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I'm super late getting this blog post up. Sorry! It's been a crazy week for sure. Last week we had a bunch of fun and did fun things with family and friends. Our little Reid is so smart. He copies a lot of the words we say, and he knows a bunch. He also has his own little language. His favorite thing to say is "zagaa." Who knows what it means. :) He has mostly dropped his morning nap and goes to sleep after lunch. He still likes to cuddle and nurse at 9-ish and I put him down if he's sleepy, but most of the time lately he's been awake, so we skip the nap. It's fine by me. That frees us up in the morning to be able to do fun stuff, and he naps longer in the afternoons. Ruby has been really loving to play pretend, and she's constantly singing. She's doing really well with going potty, I just have to take her often. If I forget, she still has accidents. (We just did Crater Lake all weekend with her in undies, and it went great! But more of that next…

Impromptu road trip

It's been a super busy week! We have done a bunch of fun things, and we're all tired now because of it. :) The kids just take it all in stride though. They love getting out of the house and staying busy. Reid has been walking really well, especially if he's holding something in his hands. I remember Ruby doing that too. It's super cute. One evening this week we were praying and Andy was just holding his hand out to Reid, and Reid started putting pieces of his hamburger into Andy's hand instead of holding it. It was hilarious and we all started cracking up. He loves handing us things. Ruby's been doing really good at going potty this week, thankfully. Hopefully we've turned a corner.  The silliest, cutest kids around.  Ruby's art.  They love wrestling and playing together.  The Butenschoen's came over for dinner on Saturday, so Ruby drew a family portrait of them. She's getting pretty good.  Ruby and Penny played and played. They mostly played h…