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7 weeks: 29 months

Reid is 7 weeks old, and Ruby is 29 months old today! Our sweeties are growing up so fast. Reid weighed 12lbs 2oz at our last midwife appointment on Tuesday. He's not quite as big as Ruby, but close. He's getting his baby chub, and it's so cute. I'm glad he's growing! His 0-3 month clothes are getting too small already. I'll have to go to the resale baby store to get some 3-6 month ones because we don't have many things for him to wear. I guess if all else fails he can wear girl stuff. ;) He's actually starting to drool, so we're wondering if he's teething already. It would be super early! He also spits up a lot some days and not much on others. Last night he was really really fussy, and then he slept terribly. He's been fussy today too, and we're not sure what's wrong. Hopefully it will just get better and we'll sleep more tonight. He's been in his bassinet every night since last Thursday and doing really well for the most …

6 weeks: Smiles, parties and swimming lessons

Ruby and Reid have both been sick with another cold. I think Ruby picks them up from other little kids at the nursery or the library, and then brings them home. Andy has been a little sick too. It's really sad when Reid is all stuffy and breathes really loud. I have to suck his snot out, but it doesn't always work very well. Poor guy.
Reid's doing great though. He's not as chubby as Ruby was at this age though, for sure. He's still growing and getting big and tall. He was all smiles this afternoon. After nap time he usually has some nice awake time from 3:30-5 or so, and is usually happy. 
We're starting to get ready for our big trip south. Andy's heading to Mexico and me and the kids are heading to my parents' house, camping, and then to Wisconsin. It should be a fun trip, but I'm a little apprehensive at the same time. Camping with two little ones and traveling in general will be interesting. I've been having a hard time the last few weeks be…