Thursday, January 29, 2015

38 weeks: A night in the hospital, bronchitis, and Ruby turns THREE!

 This week was a doozy. The kids just weren't getting any better. I'm pretty sure I barely left the house for at least a week straight, and then not much for the following week except to go to the doctor/hospital/pharmacy. I'm not sure why our kids get so sick. I got some vitamin D drops for them, and since I started those, they have gotten so much better! We've decided not to take them to the nursery or places with lots of kids for a while though, to make sure that their infections get all the way better.
Here's our week in pictures for you...
 Ruby helped me wrap presents for Grandpa John and Quin's birthdays.
 I helped him stand up, but he can hold himself up there pretty well!
 Waiting for Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Cindy, Quin and Lia to come.
 My family came up to celebrate Ruby's birthday. Grandma made a pie with our old train candles. Ruby loved it.
 She blew the candles out all by herself.
She loved opening her presents.
So excited about her new bike from Grandma and Grandpa.
She loves her umbrella from the Hall's.
Grandpa put it together the next morning, and it was lots of fun. We still haven't ridden outside yet, but we will soon when we're all better.
The kids got late Christmas presents from Uncle Randy. Reid loved his. Note his runny nose...
Speaking of Uncle Randy, he and Sophie are getting married in April, and we got our plane tickets for Boston this week! We are so excited to go there and celebrate with them.
Lia pulled Ruby on a sleeping bag.
Giggling with Aunt Cindy.
Grandma brought masks for the kids to color. They all turned out really cute. Quin had a pirate and named it Captain Parsley the pirate chef. It was great.
We went on a walk to the park because it was so nice outside. The girls liked holding hands.
A guy was driving this old fire truck around and stopped so we could have a look.
Reid wasn't feeling super good. But he had fun at the park.
Playing tickle with Grandpa.

This was Saturday and most of my family left that afternoon, except my Mom who stayed until Sunday. On Sunday morning she and I went to church while Andy stayed at home with the kids (he wasn't feeling great either). We got home from the early service, and Reid was not doing well. He was really lethargic and kept wanting to sleep all the time. I was super worried about him.  So we called Guesly (our doctor/friend) and he met us at his clinic which was closed and examined him. He decided to admit him to the hospital for observation. The poor baby. Getting the IV was the worst, it took them three tries. He cried... I cried... He also had a chest x-ray, an abdominal x-ray, blood tests, and a stool sample. After the abdominal x-ray Guesly decided that he was just really dehydrated which made his bowels not work. Probably from having diarrhea. His little tummy hurt a lot. He kept nursing though, which was good. We got a lot of IV fluid in him overnight. Grandma Patty and Grandpa Del came down to be with Ruby so that we could be in the hospital with Reid. It was my third night away from her ever, and I missed her a lot. It was even worse because the next morning was her birthday, and I missed it. So sad. But thankfully we got to go home at lunch time and celebrated after that. We did have to cancel her birthday party though, because we really didn't want to spread these germs.
Poor lethargic baby. They splinted his arm with some giant q-tips, which was funny. He didn't love not being able to bend it.
Our visitors had to wear these getups because RSV is really contagious.
Sweet boy. The nurses loved him.
Starting to feel a little better.
This is him on Monday morning. He was a little puffy from so much fluid. He gained almost two pounds from water weight. I should have had a clue that he was getting dehydrated because he pretty much stopped drooling for about two days. He always drools.
Grandma Patty brought Ruby to the hospital for her three year well child check. Getting measured. She's 38" tall and 33 pounds.
She got to wear this cute (huge) hospital gown.
Dr. Guesly checking her spine. He's such a great doctor.
Getting to go home! It's nice that babies bounce back so quickly. I'm thankful for the hospital and our excellent doctor.
Ruby's three year photo. She's such a big girl!
Much happier.
Annual photo with Mommy.
After dinner we opened her presents from Uncle Randy and us. We got her some books, lacing cards, and I made her an apron.
And we ate ice cream and the last piece of pie. Candles again!
Drool! That's what we like to see.
At Ruby's appointment she had some wheezing, which turns out is bronchitis. So she's on a breathing treatment now twice a day, in addition to her antibiotics for her ear infection (which is much better). She likes it though, so that's good.
We've been playing lots of Blink. She's pretty good at it and only needs a little bit of help. She really likes watching me shuffle the cards and do the bridge. :)
Waiting for Daddy to come home from work.
We've been painting a lot this week too.
Snuggle time after nap.
She was doing FaceTime with Grandma Patty. She's so funny.
Sleeping with her foot off the bed like Daddy.
She loves helping with the trash! She can pull this one all by herself when it's empty.
 Reid is really starting to be able to scoot around. He's gotten better at rolling over and loves going from sitting to his tummy to reach for things. He can't quite go forward yet, but he scoots backwards and all the way around. I discovered today that he's also getting one of his molars in! On top of all that he's been through this week... No wonder he slept so badly last night.
 Playing that she's sick. She'll give a fake sneeze and say, "I don't feel good." Then we play doctor.
The pirate mask's stick broke off, so Ruby taped it back on. Cutest thing ever.

