Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gorgeous weather and a cold...

 It's been beautiful weather this week. I've got most of my garden planted, and we've taken lots of walks to Wilco to look at the baby chicks. Ruby loves them and runs around to all of the different tanks to peek in. But on Tuesday she started getting a nasty cold, so we're trying not to overdo it. She has been up a lot at night, which means that we're all tired. So tired in fact, that she fell asleep today at lunch (see the photo below). Poor girl. Hopefully she will get better soon and we'll be able to go out and do things more. She says so many words now and tries new ones every day. One of my favorite of her new ones is "yodo" (yogurt), and she makes lots of different animal noises. I say to her "It's time for bed", and she runs to her bedroom to get out her jammies.
 Helping Mommy dust.
 She loves reading to herself and says all the animal noises if there are animals in the book.
 She has little curls in the back. I love it!
 Clown feet! Trying on Mommy's shoes.
We had Fusion on Sunday, and Ruby was running around saying "Hi" to everyone in her little whisper. At the end she made it all the way up to the stage. :) 
Drinking her "wadi." 
 Playing with Daddy.
 She took this photo.
 Coffee date!
 Exploring around McMenamins.
 She really likes walking up and down little hills.
 Riding bikes at our friends' house.
 Playing at the picnic table. Then she stood up, fell off and bit her tongue :(
 Drawing on the chalk board with Elizabeth.
 I made playdoh for us to play with on Tuesday. Ruby liked to squish it.
Riding on the horsey.
Sleeping at lunch! She kept nodding off, so we went straight to nap time.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


This week we borrowed the pool pass from the library! It's an indoor pool with nice warm water. We all had lots of fun, and Ruby did really well. She didn't even cry when we dunked her under :) Well, she was born in the water, so I can see why she would like it so much. This week Ruby learned how to say the "n" sound, so she's been saying lots of words with n, like "neigh" for a horse, "no" the right way instead of with a d, etc. It's been a nice, relaxing week after the craziness of vacation. She has transitioned to one nap really well. I put her down right after lunch, so around 12:30 or 1:00, and she sleeps for two to two-and-a-half hours. It's great. This way we can run errands and things in the mornings, and I can either nap or get lots of stuff done while she naps in the afternoon.
 She's been wanting to put on her own bibs, and she thinks they look pretty.
 Playing with a styrofoam sword at Craft Warehouse.
 Sleeping angel.
 Pig tails!
 This is the sweater I made for my niece Lia when she was Ruby's age!
 She found Daddy's hat and put it on all by herself, then laughed.
 And she did this all by herself too. Silly girl.
Having fun with Mommy! 
 I love this girl's smile.
 Eating with her own spoon...
 and trying to eat with a fork. She hasn't quite mastered stabbing things yet.
 Movie night!
 She loved being in this bowl last night.

 So funny.
 She's been putting things in this little cloth box.
 She loves to ride on her riding toys. She'll get on it, and I'll push her across the room. If we're headed toward the wall or furniture she whispers "bump" before we hit it.
I love this girl!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

To San Francisco!

We headed to San Francisco this week for Ruby to meet her Great Grandma Joan and for my birthday. It was tons of fun! This picture is the view of the city from Alcatraz Island. As you can see we had gorgeous weather. Ruby did really well, but she definitely got tired of being in her carseat. We headed down to my parents' house on Sunday after church, then to San Fran on Monday morning. We spent Tuesday there, then headed back on Wednesday to my parents' house again, and home today. Here are a bunch of pictures from this week and our trip.
 Ruby loves buttons, so the car knobs are lots of fun.
 We went on a walk in the rain on Friday. Thank goodness for rain covers!
 Uh-oh! Ruby made a nice mess :)
 "Helping" Mommy pack.
 Playing with her cousin Lia. She's really good at saying "Lia" too.
 Hanging out during Mommy's birthday party. She was playing the piano too.
With her cousins Quin and Lia.
Mommy's birthday cheesecake.
 Napping on the way to San Francisco.
 We brought lots of toys to keep her occupied.
A break from the car.
 Our hotel was two blocks away from a very fun park!
We finally fit in! 
 Teeter totter with Daddy.
 She had fun chasing the pigeon.
 We ate dinner at Mission Chinese Food. The beef cheeks were a little bit spicy, so she wanted her "wadi" after she tasted it.
Good morning!
 Story time with Daddy.
 On our way to Alcatraz. It was a little windy! :) We decided to walk from our hotel to the pier, but we were running a little late, so we literally had to run a lot of the two miles. We made it just in time to catch our boat!
 Having fun at Alcatraz.
 Andy in the solitary confinement cell during our audio tour.
 The view of the city.
 Ruby got very fussy, so Andy strapped her on and she took a nice nap.
 Meeting Great Grandma Joan.
 We went to Aunt Terry's house for dinner, where Ruby met her second cousin Josiah.
 She kept going in and out this little house at Aunt Terry's.
 For my birthday we went to a popular breakfast place where we had to wait in line for about an hour. Andy was in line while Ruby and I went next door to the park to swing. He's such a good man. :)
 Next was the baseball game. Go Giants!
Ruby liked watching the team. They won 10-0 against the Rockies! It was a fun game.
 Ruby in her SF gear.
 We had dinner at Chick-fil-A. Ruby's getting really good with a straw.
 On the way home today at Grandma's house going out to see Snofie and the garden.
Petting Midnight the nice kitty.

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