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We had a fun week. It was pretty busy, and we bought a car! We got a Honda Pilot, and we love it. I think it will last us a really long time. The kids really like it too. We also had a really good Thanksgiving. It was neat to write down things that we were thankful for all month. We had our Thanksgiving tree, and every day we wrote on a new leaf what we are thankful for. I also wrote down what I'm thankful to Andy for about him, and gave it to him on Thanksgiving. It's so important to focus our hearts on gratitude and being thankful to God for everything instead of focusing on ourselves and what we want. I think Reid is finally starting to get his second set of molars. He has been chewing on his finger in the back, so we'll see. He has been waking up two to three times a night still, which is not great. But we're all surviving. I'm trying to start night weaning him so he sleeps longer. We really don't like to have our kids cry it out, especially when he shares…


It's been raining a lot the last week. We've been trying to find fun indoor activities to do. Our house is feeling the effects of it though, it's so hard to keep it clean! Reid hasn't been sleeping well, which makes for a pretty tired mommy. The other night I put him in some full body footie pajamas, and he kept waking up and screaming! And he was really hard to get back to sleep. Andy suggested that it might be his jammies, so I changed them and he slept much better after that. This boy LOVES to rub his tummy when he sleeps, silly boy. It's his security blanket.  They love dancing around the living room! And sometimes half dressed.  Reid went to the cupboard and got out a jar of baby food. Then he said "poon" to me until I got him a spoon and got it open for him at the table. Then he proceeded to eat almost all of it. This boy knows what he wants. :)  Hanging out at Costco. I love it when she makes this face.  Trying out the keys.  Sometimes she naps li…