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17 months! And a family wedding

Ruby turned 17 months old yesterday. It's been rainy for the past few weeks, but today the sun finally came out. Unfortunately it's supposed to get super hot this week though. :( I think I want the rain back.
My favorite thing that Ruby's been doing this week is asking for her "bakeg" (blanket) every time she nurses ("noney"), and she likes to have it on her, even when it's hot. Silly girl.  We had tons of fun this week. My family was here for my cousin Mary's wedding. It was so nice to see all of them. Here is a picture of Ruby and I before the wedding. It was a little tough going to a 3:00 wedding, because she didn't get a nap. She was a hot mess by the reception, so we had to leave a little early. But we still enjoyed the day. The weather was perfect for just that one afternoon, then it went back to rain.  Here's Ruby with her cousins Quin and Lia, and her second cousins Jack, Jonny and Sam. Ruby loved playing with Sam's feet. I&…


We had a fun week! We did lots of things outside and played a lot. We still had Sammie over until Tuesday, and Ruby had tons of fun with her. It got to the point where Ruby would say "Manny" in the mornings when she got up and would go look for her. Aside from all of the dog hair, she was just about the perfect dog. We also had a few different friends over this week for Ruby, and she had lots of fun. She gets along really well with other kids and is really good at sharing her toys and being nice. One of my favorite things that Ruby does right now is in the morning when she has her yogurt, she likes to put either a piece of fruit or a cheerio on each spoonful of yogurt that I feed her. It's too funny.  Picking a flower in the garden.  She climbed into her toy box to look out the window.  We went on a family walk to the park, and Ruby loved then tunnel.  Playing "find the cheerios" with Sammie.  Tummy!  It's crazy how flexible babies are.  Face Time with Gra…

Zoo trip

Doesn't Ruby look like such a big girl in this picture? I love the summer dresses. Ruby loves to color right now and draw. She always asks for paper ("babow") and a pencil, and then she holds onto the very end of the pencil to color. It's too cute. Yesterday I had two different 2-year-old girls over for me to babysit. Ruby gets along with her little friends pretty well. One of them was really good at saying "No! Mine", so then Ruby started saying "mine". Oh no! I'm not sure she knows what it means yet, but I think she will soon. You can't remove all of the bad influences, that's for sure. We just have to know how to parent her through them. For now, though, she's really good at sharing.  Sitting on lids eating cheerios.  Chubby thighs! Her curls <3   Doing some yoga.  Eating yogurt by herself and making a huge mess!  Laying on her dolly.  Karley just wants to feed her at our Sunday night small group. Sweet sleeping angel.   Sa…