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Sick baby

It was an interesting week for sure. Andy bought Ruby and I some shirts as a surprise gift this week :) Here's Ruby in one of hers. So cute.
We've been dealing with Ruby's temper tantrums... it's really not fun. She throws a fit when she can't have her way. I've taken to putting her on the floor by the wall until she's finished, so hopefully that will help her learn that it's not okay.  She's getting really good at eating her yogurt with a spoon. Except that it still makes a huge mess every time. I call this one "Ruby Claus."  Getting ready to go blueberry picking with Mommy.  Lounging while I washed the couch cover.  She's so flexible. It's been pretty hot, so we've gone on lots of morning walks.  Helping Mommy with the chores.  She spent Saturday afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa Pullen's house. She had lots of fun.
 Saturday night in the middle of the night I thought Ruby was pretty warm when I got up with her. I took he…

Beach camp part II

Ruby looks so cool in her sunglasses. :) The last half of camp was lots of fun. My sister and her family came for two nights for a wedding, and we got to hang out. Ruby sure loved being on the beach and playing in the sand. We got home and we were all pretty tired, so Sunday afternoon and Monday were a nice time to relax.  She pulled a bunch of money out of one of our envelopes, then said "Oh deaw."  Playing with her sand toys.  Baby footprints.  She climbed up on the bag while I was unpacking to read her bible.  Cutie pie.  She started teething again in the last few weeks, so she has been rather fussy. Her back right bottom molar is right below the surface, so hopefully it will come in soon.  She loves falling onto the couch pillows. Kind of like the jumping contests we used to have as kids with our cousins. :)  The library has a summer reading program, so if we read to Ruby every day she gets prizes once-a-week. This weeks was a painting paper. She mostly just wanted to p…


We had a crazy busy week, which is why this post is happening on Sunday instead of Thursday. :) We left for camping at Juanita Lake on July 4th, came back on the 6th, and headed up to Dunes Bible Camp in Washington on the 7th and we were there for a week. Here are a bunch of pictures from our trips!  This is before we left, Becca is helping Ruby ride a scooter in our remodeled church kitchen.  She had her keys and her water, and was ready for camping.  Happy 4th of July!  Ruby with Grandma Debbie.  She was so cold at night camping that I brought her into our bed. But then I slept really bad.. oh well. This is what we woke up to :) She's so sweet.  She loved sweeping the dirt around.  She also loves her cousin Lia.  We had lots of fun camping. Ruby was very busy and it was interesting having to follow her around all the time. Definitely harder than when she was 5 months old camping last year.   But she loved it! She collected lots of rocks and things.  Strolling around the lake.  …