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38 weeks: A night in the hospital, bronchitis, and Ruby turns THREE!

This week was a doozy. The kids just weren't getting any better. I'm pretty sure I barely left the house for at least a week straight, and then not much for the following week except to go to the doctor/hospital/pharmacy. I'm not sure why our kids get so sick. I got some vitamin D drops for them, and since I started those, they have gotten so much better! We've decided not to take them to the nursery or places with lots of kids for a while though, to make sure that their infections get all the way better. Here's our week in pictures for you...  Ruby helped me wrap presents for Grandpa John and Quin's birthdays.  I helped him stand up, but he can hold himself up there pretty well!  Waiting for Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Cindy, Quin and Lia to come.  Hugs!  My family came up to celebrate Ruby's birthday. Grandma made a pie with our old train candles. Ruby loved it.  She blew the candles out all by herself.  Yummy! She loved opening her presents. So excited abou…

37 weeks: RSV, pneumonia & an ear infection

This week has been brutal. Reid's cold got worse and was diagnosed as RSV on Monday. Then he got a fever and it turned into pneumonia. So he's on antibiotics for that now. Then Ruby's got worse too, and she was up last night with ear pain and a fever today. I took both kids to the doctor this morning, and now Ruby's on antibiotics too. I started getting sick on Friday, and Andy's been sick/having to work. People have been super generous in providing us meals, which has been nice. But I just can't wait for the kids to get better. I'm not putting them in the nursery for a month after this so they get a chance to recover. This time of year is seriously no fun. In spite of all of that, we've still had some nice times this week. Here are some photos. Trying to get a selfie of me and the kids. It's a little fuzzy, but it captured a sweet kiss from Reid. Ruby has been loving helping me do the dishes. Doing Mommy's hair. On Friday Andy took Ruby out on…