Sunday, October 27, 2013

12 Weeks

Yay for getting to 12 weeks! We've been sharing our news with everyone this week, although I'm not going to post it to Facebook until we hear the heartbeat again this Wednesday. Then it will really be public information. Everyone's been really excited for us. I've had several people say they thought I was pregnant but didn't want to ask. I'm showing that much already. Hah.
The baby's about the size of a lime now, which is fun. On Wednesday we went to OMSI and saw the baby display. It was cool to see how big he/she is right now. We've been trying to think of good names that we like. So far we've got nothing for a boy. We don't really like traditional names, but we also don't like the modern names (eg. Hayden, Braden, Jaden, etc.). We still have lots of time though, so hopefully we'll find one we like.
On Wednesday I was not feeling to well in the evening, probably because of OMSI all morning and I didn't really get a nap. So I went to sleep at 8:15 and woke up at 7. I was awake for a bit in the night, so I think I got about 10 hours of sleep and still took a nap the next day. I guess it was needed!

Changes this week: I'm still really tired, but my sickness is almost totally gone. I sometimes am not too hungry at dinner. I'm still wearing normal clothes and can button my jeans. I'll probably need my bella band soon though. My sense of smell has been heightened too. Someone behind me at church this morning had not good breath... Yuck.

Cravings this week: Sourdough bread and milk. Oh, and dark chocolate, not too sweet.

Link to Ruby's 12 week post

Friday, October 25, 2013

11 Weeks

We had our midwife appointment on Wednesday, and we heard the baby’s heartbeat! That was pretty exciting. It took a while to find it, and apparently my uterus is kind of large at this stage. Andy thinks I’m having twins. :) When we heard the little heart beating (at 164 bpm), we all said “Yay!” and Ruby kept saying “Baby heartbeat, hooray!” the rest of the day. My blood pressure was higher than my normal, but it was still within most peoples’ normal range. I’ll just try to keep an eye on it. I’ve upped my water intake as well as suggested by Julia (the midwife who was just an assistant when Ruby was born, but is now a licensed midwife with Carol).

Ruby got to tell her cousins Quin and Lia over FaceTime this week too. She pointed to my tummy and kept saying “baby.” Quin just thought she was being cute, but then he said “Wait, you’re having a baby??!!” and they were both super excited. We’re going to start telling more people this week, I’m having a really hard time keeping my belly hidden. Haha. I’m showing way more way sooner this time. So far no one has asked me though.

Changes this week: I’m not feeling too sick any more. I get super hungry though, and I’ve still been really tired. My daily naps help a lot.

Cravings this week: I can’t get enough milk. And olives and steak both sound so good!

10 Weeks

Our midwife appointment is this week! I’m so excited to get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, so hopefully it’s in a good position and cooperates. I told some of my friends the news yesterday since I was doing a 5K with them and my belly was sticking out :) They were excited. The 5K went really well, and I didn’t have any problems running. I plan on still running in the next 10 or so weeks, but maybe not 3 whole miles. One or two will be fine.

Ruby points to my tummy and says “baby.” It’s really cute. But then she pointed to her neck and said “baby,” so I’m not sure if she thinks she’s the baby, or if she thinks there’s one in her too. And she thought there was one in Andy’s tummy too. It’s cute. I think she’ll be a great big sister. She always wants to see the pictures of the baby’s development each week. She brought her dolly Lupe in the car with her to church this morning and always wants to put a diaper on her, so hopefully she’ll start understanding what a baby is for real before too long. And she loves the babies in the nursery.

Changes this week: I have morning sickness randomly. I felt really yucky two or three days this week, but the rest have been okay. At one point Andy brought me a trash can, but thankfully I didn’t have to use it. I can feel the top of my uterus for sure now, so hopefully that means the baby is growing well. And I’m really starting to show already. My pants still button though. :)

Cravings this week: I finally got my Thai food, and boy, was it delicious. I’ve been wanting bland things like saltines and bread with butter, but sweets and salty things all sound good too for the most part. I’m definitely having less cravings than last time.

