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Date night (for Andy and Ruby!)

This is our last week of Ruby being 3! I can't believe these last four years have gone by so fast. We absolutely love being parents and really treasure our kids. Ruby is getting so big. She says the funniest things, for example she adds "able" to things, like "These socks are skateable." And we've been having some really good conversations about Jesus lately. She asks a lot of good questions. Reid is talking so much! It's so fun to be able to communicate better with him. He has been sleeping horribly though, the other night he woke up at least once an hour all night long because of his molar coming in. :( So I started weaning him, and now we're down to just three nursing sessions a day. Somehow that helped him sleep better and the last two nights he only woke up once!! That's just about the best he has slept ever. I also have been putting his teething necklace around his ankle with a sock over it, so that might be it too. Whew! I feel so much b…


We had a lot of fun this week. Lots of busyness and activities, so much so that I washed the laundry on Tuesday, but didn't get it folded for a few days! Oh well. Such is life. :) We did a lot of fun things too though. Reid is learning so much lately. He has been singing songs (Do Re Mi and Let it Go), and he counted from six to nine all by himself the other day. He also is learning colors and gets green correct most of the time! It's so fun to see him learning so quickly. Ruby is pretty excited to turn four soon. She has her cake all picked out for her birthday party, and she talks about "When I get four..." all the time. I can't believe she's so big!  On Saturday we bundled up and took a walk to the park.  We had Tony's drone, so we took it out for some flying. It was so fun, and the kids loved it.  I got to fly it! It goes 3 miles, but I didn't take it that far. We saw our house on the video feed though. Ruby found a "trail of mud" (line…