Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 weeks: Memorial Day hiking

 I was thinking that I didn't take a lot of photos this week... I guess I was wrong. Double the kids, double the photos. :) They're so cute, I can't help it. Really. This week was good. The days when Andy was at work were tough, but I made it work. I even got out of the house today and went to Thumpin' Thursday at the library and got a flat of strawberries at Fresh To You. I've been a bit overwhelmed at times though, and our house hasn't been cleaned in a while. I try to keep it tidy and at least do laundry, but the cleaning isn't happening. Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually.

Reid has been growing a lot. He had a few extra sleepy days because of his cold, I think, and a 99.2 degree fever the other night. Today he has been awake a lot, so hopefully he'll sleep well tonight. I'm pretty tired, but I think he's on the mend. His umbilical cord finally fell off yesterday. I went to change his diaper and it wasn't there, then I found it on the changing pad. So that's nice that we don't have to clean it anymore. He's fitting really well in the 0-3 month clothes already. Goodbye newborn things.

Ruby had a couple of really funny things she said this week. A few days ago, she said, "My mouth is getting really hot." Not sure what that meant. Then yesterday she was playing with water and kept saying, "You want a moovie (smoothie)? I want a moovie too!" And she keeps asking if she can get water in her cups and bowls. It's too cute. She saw a picture of foxes and said, "Those are kind of bears, I think."
 Cutie pie Reid in his baby legs.
 She loves riding her bike!
 This is a portrait Ruby drew of our friends Mike, Cassie, Logan and Aiden. I think Andy's in it too. And I think those are eyes in the heads. She likes to draw people.
 On Saturday we went up to Portland and got my brother from the airport. And Cindy's family came to our house too. We had lots of fun with everyone all weekend!
 This is how we nap. <3
 Reading with cousin Lia
 Our Sunday hike to Shellburg Falls. It was lovely.

 This is the lower falls. There was a huge drop right beyond where Andy was. Yikes!
 Upper Falls. It was gorgeous!
 Dan is a little crazy and went under the waterfall.
 So huge and pretty!
 We had a picnic dinner on our way back.
 Me and Reid. He slept almost the whole hike.
 Ruby carried this little flower almost the whole hike too.
 A little cross-eyed.
 Another picture from the hike.
 Quin made us all eggs on Monday morning.
 All of us together.
 The Hall family.
 This is Andy and I and the kids behind the waterfall. The trail was really muddy, so it was a little scary.
 On Monday afternoon we had a barbecue at the Butenschoen's house. All of the little girls put on princess dresses. :)
 Cutie pie.
 Ping Pong princess.
 And then we played baseball. She had a few good hits.
 28 months!
 Sometimes she wakes up fussy from her naps.
 Sleepy boy.
 First tummy time! He didn't hate it.
 Coloring the "big owl."
 She soaked her shirt playing with water yesterday, so I just took it off. She has so much fun with that little blender and her other new kitchen things from Grandma's house.
 Cutie pie! I love her pig tails.
 Such a pretty girl.
 Ruby took this. She loves taking pictures lately.
 Our future shrimp boat captain.
 Ruby on top, Reid on the bottom. Such squishy lips and noses.
 Sibling love.
 Ruby really wanted to ride in the Moby this morning.
 Praying at lunch time. So sweet.
 He was just sleeping with his hands like this.
Sweet boy.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2 weeks: Getting sick

Reid is 2 weeks old already! Hard to believe. He's already growing like a weed. At his 2 week midwife appointment he weighed 9lbs 5oz, which is 2oz less than Ruby at that age. Probably because he lost so much at the beginning. But he's doing great! My mom was here until Monday, which was a HUGE help. She cooked, cleaned, planted my garden, did laundry, held the babies, and a lot more. On Tuesday I got mastitis, which was no fun. Also, it was my first day with both kids by myself. That was hard and I may have cried a time or two. But we made it through the day! I've found that the hardest part is when Reid is crying and I need to get Ruby down for her nap. After I do get her down, Reid and I go take a nap in my bed too. That has been very nice.
He's been sleeping okay, but last night he started getting snotty in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure Ruby brought home a cold from the nursery. :( It's hard to have to suck out his snot and to see him miserable.
 Yes, this happened. She took off her pants and diaper at nap time...
 So cozy in the Moby.
 Early morning with Daddy.
 Reading with Grandma.
 So cute! I knitted this sweater before I had Ruby. We did newborn photos on Friday, and I can't wait to see how they turn out!
 Sleepy guy. So sweet.
 Sitting on the front porch with Daddy watching the cars go by.
 Ruby and I went on an ice cream date. It was lots of fun.
 Morning cuddles! I love these two so much.
 Checking out his ears.
 Wrapped up like a baby.
 Cutie pie.
 Wrapping up Reid.
 She likes to kiss him. It's been a bit of a struggle the last few days, because she also likes to grab his head not in a nice way. We've been doing time out, but that isn't really working. Not sure what else to do though. We're trying to teach her gentle touches only.
Pretending to take a nap with her bear. 
 He loves sleeping with his arms up above his head.
 Kissing his lips.
 Snug as a bug.
 Cuddle time with Daddy.
 His sleepy grumpy face.
 I love this one!!
 Trying out my breast pump. :)
 Holding brother.
 Napping with Daddy.
 She came out like this and said, "I'm gonna get married."
 He loves to sleep. He's pacied out here.

We got our birth photos back from our friend Cassie. They turned out so beautiful! Here are some of the more appropriate ones. :)

Giving birth in the comfort of my own home was such a wonderful experience both times.

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