Thursday, June 26, 2014

7 weeks: 29 months

Reid is 7 weeks old, and Ruby is 29 months old today! Our sweeties are growing up so fast. Reid weighed 12lbs 2oz at our last midwife appointment on Tuesday. He's not quite as big as Ruby, but close. He's getting his baby chub, and it's so cute. I'm glad he's growing! His 0-3 month clothes are getting too small already. I'll have to go to the resale baby store to get some 3-6 month ones because we don't have many things for him to wear. I guess if all else fails he can wear girl stuff. ;) He's actually starting to drool, so we're wondering if he's teething already. It would be super early! He also spits up a lot some days and not much on others. Last night he was really really fussy, and then he slept terribly. He's been fussy today too, and we're not sure what's wrong. Hopefully it will just get better and we'll sleep more tonight. He's been in his bassinet every night since last Thursday and doing really well for the most part. I remember having to rock Ruby to sleep for a long time before she would sleep in it, but Reid can usually fall asleep in it just with the paci on his own. That makes it nice. Here are some photos from our week!
Ruby's had some funny quotes this week:
"I'm doing a great job, Mom."
"I'm going for a walk. To Wisconsin. To go find Uncle Randy."
 We took a walk to the park on Saturday while Andy was doing iServe with our church (and we visited him while he was painting too). It was nice weather. Since then it's been raining on and off, so we haven't gotten as much outside time.
 Ruby likes the tunnel. And rocks.
 Baby sandwich!
 Ruby took this picture of Aunt Becca's new dog Joanna. She came over to visit on Saturday evening.

 Sleeping peacefully in his bassinet.
 These two like each other.
 Ruby sits with us in church for the singing and likes it. She gets shy when people talk to her though, I think because of the amount of people.
 I went to Costco during second service with Reid. Ruby helped carry in the butter and did great!
 Ruby likes to clip him in.
 Happy boy!
 Playing together in the crib.
 We went to the high school Out of School Bash on Sunday night. Ruby had fun and enjoyed sharing a watered down Italian Soda with Mommy.
 On Monday we went to Word of Mouth Bistro for brunch. The wait was so long we put our names in and went to play at a park for a little bit.
 Reid slept through it.
 Ruby drew Reid at the restaurant! I'm amazed.
 Brunch date!
 After brunch we rushed back for swimming lessons, but we were a little late.
 No matter, Ruby got special attention from the instructor's daughter. :)
 Then she helped me clean out the chicken coop.
 Nursing Pablo.
 Hi Grandma!
 Big boy!
 Bath time.
 Ruby likes to shower after swim lessons. She did really good in the 3-5 class, and they said to stay in that one if we do any more lessons this summer!
 Such a sweetie.
 She filled her back pack to go to "work" (at Sunday School).
 Ruby's 29 month photo! I can't believe she'll be 2 1/2 next month.
 We went to the library today to see Reptile Man and all of his snakes and lizards. It was pretty fun.
 The huge Burmese Python! Ruby liked the little snake the best.
She likes to climb. But then she made the chair into a slide.

Friday, June 20, 2014

6 weeks: Smiles, parties and swimming lessons

Ruby and Reid have both been sick with another cold. I think Ruby picks them up from other little kids at the nursery or the library, and then brings them home. Andy has been a little sick too. It's really sad when Reid is all stuffy and breathes really loud. I have to suck his snot out, but it doesn't always work very well. Poor guy.

Reid's doing great though. He's not as chubby as Ruby was at this age though, for sure. He's still growing and getting big and tall. He was all smiles this afternoon. After nap time he usually has some nice awake time from 3:30-5 or so, and is usually happy. 

We're starting to get ready for our big trip south. Andy's heading to Mexico and me and the kids are heading to my parents' house, camping, and then to Wisconsin. It should be a fun trip, but I'm a little apprehensive at the same time. Camping with two little ones and traveling in general will be interesting. I've been having a hard time the last few weeks because Andy has been extra busy at work getting ready for Mexico, doing end of the school year things, etc. This week he's gone 6 out of 7 nights. It's hard to put Ruby to bed when Reid is crying, and then I can't put him down without him crying so nothing else gets done. I know this stage will be short lived though. I guess we're still just adjusting to having two.
 He likes sticking out his tongue.
 Ruby's first french braids. :)
 She stuck her clippies in the bread. She's so silly.
 We celebrated Father's Day with the Pullens on Saturday. Ruby liked holding Coraline.
 And she and Charlotte played outside for a long time.
 Leading around Aunt Becca's new bulldog, Joanna.
 Reid got dedicated in church on Sunday. Here's his cute outfit.
 And Ruby looked pretty too.
 It was special.
 After church nap time.
 Ruby started swimming lessons on Monday. She was supposed to be in the 2-year class, but I think she was the only kid signed up. So she got moved up to the 3-4 year class. She did great though! She even jumped off of the side of the pool.
 Having fun with her teacher. She loved splashing.
 Karley's 3rd birthday party. These girls are all 3 now except for Ruby. But she fits in with them just fine.
Brynn, Hannah, Karley, Penny, Ruby
 Reid didn't mind his bath this week.
 She was feeding a snack to Brown Bear.
 Two babies!
 Smiling at his sister.
 Reading library books with Daddy.
 It's been nice weather. Yesterday we played outside for a while, until I got scared of the wasps flying around. I don't want my babies to get stung!
 Me and my best girl. I love her.
 Tummy time!
 Ruby has been taking lots of pictures with my phone. Some of them aren't too bad. :)
 Cute boy.
 We went to the middle school Out of School Bash last night.
 Ruby made a new friend. :)
 Today was our friend Quinn's 3rd birthday at the park. Ruby had fun balancing.
 Quinn and Ruby.
 Reid had fun on his play mat.
 They love each other.
Good night Snowy Bear and Ruby!

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