Thursday, March 30, 2017

36 weeks

Wow, as of today we can officially deliver at the birth center! Andy keeps saying "We're in the drop zone." And it might be just in time, I've been having tons of Braxton Hicks contractions today. We'll just have to wait and see though!

I think baby is probably well over 6 pounds by now, which is good. We are getting so excited to meet this little one! I think we have settled on a boy name finally, but are still undecided for a middle name. The girl name is all set. :) Ruby is so excited to tell everyone if it's a boy or a girl at the birth. I've been prepping the kids with their own birth videos.

At the birth center on Monday, the baby was a little transverse, like at an angle with the head toward my left hip, which is not great. But Megan was confident that we can get it head down, even if I were in labor. There's a lot of room for baby to move around in there because of my diastasis. I've been working on my positioning, like sitting properly, to get it to be in the best position.

I have been sleeping horribly lately! I can't fall asleep until late, and then I wake up a ton in the night, and have been waking up super early in the morning. It's rough! At least I usually can squeeze a little nap in most afternoons. That is a lifesaver. Sweet Ruby will take a little rest in my room and I'll fall asleep on the couch, and then she'll come out and quietly start coloring or playing play dough at the table or something. She's a gem.

Changes this week: Contractions!! And baby moved to transverse. Hopefully it is head down now.

Cravings this week: Everything. I've started gaining weight again, which is good! I think I'm up to 24 pounds now. :)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mary Poppins, more gymnastics, and Ruby's spring program

We had a busy week! It included two late nights for the kids, so they were a little cranky toward the end of the week. But it was also fun. 

We finished the Whole30 on Tuesday, and started reintroducing foods on Wednesday. We started with legumes, which made us all gassy. But otherwise, there were no problems. Then on Friday we introduced grains. We were all looking forward to oatmeal! Our only things from that was a little more constipation, but that's it. :)

Ruby lost her second tooth yesterday, and I can't believe it, but the Tooth Fairy forgot to put her dollar in! We redeemed ourselves this morning, but seriously. Haha!
 He loves dropping Ruby off at school because he gets to play with the toys sometimes!
 Making a flower at school. :)
 On Friday night Andy and I got to go out on a lovely date! Thanks to Patty and Del watching the kids. We were still doing the Whole30, so we found a nice Paleo restaurant to enjoy. :) It was pretty good! Especially the sweet and sour chicken. We love to order two different things and then share them.
 On Saturday I surprised Ruby with going to Mary Poppins at the high school down the street! She loved it! And it was a great show. They even were flying across the stage.
 Girl date!
 She's so cute.
Ruby's friend Samantha from Preschool was at the play too! It was fun that they could run around together during intermission.
Her bottom left tooth was super wiggly, so much that it moved over into the space left by the right tooth. Hah! And the two new teeth were growing in behind it. She actually pulled this one out instead of letting it just fall out! It bled a little bit, but otherwise she was excited.  
 He's so cute too.
 Baby bump! It's getting so big. My splint helps a lot during workouts, and while I'm doing things around the house.
 Reid built this Lego gun all by himself! He's getting pretty good.
 The kids built these towers while I did my workout, and Ruby took photos.
Reid has also been building fork lifts and little tractors like this. It's so funny! 
Since Ruby's little group didn't get to do the foam pit when her school went to gymnastics last week, she got to go back for free. We met her friend Audrey there and had a blast! Reid loved this long running trampoline thing. 
 Foam pit!
 They both had such a blast.
 And more balancing! He was actually really good.
 Trampoline time! Her favorite.
 Reid actually got stuck in there one time, so I climbed in to help him... bad idea! I had a really hard time getting out. Haha!
 Ruby and Audrey
 The kids have been playing with things like crayons and baby carrots, and pretending they're people. It's hilarious.
 And after nap one day, they decided to go on a trip. So they packed their backpacks, got on their boots and coats, and went out in the back yard.
 He had some serious morning hair!!
 So then the next day we went to get a hair cut. He was happy because he got to sit in a blue car.
 Handsome guy!
 We went to the library on Thursday to get some new books.
 And then Thursday night was Ruby's Spring Program for school. It was so fun!
 Reid loved it.
 She was so cute.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

35 weeks

 We hit the 35 week mark this week! We're getting down to the end for sure. We're all so excited to find out who is in there. We are still stuck on a boy name though, they are the hardest!

I'm feeling sooooo much better, I'm finally all the way healed from our nasty sickness. Thank the Lord. It was so miserable! It's nice to have a little energy back. I've been wanting to clean and get ready for the baby too, so nesting has kicked in.

Last weekend we got out a lot of the things for the baby and washed them. We still need to wash baby clothes and diapers and things, but we'll do that when my parents are up here in a few weeks. It will be very helpful to have them here!

The baby is over 5 pounds now, which I'm definitely feeling. My belly is getting really big and heavy. The kids have been great at picking things up from the floor for me though, so that definitely helps!
Today we're working on a big to do list with things like finalizing our birth plan, planning freezer meals to make, checking our birth playlist, etc. I've got a packing list all ready, but we'll wait to pack for another week or so.

Changes this week: I haven't been sleeping well at all. The other night I woke up at 2am with a terrible foot cramp, and then I couldn't fall back asleep the rest of the night. It was rough!

Cravings this week: We're done with the Whole30 now, so we're reintroducing things. We all really wanted oatmeal!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Still sick, gymnastics, and school

There's not a lot of photos this week because I was still pretty sick all week. What a miserable flu! Thankfully we're finally recovered now though, and neither of the boys got it. I'm also thankful that the baby isn't born yet, just like when Ruby had RSV.

We are just about done with our Whole30! The kids have both become really good eaters, and love sweet potatoes the best. They will even try other veggies. We had roasted cauliflower, and they both devoured it. I love it!!!
 I sent them to play outside during a break in the rain... Ruby had a shovel and it was muddy. And so this happened. Poor Reid.
 On Saturday, Andy and I headed in to birth class. It was fantastic.
 Saturday night the kids wanted to spend their Valentine's Day money from Grandma Patty. So we headed to the toy store.
Reid bought this grabber and loves it! 
 Might have been a mistake to let him have it in the car on the way to church though. Hahaha
Ruby was still pretty snotty/coughing on Sunday, so she sat in church with us instead of going to Sunday School. She did great and enjoyed some strawberries for a snack. I've been having to send special snacks for the kids to church and school and things. 
 We went to Costco, and the kids wanted to help carry things into the house. They're such good helpers.
 Morning snuggles.
On Wednesday, Grandma Patty took Reid to her exercise class, and I went on a field trip with Ruby to the Oregon Gymnastics Academy. It was so fun!
Ruby and her bus buddy, Lily. 
 She got put in a little group of seven girls, and they got to go to the different stations together. Us moms just got to observe.
 She loved the trampoline!
 Having fun on the obstacle course.
 Being animals on the floor. Her group didn't get to do the foam pit, so they gave all of the girls a free pass to come back!
 On Thursday morning we drove over to Terra Linda Elementary to grab Ruby's Kindergarten registration packet for next year. I can't believe she's so old already! The kids found this lemonade stand. Ruby is really excited for school next year, although I don't think anyone from her preschool will be in the same school. She makes friends really easily, so I don't think it will be a problem.
 Then we drove over to Imago to play at their indoor playground they do on Thursdays. They had these cool bikes! And the kids had a blast. We'll definitely have to do it again.
 The kids played together so well. They've been fighting a lot lately, just because we were stuck at home so long with being sick and the rain. It was nice to finally get out.
 Hula hoop!
She's a little monkey. :)

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