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We've had a lot of fun this week going out and about. I find that if I stay at home with the kids all day, they both get bored and the house ends up a disaster. So we try to get out of the house a lot. It's not easy, but it sure is fun! Reid is at that stage where he just wants to climb on everything and do everything that Ruby gets to do... it's hard. Because when she sits at the table painting or something, he climbs on a chair and then climbs on the table, grabs the paint, etc. And when I take him down, he cries and cries. Poor little guy. It's hard to be the younger sibling. Ruby has been having so much fun playing "school" lately. I have to take her to her bedroom and drop her off, and then I become the teacher. We do reading time, building time, recess, snack time... it's a lot of fun. I'm going to start a little bit of home preschool for her here in a week or two, and I think she will love that. Mostly just what we normally do plus some struct…