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31 weeks

Our baby is growing! Only 9-ish weeks to go. We can't wait to meet him/her and see what they look like. Ruby looks so much like me, and Reid looks so much like Andy. We're wondering if this one will be a combo? Or favor one more than the other.
We looked at our ultrasound results on my birth center website, and it looked like there may have been a slight issue with the baby's kidneys. I don't think it was anything to worry about though. We looked it up, and it looks like 95% of this issue resolves on its own. I'll ask the midwife about it at my appointment next week. After this we're going to every two weeks for appointments, then in April it will be every week! Getting down to it!
My sis is throwing us an online baby shower, which will be nice. We have most of what we need already, but it will be nice to update a few things, or get more of the stuff we could use. Now space is a definite issue though... where on earth will all of the baby stuff go?
I think I p…

Tillamook Cheese Factory

We had a fun week. The weather has been a *little* better, so we've been able to go outside a little bit. It's at least warmer out! Reid is doing good with potty training. He definitely has accidents though, and he says, "I have a accident" super matter of fact. Or "my pants are wet." We'll get it!
Ruby has been super helpful lately. She has been so good at putting her clothes in the laundry or back in her drawer if they're not dirty, and picking up her toys before moving on to the next thing without complaining. :) I love it!! Wrestle time with Daddy! Reid just wanted to lay on him.   They like I Spy books from the library. We got Ruby a new backpack, and she loves it. Reid loves his hand-me-down one and likes to bring it when we drop Ruby off!  He gave her the sweetest kiss goodbye at preschool. They really love to play together.  Reid and I cleaned out the microwave and the refrigerator on Friday. It is so nice to have it all clean! And he spray…

30 weeks!

We're 3/4 of the way there! This pregnancy seems to be going by pretty quickly, especially these last few weeks. I feel like I am getting soooo big though!
The baby moves around a lot, which is so fun. I feel hiccups way down low several times throughout the day and night. Ruby and Andy even felt it! I went to Ruby's Valentine's Day party at school, and we were sitting on the rug together, while she leaned on my belly. The baby kept kicking her. Haha
Chores and things are getting hard to do. My belly makes me have to bend over to wash the dishes, which makes my back hurt. :(
I have started nesting though. Last week I cleaned out the refrigerator and the microwave, and this week we rearranged the car seats to make sure we can get all three in our car. We were thinking we would have to get at least one, maybe two new ones. Especially after I found a big crack in the foam of our infant car seat. But thankfully Graco sent us a replacement foam, and I think we got it figured o…

Rain, rain, go away!

It has been raining a lot lately! We've been trying to find fun inside activities to do with all of the wetness. We don't mind though, it makes everything so lovely and green!
Before her birthday, Ruby said, "Mom, I just want it to be February right now!" And I was wondering why, then she told me because she wanted it to be Groundhog's Day. Hahaha... she was a little disappointed when it didn't turn out to be that exciting.
Reid has been going potty really well and only has an accident every now and again. Some days, though, he just wants to wear his diaper. I don't think I'm very good at potty training. :/  On Saturday we went downtown to a little French bakery. It was lovely!  Mmm... croquets.  They were quite sugary. When the kids get some sugar, Ruby says, "We're all sugared up!" Except she says it more like "sigar."  Keeping an eye out.  They love each other, and love making things together.  Reid said, "I'm so g…