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Ruby's 2nd birthday!

Our Peach turned 2 on Sunday!! We had a very busy, fun week celebrating and doing all kinds of other things. She was so excited about her party and kept saying "Eat caterpillar birthday party cake" all week before hand. This past year has been so much fun. We've gone from seeing her take her first steps and say her first words to running and talking in rather long sentences. We love being her parents! And we're excited to see what this next year will hold and to see her transition to being a big sister soon.  We got on WIC this week. It's a huge blessing to get free groceries. I think we could have gotten on it before now, but I didn't even think about it until some of my friends mentioned it. So glad they did! We decided to say goodbye to Ruby's paci's today (they had holes and I don't want to buy any more). We'll see how that goes tonight and tomorrow for nap. Then in a few weeks I think we're going to get out her toddler bed. She's…

25 weeks

25 weeks already! Only 15 weeks to go. Baby Heartbeat is about a pound and a half and over a foot long at this point. I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable now. My hips hurt when I sleep and I'm getting lower back pain pretty bad when I bend over for longer periods of time. That part is no fun. But I love feeling the little guy/girl move around. The other night in the middle of the night it was just squirming away. And it was kicking a lot one evening and Andy was feeling it, then Ruby put her hand on and said she felt it too! I'm just waiting for it to kick her when I'm rocking her or something. :)

Changes this week: A lot of people are starting to comment on my belly. I'm feeling pretty big now. I'm feeling pretty good though, except for being uncomfortable.

Cravings this week: I really just want a yummy donut, but that's not in our eating plan for this week (We're doing a 14 week real food challenge). Maybe next week I'll get one. :)

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Lego development

This week Ruby has gone from building just tall towers with the 2x2 blocks to building all kinds of things. It's been lots of fun to see that develop. And she says the funniest things too. It's so fun to get to play with her every day and see what she'll come up with next. Her favorite activities are coloring, playing Legos, playing with her pots and pans, and pushing her dolly stroller around.
I can't believe she's turning 2 on Sunday!! This year has been a blast. At this time last year she was just learning to walk and saying her first words. We're really looking forward to the next year with her and seeing her become a big sister. Speaking of... she felt Baby Heartbeat move today. At least I think she did. Andy was holding her hand on my stomach and it kicked. :) I'm excited for her to feel it more and to understand more. She seems to understand pretty well though, yesterday she was asking to hold the baby and putting her hands out by my stomach. So cu…