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So... apparently I forgot to do this post. Sorry! This is from two weeks ago, and we were busy getting all ready for Christmas. Reid finally got over his nasty cold. I don't know why he had it so long, poor guy. He seems to get everything he comes in contact with and takes a while to recover.
We did have a fun week though. It snowed again, and we did a bunch of fun Christmassy things.  He was pulling around his "babies."  Our little snow man stayed up for a few days! We usually get rain right after snow, but this time it just got sunny and stayed cold. So the snow stayed around, which was fun.  Our cuties.  They really love each other, and they also love tomato soup.  Date night! On Friday night Del and Patty braved the snow/ice to watch the kids for us so we could see Rogue One. It was a lot of fun.
And then I think on Saturday night we drove around to look at Christmas lights. The kids loved it! We had to stick to flat neighborhoods because it was still pretty slick o…

23 weeks

So... I've definitely worn this shirt for three Thursdays in a row now... Hahaha
This post is a day late because we were all puking yesterday! Ruby started on Tuesday night at dinner at my parents' house, and then the rest of us all started on Thursday. But thankfully today we're all on the mend, thanks to our parents helping out a ton. I only threw up once, which I'm very thankful for. It wouldn't have been good for the baby or my stomach if I had gotten it worse.
Little Baby is 11 inches long now, or something. The only good thing about my diastasis recti (separated ab muscles) is that I can feel the baby's little feet and body parts in crazy detail. It's really fun to feel it kicking around in there all the time.
Speaking of DR, I ordered a new splint and a prenatal core training program. It's 6 weeks long, and it will help me not make my diastasis work, and maybe even start to heal it. I'll probably start it next week when the splint comes. It …

22 weeks

Little Baby is almost a pound already! I started feeling it kick way up higher a day or two, so I wonder if it flipped around and is head down now. I still feel it down low too. It sure moves around a lot, which I love. It's really active in the evenings and during the night, which I'm afraid will me that it's awake at those times when it's born...
The kids have been trying to feel it kick, but they're not really patient and don't know what they're feeling for. I'm sure they'll be feeling it soon though.
Today marks the day where if I did go into labor, the baby has a slight chance of survival, and they would try to save it. That's pretty crazy. In about 4 weeks, babies born at that gestational age have a 90% or more chance of survival. That's exciting!
My insomnia has been back BIG TIME. Two nights in a row this week I just laid there awake for about 2 hours. It makes days rough, and I am sooooo tired. I slept better last night though, so …

More snow and still sick!

Our poor kids are still sick. They both have a cough, and Reid has been throwing giant tantrums because he's so tired. :( His fever is gone, which is good. He was really tired and cranky on Monday, and didn't want to eat much, so I took him to the doctor on Tuesday. He was fine when we were at the doctor's office, one of his ears was a little red, but not infected. But then on Wednesday he didn't feel good again. Poor guy! I think he's finally recovering though, and ate more and had more energy today.
Ruby was so incredibly sweet this week. One day I got Reid down for his nap, and then I was super tired. So I laid down on the couch, and she played quietly in my room for a long time (came out to look at me a few times, and to get art supplies) so I could rest. Then when Reid woke up, she said, "Are you grumpy, buddy? Do you want to snuggle on the couch and watch the Wiggles?" She also has been a big helper with setting the table, cleaning up toys, washing…