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18 Weeks

(Thanks for the cute cardigan, Mom!)08/24/11Not too much to report this week. This second trimester thing is a breeze so far. Aside from needing 9+ hours of sleep a night and naps on the weekend (interrupted by leg cramps and getting up to use the bathroom), it’s going pretty great. I definitely am sporting the baby belly now. And I love it.  I’m going to need to go maternity clothes shopping this week. It’s really fun to feel the baby move around every day, and I can’t wait until Andy can feel it too.We decided on a girl name that we really like. Sorry, we’re not sharing. But we’re still pretty stuck on what to choose for a boy name. At least we have lots of time still. I’ve been poking around at what to put on our registry. There are so many baby things out there, and I’m not sure what I’ll need. I guess that’s what family and friends that have had babies are for.I’m trying to get lots of rest to catch up from summer camp still. My sister’s family is coming up this weekend, so we’…

17 Weeks

08/17/1117 weeks now, and the baby is the size of an onion. The best part is… I felt the baby move this week! On Friday in the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom, and felt a light touch on the inside of my lower stomach. It was pretty cool. I’ve been feeling it a lot more in the last few days. I think I have an active baby in there. It just feels like a tickle mostly.We had our Middle School camp over the weekend. Let me just say that I’m still exhausted from it. It was tons of fun, but very tiring. I love spending time with those kids, and I’ll miss it during Winter Camp in February. I’d like to stay very involved after the baby comes, though. At camp we floated down the Santiam, hiked to Marion Lake, and tubed on Detroit Lake. I got a good workout manning a pontoon boat on the river. The hike was 5.5 miles round trip, and at the end of the way to the lake, my hip started hurting really bad. Then it hurt all the way down and that night and the next day. It felt like w…

16 Weeks

08/10/11I can’t believe we’re 16 weeks along already. It feels like it goes so slow, but then it goes by fast too! Big Baby is now about 4 ½ inches long and 3 ½ oz. That’s about the size of an avocado. He/she is supposed to double in weight in the next few weeks. It will probably start getting heavy soon. My belly’s sticking out now, no denying it. I’m still not in maternity clothes, though. My Bella Band does the trick of keeping my pants up without being buttoned. I can still button them, but it’s uncomfortable when I sit for hours at work.I think I might have felt the baby move the other day! I was on the treadmill and felt a little something in the lower left part of my abdomen. Then I felt it again yesterday while I was getting ready in the morning. I’m really not sure though, it might have been a gas bubble. It’s still kind of early to feel my first baby. We’ll see in a few weeks if that’s what I was feeling!I got a pregnancy pillow in the mail this week, and it’s comfy! I’ve be…

15 Weeks

(I look a lot bigger this week because I tried a maternity shirt! It's way too big still, but I liked the color.)08/03/11So 15 weeks today, and Big Baby is the size of an orange. He/she is about 4” long and weighs 2.5 oz. We’re 3/8 of the way there! Only 25 weeks to go. It’s all going by pretty fast.Summer’s been here in full swing this year. I’m so grateful that it hasn’t been too hot, considering that we don’t have air conditioning. It’s been mostly in the mid 80’s this past week or so, and I think it’s supposed to go back down to the 70’s next week. We had a busy weekend last weekend. We helped our friends move on Saturday morning. I didn’t lift any heavy things, just helped pack boxes in the kitchen. Then our friends Jake and Cassie came down and we walked over to Summerfest, Stayton’s annual summer street fair. It was fun, and everyone from Stayton was there practically. Sunday evening we went to a birthday party and a lot of the guys were playing volley ball. I was tempted t…