I sure love my two kids so much. I'm grateful that the Lord answered our prayers and that Reid was okay. We're finally seeing the light at the end of this sickness tunnel. We had a lot of people praying, bringing food, and both of our moms helping us care for our kids. That was wonderful.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

37 weeks: RSV, pneumonia & an ear infection

This week has been brutal. Reid's cold got worse and was diagnosed as RSV on Monday. Then he got a fever and it turned into pneumonia. So he's on antibiotics for that now. Then Ruby's got worse too, and she was up last night with ear pain and a fever today. I took both kids to the doctor this morning, and now Ruby's on antibiotics too. I started getting sick on Friday, and Andy's been sick/having to work. People have been super generous in providing us meals, which has been nice. But I just can't wait for the kids to get better. I'm not putting them in the nursery for a month after this so they get a chance to recover. This time of year is seriously no fun.
In spite of all of that, we've still had some nice times this week. Here are some photos.
Trying to get a selfie of me and the kids. It's a little fuzzy, but it captured a sweet kiss from Reid.
Ruby has been loving helping me do the dishes.
Doing Mommy's hair.
On Friday Andy took Ruby out on a date while Reid and I hit up Costco.
My three loves.
I was looking for Ruby's horses, and this is where she put them. They were taking a nap. Haha!
Helping Mommy make sandwiches. She cut hers by herself.
He likes reaching for things.
I decided that it might be our old house that's been making us so sick. So I opened up a bunch of windows to air it out one day. Reid and I bundled up because it got a little chilly. I don't think it helped much.
Reading stories.
This was after Reid's RSV diagnosis. We started doing 3 a day breathing treatments for him.
Poor sick baby. He's so sweet.
I made an onion/garlic poultice for their chests to help with coughing. It was cute.
We got a phone book on our porch, and Andy gave it to Ruby for a coloring book.
More dish washing. She usually gets all wet.
Cute little sicky.
On Tuesday night our kind doctor came to look at Reid and decided he needed a chest x-ray.
The x-ray plate was in front of him, and when she removed it, I saw that he had been licking it. Hah! He really didn't mind being strapped up like this. Later that night we heard that he had pneumonia. So we got some antibiotics on Wednesday morning for him.
This morning I took both kids to the doctor because Reid still has a fever, and Ruby got one with ear pain too. They had to wear these masks in the waiting room because RSV is very contagious. Reid ended up needing some more tests, so we had to go to the lab for blood tests. They all turned out normal though. We're hoping his fever just goes away on its own.
Ruby was really not feeling good, so while I was making lunch, she went and put herself to bed. She actually fell asleep all on her own, which is super abnormal for her. Poor girl. So then I took a nap with Reid.
After nap I decided the kids needed a detox bath. So I put them in with some epsom salts and essential oils and they had fun together, fevers and all.
Ruby can recognize all of the letters in her name and can spell it!

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