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19 Months

Sorry for the photo overload (again). I'm sure none of you mind :) Ruby just does so many cute things, I can't help but take lots of pictures. She turned 19 months on Monday! We celebrated by watching a Giants game on tv. They lost, but we still had fun. We've been busy trying to enjoy these last weeks of summer before the rainy days come. It's been a great summer this year for sure! I like to do some kind of activity with Ruby in the mornings to get us out of the house so we don't get bored. When it gets rainy that will probably get harder. Then we are home for lunch and she naps every day from 1:00 to 3:00 or 4:00, every once-in-a-while she'll sleep until 4:30. Then Daddy comes home and we make/eat dinner and play, then bedtime starts at 7:00, and she's asleep by 7:30. It's a great routine, and she seems to do really well with it. Here are some photos from our week!  She's such a girl. We stopped by the church for a visit and popped in the big ki…

Busy busy busy

This week was so busy! We had fun though. Ruby is such a silly girl, she likes to put buckets on her head...  ...and lay on pillows wherever they are. She's very interested in flies and bugs.  Beaker singing Ode to Joy is her favorite video. I let her watch it sometimes.   She pulled her pant legs up and was putting her paci in them on the way to her cousin-to-be's baby shower.  We had lots of fun at the shower for little Coraline. Ruby found this Jack in the box and loved it! She would say "ready... pop!"  Silly girl.  She helped me make rolls for small group on Sunday. We had a bit of a flour mess on our hands.  She's been pushing boundaries, mostly with climbing on things she's not supposed to climb on, so she goes to time out. She actually really likes time out and has fun... When I tell her all done, sometimes she wants to go back and sit there. But the good thing is that at least it distracts her from being naughty.  On Monday we went to the North For…