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46 weeks: Big news!

We've got some big news this week... we're moving! Andy got a job in Portland at Cascade Web Development. He's going to be a Project Manager. We're excited about this new transition and new season we're heading into. We've been doing a lot of packing and a lot of saying goodbye to friends. At least it's not a long distance move, and we'll see people from here still. It's been a crazy last few years since Andy moved to being the youth pastor instead of the middle school pastor. This new job will allow him to be at home a lot more, and to be able to leave work at work. That is a much needed change for our family. We're very grateful for our time here at Foothills and will miss it a lot. We might be moving into a condo in Lake Oswego, we're just waiting to hear from them. If not, we'll keep looking. We'll have to live at the Pullen's house for a few weeks between though, because it's not going to be done with its remodel until …

45 weeks: Enjoying the weather!

It's been so lovely outside this week! We've been playing in our back yard which has the best dirt pit with tons of worms (thanks to the chickens who used to be there). It's been way fun.
Reid has been on the move too. He's getting really good at crawling and pulling himself up on things. He's just the cutest thing. The poor guy has been sick though. On Sunday night in the middle of the night he got diarrhea, and it continued for three days. It was more solid today, so that's good. No fever or anything else, so I'm not sure what caused it. I'm glad he's feeling better. He is definitely working on another molar though... Reid has been sleeping incredibly better this week. He has only woken up once or twice a night the last four nights. I do hear him yell or cry a tiny bit, and then he puts himself back to sleep. I think he's been able to find his paci maybe? It's been fantastic. I hope it continues!
Yesterday Ruby said some very funny things…