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40 Weeks

1/25/12Today’s our due date! The baby’s at least 7 ½ pounds, but probably more like 8 or 8 ½ at this point (at least that’s what I think). We’re just in a state of waiting… when is he/she going to show up? Nobody knows except Jesus. We’re getting very excited and can’t wait to meet our baby.My midwife appointment today was great. The baby is looking good, the head is engaged and it had a nice heartbeat. I’m only a little bit more dilated than I was last week though. It looks like I’ll have to do more walking to get things moving. I’m working until Friday, then starting Maternity Leave, which I’m very much looking forward to. So hopefully it will be born this weekend or early next week. I’ve had periodic times of my contractions being closer together (like 10 minutes apart), but then they go away. I think it’s just my body getting ready for the real thing. Hopefully it’s not too far off!Andy and I went out to a nice last breakfast without a baby on Saturday. That was fun to do together…

39 Weeks

1/18/12One week until our baby is due! We’re so excited to finally be in the last little bit. The baby could really come any time in the next 2-3 weeks, so everyone’s on standby waiting to get the phone call from us At my midwife appointment today Carol checked me, and I’m still only about 1 cm dilated, but my cervix is thinning out. She said I probably won’t go into labor in the next week, but there’s always a chance. I think I will be a few days late, just like my mom was. The baby is getting big in there, and the heart rate was kind of fast because it was moving around a lot. As far as I know, everything’s still looking good.Last night we went into Salem with some friends and played Bingo. It was very interesting. There were a lot of people there that were hard core and looked like they go all the time. I think it’s probably addictive. It was stressful for us at first because they were calling numbers pretty fast and we had 12 bingo cards to scan for the numbers, but we eventually…

38 Weeks

1/11/12The baby’s getting big and we’re pretty much ready for it to come out  Now we just have to wait until it’s done being in there. I think it’s about 7 pounds and 18-19 inches long. We can’t wait to meet our little one. At my midwife appointment on December 30th they took a culture to test for Group B strep, but the lab lost it, or they didn’t come pick it up or something. So we had to re-test on Friday and Carol called me on Sunday night to say that the test was negative. So I’m glad we don’t have to worry about that.My dad built us this beautiful dresser and brought it up on Monday night! We love it. It’s so nice to have lots of drawer space to put baby things. The rest of our cloth diapers came yesterday, so I’ve been prepping them. I think we have everything ready for our baby to come! I’ve been trying to get loose ends wrapped up at work so they will be fine while I’m gone. It’s kind of hard not knowing when I’ll go into labor for planning purposes. I’m going to work until t…

37 Weeks

1/4/12The baby is officially full term today  That means if it was born, it’s lungs would most likely be mature enough to breathe on their own. That’s exciting! It’s getting ready to come out. I’ve been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.We had our midwife appointments on Friday and today. On Friday they checked my dilation (because they were doing the Group B Strep test) and I was at 1 ½ cm and soft. I’d say that’s a good start! It really doesn’t predict when labor will start though. It could be this week, or it could be in 4 weeks. We’ll just have to wait and see. Everything else is looking great though! The baby is in the optimal birthing position and has been that way for a few weeks, not really moving out of it too much except for the daily squirming and wiggling it likes to do. Last night Andy put his ear right where the baby’s back is and he heard the heartbeat. It was pretty cool.We finished out our Staycation on Monday. It was so nice to get lots of things checked off…