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4 weeks: Enjoying the weather

The weather has been lovely lately, if a bit hot. But it's nice for Oregon, so we've been outside a lot enjoying it. Little man is 4 weeks old now, and so big. I weighed him on our home scale, and he was 11 pounds! He's growing fast and getting some chub.
Ruby has another loose tooth, one of her top front ones. That will be cute when it falls out.
Reid has been soooo funny lately. He is really fun to talk to. One of his latest is: Mommy, we're sharing a napkin. Me: Do you like sharing with Mommy? Reid: Yeah, because you're my best friend. <3  Sleepy guy! He still sleeps the majority of the day, and wakes up every one to two hours at night. We'll get it sorted out hopefully soon.  They were playing school, and it was so cute.  We braved a trip to the library! Miles slept until the end when he started crying and crying. But the big kids were super helpful with quickly checking out the books and getting to the car. Ruby told a cute story with this story tree a…

3 weeks: Ruby graduates preschool! And a hospital stay

Miles is 3 weeks old already! He's such a sweet baby. He is pretty content most of the time, he does have fussy times in the evenings though. We have had a bit of a medical adventure with him.
Ruby had a really special moment this week. She told us that she accepted Jesus into her heart in the back yard the other day and that now she's a Christian. :) We've been talking to her about it a lot. We are so excited for her!!  Miles has been sleeping in his little bassinet! Our other two slept with me for about the first 6 weeks, but Miles is already a better sleeper than both of them were for the most part. Answer to prayer!!!  Brothers  He's so cute when he just looks around. And he looks great in white.  My big helper. He loves to cook with me.  Reid has been sharing Hislisha with Miles. Back to the doctor on Thursday, and then she sent us straight to the hospital. We ran by home real quick to switch cars and Andy packed me a bag of necessities. :(   We went in basically…