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25 weeks: Teeth! and potty training

Reid has been working on some new teeth this week. His bottom right and one of his top front teeth have popped through. The poor guy has not been sleeping well, which also means that Mommy has not been sleeping well... And now Ruby and Reid are both getting sick too. Oh, and Andy too. Ahhh! Hopefully this will all be over soon. Ruby has been so funny lately. Tonight I was singing "Tomorrow" to her, and one part goes, "Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun." And she said, "Tomorrow we'll have quarters in our bottom." I laughed so hard.  "These boots are so comfortable."  Having a snack.  She's been doing so good at potty training! We started on Friday. She has accidents sometimes, but she's getting really good at going all by herself. We even went to Winco today with her in undies with no accidents.  Friday night was Fusion at church. Ruby and Andy made some art.  She absolutely loved the singing and dancing.  Reid…

24 weeks: A trip to visit Uncle David

Today was a bit of a hard day. Reid has not been sleeping well the last two nights, I'm really not sure why. So I've been really tired. And Ruby has been a handful. I just keep praying for patience and energy to keep up with everything. Maybe I'll catch up with sleep and house chores some day.
I forgot to post last week about Ruby starting to say her R's. It's really cute. One day it was raining outside and she said, "Look at all that water." And since then she's said "r" at the end of words, and she's starting to say it in the middle of words too. She says words like "color" really clearly now.
Reid has been moving around a lot. He scoots a little bit on his back and loves rolling over. He's only done back to tummy a few times, mostly trying to get his paci that fell out.  Ruby's really been into reading her books lately. She likes the alphabet and can recognize "R" "W" "O" and "X.&q…