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43 Weeks

It's been quite a week! Andy was gone Thursday through Sunday at a youth workers conference, so our friend Carey came to stay with us for a few days. On Sunday night Ruby got a fever, so we took her to the doctor early Monday morning, and she was fine. Probably her teeth or something. After that we got in the van and headed down to Lincoln, CA with Del and Patty for Grandma Ann's funeral on Tuesday. It was nice to see all of the Pullens and to hang out for a bit. On Saturday we are heading down to LA with my family to go to Disneyland for 4 days. Andy and I have always looked forward to taking our kids there, and we are so excited to finally get to introduce Ruby to one of our favorite places.
Ruby almost has her bottom left molar in. It's been right below the surface for about 2 weeks now, so one of these days it will pop through. She started actually crawling this week, and it's adorable. She cruises around the furniture really fast as well. She loves to read storie…

42 Weeks

Our shark baby after a bath. Ruby's still sick! This cold she has won't go away. And her bottom left molar is about to come through, so that's probably hurting too. The last two nights she was up about every hour the whole night wide awake... My eyelids are propped open right now. Not really, I'm doing fine. It's all about taking naps.
One of my favorite things that Ruby does... when she's nursing, she puts her hand up to my mouth for a kiss. Love it.
Andy and Aunt Becca are in Dallas for the next few days at a youth workers conference, and our friend Carey is coming to hang out with us! We miss Daddy though. I just got a pedicure (thanks to my friend Janna!) this morning, and Brandon watched Ruby at the salon. She was super cute crawling around, climbing on the furniture, and babbling for everyone. She sure is a charmer.  She climbed inside of a bowl.  Reading with Daddy on a lazy Monday morning.  Staring at the fan.  We had our youth staff retreat over the w…

41 Weeks

Ruby has been constantly sick for the past few weeks :( It's getting old, poor baby. She has a cough and is snotty. She also started cruising around the furniture this week. She loves walking around, and can even go from the ottoman to the coffee table if they're close enough. She got her top right molar in. She's been practicing different consonants (ts and k lately). It's pretty cute. She says it all day long, and those ones make her slobber extra. We're back to wearing bibs most of the time :)
Grandma Patty and Grandpa Del came to watch Ruby on Thursday night so Mommy could go to youth group, which was fun. Then on Friday night she went to the Hodgson's house and we went out to a movie. These next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy with our youth staff retreat tomorrow, Andy will be gone for a few days next weekend for a youth workers conference, then down to California for Grandma Ann's funeral, Thanksgiving with the Sprunger clan, and our Wetzig f…

40 Weeks

Ruby turned 9 months old on Friday! My how the time flies. Here's our little cutie showing off her teeth and her little dimple (she only has one just like Mommy). She caught another cold on Thursday :( They just don't stay away. It's most likely from being in the nursery, since Ruby's great at sharing germs. She's been having trouble falling asleep, it's too exciting to sit there and clap, or to stand in her crib. And it's also fun to throw her pacifiers over the side. Silly girl. Sleep is always bad when she has a cold, but thankfully last night she only woke up twice total. Yay!  Mommy got a new diaper bag in the mail this week. Ruby was too excited to have some paper and a box to play with for a little while.  Her official 9 month photo.  She got some new toys from a friend... Disney characters! We're prepping her for our trip to Disneyland later this month.  Ruby was way into watching the World Series, and cheered with us for the Giants.  Hanging o…