Thursday, July 31, 2014

12 weeks: Awake middle school camp and Ruby turns 2 1/2!

We've had a fun week. We went to camp with Andy and the middle school crew Friday through Sunday and had lots of fun! I stayed in a tent with the kids, and it really wasn't too bad. It was a little hard to contain Ruby out in the open, but Del and Patty were there and helped out a lot, and Andy helped out when he could. Reid didn't sleep super good because he was cold, but he's been sleeping really well since we've been home (10pm-5:15am the other night!).
Reid has discovered his fist and loves looking at it. It's so cute. Ruby has gotten really good at saying "L" if it's in the middle of a word, like "color" or "stroller". It's the cutest thing. I asked her a question the other day and she answered with, "Jesus." Uh-oh, she's already giving a Sunday School answer. I guess we'll have to talk more about that and help her think through answers. :) I'm glad she's thinking and talking about Jesus though!
 We stopped at a park on our way to camp.
 Here's Ruby and I sitting on the dock at the lake where we had camp in Long Beach, WA on the peninsula.
 Reid being all cute. He was in his carriers a lot of the weekend.
 My friend Sara came with her three kids too. Ruby and Karley had fun together, except they really are frenemies. They'll get along better when they get older I'm sure. This is Ruby putting bug spray on Karley.
 Reid was cozy in his jammies, but I think his face got cold.
 Ruby slept really well in the nights. Running around so much tired her out.
 Reading stories with Rosa.
 Chillin' on the beach.

 They were pretty cute.

 Beach selfie!
 Ruby's 30 month picture! I can't believe she's 2 1/2 already. I love her so much.
 She wanted to wear her hat and mittens even though it was hot in the tent.
 Josiah and Ruby made a Karley sandwich.
 We were all sitting enjoying camp fire...
 When a bear wandered by!! Patty was watching the girls not too far away and didn't see the bear. Guesly and Becca went running over and grabbed them, but it was still scary. I'm glad it just walked by and didn't come back.
 My babies sleeping soundly.
 Home at last. I love his cheeks.
 We were all so tired that we slept in on Monday.
 Cutie pie.
 I told her to smile for a picture and she did this... Ridiculous.
 I went in to get Ruby up and she said, "Lion is going potty." She's also been telling me when she's going peepee, so I think potty training is not too far off.
 Staring at his fist.
 I took the kids blackberry picking on Tuesday. I think Ruby only had three berries in her bucket max. She ate a bunch though.

 They do free lunch in the park during the summer and this was the last week for it. So I took the kids a few days and walked over there. I love our stroller!
 Enjoying her free lunch.
So cute in his Swiss onesie from my friend Carrie.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

11 weeks: A quiet week at home

 "I'm two!"
It's been a much quieter week this week after all of the craziness of the past few. Ruby was still a little sick on Thursday and threw up a little bit before bed that night. She had some more diarrhea the last few days too. I'm not sure why she's still sick, so hopefully she will be well soon and we won't have to worry about it anymore. She has started saying "l" in her words this week. I made some cobbler and she says it with a little flip l that is so cute.
Reid has grown a lot this week! And he's turning into such a happy, alert little guy. He loves smiling and cooing, and I think he'll start laughing soon. He rolls over from tummy to back and loves to kick his legs and move his arms a lot. He had his two month appointment last Tuesday (I forgot to write it in the blog) and he was 13 lbs 7.5 oz and just over 25 inches. When they first put him on the scale it said 12 lbs, and I knew that wasn't right, because he was over 12 lbs at the midwife at 7 weeks. The scale was just tilted wrong or something, so they weighed him again. I knew he was too chunky for 12 lbs. :) He's growing out of his 3 month clothes, so I got out some of his 6 month things. Wow, time has been going by fast. He has been sleeping pretty good too, except for last night. He usually does 10-4 or 5, which is so nice. Hopefully he'll keep that up.
 Mommy picked blackberries and Ruby ate plenty.
 Chubby thighs!
 Little angel.
 Ruby took this one. Pretty good, I think.
On Sunday after nap we went to Shady Dell, a train park, with our friends the Cline's. You can ride around on these scale trains, and it was lots of fun!
 Ruby and Aiden had lots of fun together. They liked laughing and dancing to the live music at the restaurant.
 Tummy time!
 I'm pretty sure there's a picture kind of like this one of me and my brother when we were little. <3
 This is how we nap every day.
 Poor guy has to bathe in a pink tub. Ruby loves helping give him a bath.
 "Two towers."
 We went to the free lunch in the park on Tuesday. Reid was fussy in my Mei Tai, so I put him in the stroller!
 Playing with Quinn.
 She loves her little brother.
 Reid comes to small group with us.
 Ruby got her hair trimmed.
 So curly and so cute!
 Her version of a smiley face.
 She loves her water colors we got at Target today!
What a big boy!

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