Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our first Pullen family camping trip

We took our first family camping trip this weekend! It was loads of fun, and nice and relaxing. We went to Nehalem Bay and stayed in a yurt which I reserved in September. I think we'll have to do that again, because it was amazing. It had electricity, a heater, beds, and we didn't have to set anything up! So nice. And only $15/night more than a camp site. So worth it.
Both kids have had rough naps since the weekend though. I think Reid is starting to transition to only one nap, he just seems to want it in the morning. He'll take a long morning nap (longest was 1.5 hrs this week), and then either not want to nap at all or a short nap in the afternoon. Ruby didn't nap at all yesterday... I think this may be the end of me getting naps every day. As I sit here, Ruby is trying to nap in my room and Reid is still crawling around on the floor not tired at all (it's 2:00). Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I might try to transition him to just one after lunch nap like I did with Ruby at around this age. Then maybe I'll get a nap every now and then.
Reid took his first few steps last week, but he hasn't really wanted to continue the trend. He is, however, an amazing climber! 
 He loves to climb on pretty much everything.
 Friday after work we headed to Nehalem Bay! Andy's brother let us borrow their Land Rover... it was nice. :)
 Gorgeous view on our drive!
 We had to get the kids out and let them see it. The weather was perfect.
 Beautiful ocean and sky.
 Reid loves sitting in the batman chair. We also got him some new shoes since he'll be walking soon. He's already size 5! And I measured Ruby who is 8 1/2 already too.
 Ruby next to our yurt. It was so great!
 Camping cuties.
 First we unpacked, and then we made dough boys. Ruby was surprisingly good at it. The kids didn't get to sleep until 9 (Reid) and 10 (Ruby) that first night. The yurt had a big skylight in the top so that didn't help.
 But they still woke up bright and early on Saturday morning! It was a struggle to keep them quiet until 7 when quiet hours were over. We ate breakfast at our table in the yurt because it was pretty cold outside.
 Ruby on her top bunk.
 She was really good at climbing up and down.
 She was a good dish washing helper too.
 Heading to the beach.
 It was so beautiful.
 My love. Don't mind the lack of showering. :)
 Such a pretty day!
 She absolutely loved the sand.
 Both kids did. I don't think we even went to the water the whole time we were there.
Digging together. 
 Helping Daddy dig. He would put it down in there and then pull it out over and over.
Making a tunnel. 
 So cute!
 Andy's cool 5-way tunnel. I think it eventually became a 7-way tunnel.
 Our pretty girl.
 Panoramic view of the beach. I took Reid back to the yurt for a nap while Andy and Ruby kept playing on the beach. We were there for about three hours maybe. The kids really liked it.
 Back at camp. I made Ruby a flower crown, and then she played "getting married" for a long time.
 Silly boy.
 Standing up on the deck. He really likes that toy.
 Sleeping at nap time. It was pretty hard to get them to sleep.
 She really liked her top bunk.
 Enjoying being outside!
 The view from our deck. The trees were beautiful. We made dough boys again after dinner on Saturday night, and then the kids went to bed early because they were so tired. Then on Sunday we packed up and headed home at about 10. It was such a fun trip.
 This is how we eat spaghetti.
 Helping Reid walk.
 Snuggling at story time.
 Wearing Uncle Tony's hat.
 On Monday Ruby helped me make a lemon tart for Aunt Becca's birthday. She had tons of fun with the leftover dough.
 Making Aunt Becca's card.
 At the party they all humored us and played a few rounds of duck duck goose for Ruby.
 The balloon dog. Both kids loved it.
 Being silly at Old Navy.
 Ruby made friends with the little girl mannequin.
 Climbing again! He went from the stool to the top of the toilet. We're going to have to watch this one.
 Putting on some make-up. So pretty.
 On Tuesday we drove down to Stayton for some hair cuts. Reid did really good for his first one. I got a little lock of his hair to keep.
 So handsome.
 Ruby had fun too. She loved the pink cape "for children."
 But the water was not so fun.
 She relaxed pretty quickly though.
 Getting it cut. We love Janna.
 So pretty! And so curly too.
 Helping Reid sit on the potty. This guy loves crawling around naked.
 Ruby picked out our clothes to wear today and we match. :)
Helping Mommy clean the toilet.

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  1. Such fun fun pictures!!! Looking forward to seeing you very soon!


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