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42 weeks: Ruby turns 37 months

It's been a good week. The kids have not gotten sick in the last few weeks. Yay!! I started them on Vitamin D drops, and I really think that has helped boost their immunities. We just don't get a lot of sun here in the winter. Andy and I take them too, and we've all been well even with exposure to colds a few times. I sure love our kids a lot. We have been having a lot of fun playing, going outside, cooking, and even cleaning together. Ruby has gotten really good at helping clean up her toys, especially when I tell her that she won't get to play with them tomorrow if she doesn't help. :)  Reid has been so frustrated that he can't crawl yet. He can reach really far sitting, and then he goes to his tummy and just fusses because he can't go forward. Andy's been trying to teach him how. He'll get it soon I'm sure. He's also been teething more molars like crazy and is in major pain. Poor little guy. He had a few nights of really good sleep, like…

41 weeks: Winter Freeze!

Reidsy has been so cute, saying Ma ma all the time. :) It's so fun to hear it! Ruby didn't say it until about 14 months. Oh, and he says Da da too. He has been sleeping terribly, up every hour from about 10-3 this week, but last night he miraculously only woke up at 10:30, 2 and 5. That's definitely doable. I think his molar hurts him still, and I think his top one is coming in soon too. He's just about to crawl, and I'm starting to think about baby proofing better. Ruby and I have had lots of conversations about not leaving small things around for Reid to find. Ruby has been cracking us up lately. She says and does the funniest things. When she does some kind of performance, she says, "Guys, can you clap for me? Thank you, thank you." Potty training has been frustrating. She still does not like going on the potty. She doesn't have a lot of pee pee accidents, but does have poopy ones. I know she'll get it some day, but it's been taking foreve…