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20 weeks: Disneyland and home!

Reid had his 4 month appointment today! He weighed 16 lbs 13 oz and was 27 inches long! He's very tall, like 95th percentile. His weight was only 50th percentile though. He got some vaccinations and cried really loud, then was fussy all day. Poor guy. I decided to get the pack n play out for Reid to sleep in now since he's getting too big for the rock n play. Unfortunately he slept horribly in it last night, like he woke up multiple times every hour. :( I guess he has to get used to sleeping on a flat surface sometime, so we might as well do it now. That's the only downfall of the rock n play... it's not so easy to transition him out of it. Andy was at youth group tonight, and bed time was especially hard. Reid decided to cry the whole time I was putting Ruby to bed, and then Ruby kept getting up while I was trying to get Reid to sleep. I finally got Ruby settled down, and then Reid decided to poop, so I had to change him and start all over. And then I had a good cry.…