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34 weeks

6 weeks to go! Baby Heartbeat is almost 5 pounds at this point, and I'm feeling it. This week I've just been a little miserable and uncomfortable. The easy tasks are getting hard to do, like tying my shoes, picking up toys, getting out of bed, etc. Sleep has not been great either. But I do love feeling the little guy/girl rocking and rolling around in there all the time. We're getting excited to meet our new little one. Ruby talks about how Baby Heartbeat will play toys with her and where the baby will sit in the car. I think she'll be a great big sister for sure.

Andy and I had a lovely time on our Babymoon this week at the coast. It was so fun to get away with just the two of us. And the big news is that we decided on names for this baby! They're still a secret so I won't share, but we like them. And I'm relieved to have them picked out.

I think I forgot to say that last week we met with our doula Amy. We really love her and are excited for her to be a p…

26 months and our Babymoon!

Ruby turned 26 months this week. She's such a big girl! And she's getting excited to be a big sister soon too, I think. Andy and I went on our baby moon this week too, and just got back this evening. We sure missed our Peach, but we had a lovely time at the coast together. The weather turned from beautiful and sunny early in the week to downright nasty outside today. Rain, rain, rain. I guess that's spring in Oregon for you though. We went to youth group on Thursday, and Ruby got a little bit of popcorn.  FaceTime with cousin Carla and Ruby's second cousin David Daniel. He's two months old and adorable. I wish he was more in the picture. :)  Ruby made a boat. Her first real play dough creation.  Friday night we went to Salem after dinner to ride the Carousel.  She liked her horse "Sonshine."  Her owie looked pretty bad on her cheek, but I put lavender oil on it a few times and it got better really fast!  Making soup with Mommy. She loves her play kitchen…

33 weeks

Baby Heartbeat is getting big! I think it's about 4 ¼ pounds at least, probably bigger. I'm getting awfully big too, and uncomfortable, and I'm pretty sure I'm starting to waddle. Only 7-ish weeks to go, and this last trimester is going by really fast so far. There's so much still to be done and I'm running out of time to do it all. Well, the baby will come whether or not we're totally ready, and the good thing is, all we truly need is somewhere for it to sleep and some things for it to wear. I've gone through the baby clothes up through 9 months and separated out the gender neutral things from the girl things and washed all of the gn things. If it's a girl, we can throw the girl things into the laundry real quick and be set. I'm getting excited about my baby shower coming up in a few weeks. My mom and sister are coming up for it (and my birthday too!), so that will be lots of fun.

I went to the midwife this week, and was measuring right at 33 …


This week we have been blessed with several days of gorgeous sunshine! Rare for us in March. So we've been outside a bit to enjoy it. The sad thing is that Ruby caught a nasty cold (probably from the nursery on Sunday), and now I'm getting it too. She's been really grumpy and has thrown lots of tantrums over the last few days. Sleeping has not been great either, with her coughing or not being able to breathe out of her nose. It's really sad to have a sick kid. Hopefully we will both be on the mend soon.  She loves riding her bike with Daddy.  And she likes driving the car too. :)  Saturday morning we had a coffee/sticky bun date at Panezanellie. So good.  She had lots of fun and drank most of her steamer.  Then we went through the car wash ("car dryer"). She got to ride in the front just to go through it, and did not like it one bit. She spent the whole time cuddled up on my lap.  Coloring with Mommy.  We went outside to play and read magazines. It was love…