9 Weeks

Our little baby is about the size of a grape today.That seems so little, but his/her organs are all there. Crazy how God makes us grow inside our Mommies. Ruby was sick with a bad cold all week, and just today Andy and I are both coming down with it. I feel positively crummy right now. Morning sickness has really set in as well. If I don’t eat at regular intervals, I feel really sick, especially right before lunch. Yesterday I though I might throw up, and the grilled cheese and roasted red pepper tomato soup we were having was not appetizing in the least. Hopefully it won’t last too long, and at this point, I’m taking it as a sign that the baby’s growing and healthy like it’s supposed to be. :) Sometimes you just have to stay positive.

I can’t wait until our midwife appointment next week where hopefully we will get to hear the heartbeat! And then we can start spreading the news to other people. I have a 5K to run in between now and then, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve not had tons of energy, so training has been interesting. I did 3.22 miles yesterday, so I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Changes this week: Morning sickness kicked in big time. Plus my cold coming on... makes for one exhausted Mommy. I’ve had a little bit of round ligament pain just like last time, but it’s let up this past week or so a bit.

Cravings this week: I’m not really wanting anything specific, I’m mostly just constantly hungry.

8 Weeks

We’re at 8 weeks today. I’ve been pretty tired still, but not quite as bad. I’ve been a little sick between breakfast and lunch every day, but also not too bad. It’s a lot harder being in the first trimester with a toddler! We told Andy’s family about the baby on Friday, which was fun. Everyone’s pretty excited to have a new family member. I’m excited to be able to tell more people in a few weeks. I also can’t wait to hear the heartbeat, because then it will really feel real.

Changes this week: More nausea, bigger belly.

Cravings this week: Any kind of asian food.

7 Weeks

Oh man, extreme exhaustion hit me this week. I’ve been sooo tired. I took two naps yesterday, went to sleep at 8:45pm, and I’m still super tired today. I think nursing Ruby and being pregnant at the same time is just taking it out of me. And having to chase around a toddler. Andy’s been really sweet and has pitched in with watching Ruby when he can so I can rest. I’ve been feeling yucky in the afternoons as well, especially today. I’ve been really worried about miscarriage this week. I’ve been having slight pain where my ovaries are, but I had that with Ruby at this stage as well, and everything was fine. I just have to trust God and not worry. It won’t help anything anyway. We told my family about the baby this week when I was down there. They were all very excited! We’re telling Andy’s family on Friday at Patty’s birthday dinner. We’re excited!

Changes this week: Exhaustion, more nausea, my stomach’s sticking out there :) I try to wear shirts that will hide it.

Cravings this week: No cravings yet. Sweets are not as appealing as usual, which is probably a good thing. I wanted salty things with Ruby as well.

4, 5, and 6 Weeks Pregnant

We found out we're expecting on Friday! We're excited to welcome another baby into the family!!
5 Weeks!
I’m six weeks pregnant with our second baby! This time around has been very different so far. With Ruby it all felt so real so fast, but with this baby, I’ve been so busy with Ruby that I haven’t had time to sit and think about it, or to research like I did with her. And the way we found out might have something to do with it too. :) Since I took the test and surprised Andy with it with Ruby, we decided to have him look at it this time. I took the test and left it in the bathroom. So he checked it at 5 minutes, and came into the bedroom and said “Nope.” I think we were both disappointed. So then I went back into the bathroom and looked at it, and there was a definite second line there, although it was pretty faint. So I said “Andy, there’s a line there! I think it’s positive!” He didn’t really believe it was true for a few days and a few tests later. It was pretty funny. And then I accidentally told Becca about it on the same day. I put our due date on our shared calendar, which she shares as well. Oops!! She was surprised and excited.

