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52 Weeks

This is the last post before Ruby turns one! I can't believe it. We've really enjoyed this first year of her life a lot. She took a few more steps this week, one time about 4 or 5, and yesterday she took 3. I think she thought I was still holding on to her. She can do it, she's just not too confident yet. It's cute to see her try though. My parents are visiting for a few days between their trip to India and Ruby's birthday party on Saturday. My mom has been really sick, but is thankfully feeling much better today. Ruby sure likes her grandparents. I put pigtails in her hair last week... so cute.  Playing with her friend Quinn.   Sitting pretty.  Eating a banana. She climbed in the cupboard to get more containers out. Hilarious.   She likes to ride on her wagon with Mommy's help.  Naked baby! We're sleeping in Ruby's room because my parents are visiting. She likes crawling around on the air mattress, and it's not too much of a drop on the edges. She…

51 Weeks

I really think Ruby looks like Andy in this picture. She's such a cutie pie. She's really talking a lot, mostly saying "Yes" and when she says "Ma" she blows a big bubble. She walks laps around the ottoman and coffee table, but still hasn't taken too many steps on her own. She has figured out how to put things in her bucket and take them out. It's too cute to watch her push her wagon to a surface, bend down and take a toy and put it on the surface, then move on. She still loves reading her books as well, and looking out the window. Nights this week have been rough. I'm not sure why she's sleeping so bad. We're trying to figure out a better schedule so she will sleep better. I'm tired! We're getting her birthday party all planned. It should be lots of fun. I can't believe she'll be one a week from Saturday. I've really enjoyed her first year of life, and I love being her mommy. :)  Sleeping angel.  She likes to follow…

50 Weeks

Big news! Ruby is able to stand by herself for a little bit, and she took her first step (see the video)! And she also said "Mama" (finally)! She's about to turn into a toddler. It's been a good week. Her cold is better, and she's just been as busy as ever, getting into everything. She really likes pushing buttons. She also is getting good at putting things into her bucket. I love hearing her chatter all day long while she looks at her books, walks around with her walker, and plays with her toys. Her favorite things to say right now are "yes" (she usually whispers it, it's too cute), "Bda bda bda" and "this". She's such a fun baby. I especially love it when she's nursing and she pulls off to talk to me. Andy especially loves it when they're playing and she lays her head on his shoulder for a second.  New bath toys from Christmas (thanks Grandma Debbie!)  She loves to walk around the house.  And she loves getting into…

49 Weeks

It's been a lovely week. We finished out our time in Grenada, came home, and then Ruby got a nasty cold. But we've been taking the days slowly and she's doing better. She learned to point at things yesterday, and today she was putting things into a bucket. She learns so quickly! And now she waves at everyone when we go shopping.
Here are the pictures I didn't post last week and the ones from this week:  Ruby schooled us in her first game of Golf. I helped her though :)
 Fun playing the piano with Mommy.  Cutie patootie.  Christmas Eve present from Grandma and Grandpa Wetzig. New jammies!   Sleeping away on Christmas morning.  It was a super fun morning with her.  She didn't know how to open her presents. But she liked playing with the paper and boxes afterwards!  With her cousins Chloe and Charlee.   Ruby loves her cousins.  Trying to lick the telescope.  Chubby baby :)  11 month photos
 She really loves reading her books.
 She crosses her feet a lot. And she pull…