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22 Weeks

Ruby's sink bath We're down at my parents' house this week! On Friday we left Andy at home and drove down to go to my cousin Carla's wedding on Saturday. It turned out beautiful. Then Andy left for Mexico on Sunday (they stopped by Grenada to say hi), and is gone until the 7th. So we're down here until then. We've been having lots of fun, going on walks, and relaxing. Next week Ruby's going on her first camping trip, so that will be fun! Ruby's almost got her second tooth, she's been drooling a lot and chewing on everything. She started taking steps when we hold her up standing, so that's cute. And she's getting pretty good at sitting up with a little support. I can't believe she's 5 months old already! Time is flying by and we're enjoying every minute of it. Sleep continues to be an issue, and I'm not sure what to do about it. For now, I just try to get naps in when she's napping.  Cutie pie  With Aunt Mary and Karen on…

21 Weeks

Ruby will be 5 months old on Tuesday!! I can't believe it. And she got her first tooth on Friday. She had been fussy for a few days, and then I noticed that it had popped through at our friends' daughter's first birthday barbecue. It was pretty fun (see picture below). We're heading to my parents' house for two and a half weeks while Andy is in Mexico, so my next few posts will be from there. We're sad to be apart for so long. And on another sad note, we found a great home for our doggies. We sure do miss them (but not all the fur!). I think they'll be really happy there. Hopefully we'll get to see them again someday. We also celebrated Andy's first Father's Day on Sunday! It was lots of fun and included a ride on a miniature train up in Mollala. He's such a wonderful Daddy, and Ruby sure loves him.  My cutie patootie.  Karley's birthday party. Kids from left to right: Penny, Ruby, Hannah Bruggeman, Haley, Josiah, Karley, Logan, Hannah …

20 Weeks

Ruby's getting so big! She's a ton of fun. She loves being tickled and she loves being around people. Last weekend she got to be babysat by Grandma Patty while Mommy and Daddy went to the movies. Then the next day she helped us do yard work. She can roll over if we put her arm in the right position, but still isn't quite doing it all by herself. Soon though! She was sleeping horribly because of her cold, but the last two nights have been much better now that she's on the mend. I'm trying to get her on a nap schedule-ish so she takes three naps a day, and that's working out pretty well.  Watching the doggies wrestle.  Riding in the car with Jeffrey up to Portland.  Yummy Sophie the Giraffe.  Cuddle time with Daddy.  Reaching.  Yard work day!  Lounging with Daddy in the yard at home while Mommy works in the garden. Switzerland onesie from our friend Carrie.   Naked tummy time!  Cheeks!
 Think we have enough bibs? I'm a big girl now!!

19 Weeks

Happy 19 weeks to baby Ruby. Sleep has been awful this past week. She got sick last Wednesday and has had a bad stuffy nose on and off ever since. Today it seems like it's moving into her chest and her coughs are getting mucousy. Poor girl. I think she's teething as well. She's drooling like crazy and chewing on everything in sight. That has to be not fun at all. Last night she woke up every hour and I had to use the snot sucker twice which made her scream. She did take a three hour nap yesterday, though. On another note, she rolled over on Tuesday when Andy was hanging out with her. It was almost all by herself. Her arm was tucked underneath her when she was on her tummy and she stuck her bottom up in the air and rolled to her back. She hasn't done it since, but I think she'll figure it out soon.  She's been blowing lots of spit bubbles lately. It's cute, but she has to constantly wear a bib.
 Sad baby...  Happy baby!  Cute baby.  Ruby with her new toy, S…