Already I’m having to pee non-stop and I’ve been pretty tired. I’ve had a little nausea at around 10am and 3 or 4pm the last few days, but it goes away pretty quickly. I’ve made a midwife appointment for 10 weeks, so we have to wait another 4 weeks for it. I don’t want to tell many people before that, because I want to hear a heart beat first. We’ll tell our families though, and maybe a few close friends.

We can’t wait for this baby! Ruby’s going to love being a big sister, and having two will be tons of fun. They’ll be about 28 months apart, which sounds good to me. Our goal was 2-3 years apart, so it will be perfect

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Sister!

This week we announced to everyone that Ruby is going to be a big sister! We're very excited. I'm due on May 11th. I'll add my blog posts about the pregnancy that I've been doing when I get a chance.
 We've been having tons of fun with Ruby this week. She's getting to the point where she puts lots of words together, and she thinks she's pretty funny. I went in there one morning and she kept saying "pocket, uh-oh, oh dear" and she had put a paci down her pajamas all the way to her foot. It was hilarious.
 She loves to go smell the flowers when we go to and from the car. I try to not rush her because I know she really likes that and it's a special time.
 Riding on her little bike in the utility room.
 No shirt!
 We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday and had lots of fun. Ruby was seeing a horse in this picture.
 So we went to pet it. His name is Spike.
 Fun in the little kid area.
 We rode on the wagon pulled by the horses.
She loved it.
 Reading Daddy's school book.
 She didn't want to take off her backpack after church.
Playing with a towel. First it was a scarf...
 Then she stuffed it in a pitcher.
 A rare moment of cuddling with Daddy after her nap. She's not really a cuddler.
 We watched part of Toy Story 2 and she was playing with Woody. She loves it.
 On Wednesday Andy took a day off and we went to OMSI.
 Playing with the water.
 In the tree with their acorns.
 Hanging out in an eagle's nest.
 The big sand area was her favorite.
 Learning the cash register.
 Nap at Grandma's after OMSI.
 Playing with twister with her cousins.
 She pulled up her pant legs and untied her shoes on the way home. Silly girl.
 She was singing Rock O Baby to her necklace and water today.
 Helping Mommy make the bed.
She's such a girl! Wearing her pearls and Mommy's heels.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bad cold...

Ruby had a horrible cold, and she was sick for more than two weeks. But she is finally feeling better! We were cooped up in the house and couldn't go to church or my women's group for a long time. I'm so glad she's recovering. Apparently someone else brought their sick kid while we were out, and a bunch of the other little kids caught it. I'm just glad to say that for sure it wasn't me. :)
 Silly girl. She goes potty about once every day or every other day.
 Playing with Abbie.
 Crying over something, not sure what, but it's pretty cute.
 Playing with her sand toys. She's starting to play pretend.
 She loves her stickers!
 There are so many Rubys!
 I ran a 5K color run with my friends on Saturday. It was lots of fun!
 Ruby wanted to take Lupe to church.
 This is why we don't watch much on TV. :) But she was pretty tired too.
 She loves looking at the moon. Her new favorite book is Goodnight Moon, and she wants me to read it to her several times a day.
 Family breakfast date before the dentist. Ruby really liked sharing a plate with us. She ate all the blackberries.
 We went to the library after her nap, and she played with the kitchen for a long time. When we got home, she was putting things in a pan, putting them on the shelf and saying "oven." It was cute.
 I was needed to help with childcare for the women's groups on Tuesday. It was fun to see how Ruby does in the nursery. She's such a happy kid and gets along with everyone really well. One little boy pushed her and she fell down, but when I asked him to say sorry, she gave him a big hug.
 Snack time! Quinn, Ruby, Karley, Hannah, Mason, Cameron and Penny.
 Ruby says "read to you" when she wants us to read her a story. This was a special moment with Daddy.
 After grocery shopping, she just wanted to be "cooking" with the lemons.
 She had all 4 of her paci's and was so excited about them. She usually only gets them at nap and bed time.
Watching the middle school football game. I love my family. <3

Play, play, play

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