now. I've figured out that I need to give her the fruits and veggies before the meat/cheese/beans, and then she'll eat it. Her cur…

Standing, ball and baby dolls

It's been a fun week. Ruby has learned a lot of new things. On Thursday she learned how to stand up in the middle of the floor by herself. She also learned how to say "ball," "eyes," "mouth," and several other words. She has started trying to brush her hair when she's playing with her brush or comb too. And now she hugs her dolly and her teddy bears. She remembers things too. And she loves to dance when the music comes on!  Here she is in down dog about to stand up.  She stayed like this for a while :)  Hanging out at our friends' house.  She's been doing this on the chair and coffee table. It's silly.  "Here you go Mama."  Getting sleepy.  Playing with her Lamby. Sharing Mommy's green smoothie. She loved it!  Playing in her leggings.   Silly girl.  Dress up. Pig tails Standing up by herself!