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Ruby's 5th birthday!!

Our big girl turned 5 this week!! I can't believe how fast time has flown. She is such a treasure. She knows all of her letters and numbers, and is learning to read and write. She loves to draw, play games, build forts, and make new friends. She has such a compassionate heart too. The other day when we were picking up Lego's, Reid and I bumped heads (he has the hardest head ever). It hurt me really bad, and Ruby went and got me a blanket to help me feel better. She constantly gives up things she wants to play with for Reid, who wants to play with them too. She definitely has a stubborn streak, but over all, she is a precious girl who really wants to do what's right.
Reid has slept through the night a little more often this week, which has been nice. He still regularly wakes up once for me to put his blankets back on. He likes to kick them off. And he says, "Can you cover my arms and my toesies and tuck my chin in?" He is soooo fun to talk to, he is such a goofy …