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10 Weeks

06/29/11We’re officially ¼ of the way to our due date! Even though we didn’t know for the first four weeks, so those don’t really count. But it’s already going by fast.We had an appointment with our midwife today and we heard the heartbeat! It was 164 bpm, which is great for this stage. I was nervous, because sometimes you can’t hear it at 10 weeks, then I probably would have worried. But it was very reassuring to hear our little kumquat’s heart beating. Our midwives (Carol and Janine) are very nice Christian ladies. I like them a lot, and they really know what they are doing. I also felt the top of my uterus this week! It’s sticking out above my pelvic bone. I’m not really showing yet (still bloated though), but I probably won’t be able to hide it in the next few weeks.We’re going to start telling more people this week, starting with my extended family at our annual Juanita Lake camping trip. I’m pretty excited about that! My cousin’s wife Holly is also pregnant, so that will be fun,…

9 weeks

(Now take into consideration that this picture was taken right after eating a big dinner :)
06/22/11This week Big Baby is the size of a grape! It’s been a good week (aside from being sick and super tired). We told our families, which was pretty fun. I sent my Dad a Father’s Day card and on the inside it said, “I hope you like having a January birthday, because that’s when your littlest grandbaby is due!” On the outside I wrote “Open on Father’s Day over iChat with us!” But the Post Office put a stamp right over that. So he opened it up on Friday night and called at 10:30 saying, “I got your card!” It was pretty funny. So we iChatted that night instead. For Andy’s family we went up there on Father’s Day and were playing Hand and Foot. Andy wrote “Andy and Jill are having a baby!” on one of the cards and put it in his Mom’s foot. So when she was going through her cards she saw it and it was great. I Face-timed Randy and told him to tell Andy Happy Father’s Day, and over the phone I had Q…

8 weeks

06/15/11We’ve decided to get an ultrasound to make sure that pain in my left side is fine. Best case scenario… nothing’s wrong and we can see a strong heartbeat. Middle case scenario… baby’s fine but I have a cycst on my left ovary. Worst case scenario… ectopic pregnancy. I’m a little worried, but not too worried. I haven’t had any spotting and the pain hasn’t really been getting worse, it’s just there sometimes. My ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. Andy’s coming with me, and we’re pretty excited to see little Raspberry.The downside of scheduling an ultrasound is that now a lot of people from church know I’m pregnant! Our friend (and doctor) Guesly knows because I called his PAC to order the ultrasound for me. Her nurse Sheri is the one that called me and she goes to church. When we check in tomorrow I’m sure we’ll run into people we know too (a good friend works at the front desk and lots of nurses we know). Oh well. They can’t say anything to anyone because…

7 weeks

06/08/11Today our baby is the size of a blueberry  So Andy and I had oatmeal with blueberries in it for breakfast to mark this momentous occasion. Each week I’ve been calling the baby whatever fruit/vegetable it’s the same size as. (Last week it was Lentil). Last week I was having slight pain in my left side, but that went away, so I ended up not scheduling an appointment with the midwife at Santiam Hospital. No more pain so far, except a little cramping here and there, which is perfectly normal. We chose Carol Severson to be our homebirth midwife, and we have our first appointment today! It will probably only consist of lots of talking, filling out paperwork, and doing a blood profile. It’s too early to hear the heartbeat on a Doppler, but hopefully we’ll be able to do that in a few weeks. I’m even considering renting my own Doppler for a month or so to check for the heartbeat. Changes this week: Morning sickness has set in! I’ve been feeling queasy from when I get up until after lu…

6 weeks

06/01/11Six weeks today. Our little bean is the size of a lentil now and growing fast. We talked to two midwives this week and really liked one of them named Carol, so I think she will be our midwife. I’ve been having a little pain in my left side, so I’m also going to make an appointment with Mabel, a CNM at Santiam Hospital just to make sure it’s not an ectopic pregnancy or my cyst is still there or something. I’m just one of those worrying types. Hopefully if she does an ultrasound we’ll also get to see the heartbeat. That would be exciting. It will probably be our only ultrasound for the whole pregnancy if everything’s going well. Only 34 weeks to go!Changes this week: No morning sickness at all yet. I’m hoping I’m in the 20% of women who don’t get it at all. I have been very tired in the evenings. I’m also pretty bloated some of the time. As for changes, nothing drastic other than the slight pain on my left side. I don’t even really feel that pregnant, which is fine by me!

5 weeks

5/25/11I made it to 5 weeks! This week has been full of lots of excitement and worry. I keep thinking about the possibilities of a miscarriage and I’m not excited about that. Hopefully our little bean is strong and growing, so we won’t have to worry about that. I made a few calls to midwives in the area and we have some interviews with them next week. We’re planning on having a home birth. I’ve done a lot of research, and this seems to be the best option for us. We also talked to our doctor/friend and he says that in a low risk situation, it is perfectly safe. I’m pretty excited about it myself. Hopefully our interviews with the midwives will go well and we’ll really click with one of them. They both seem like pretty nice older ladies who have attended a lot of births.Changes this week: Not much different than last week. I’m having lots of energy, and I attribute that to the fish oil pills I’ve been taking. Not much nausea yet, lots of peeing and lots of eating. I’ve jogged twice this…

4 weeks

5/18/11We found out that we’re pregnant on Monday!! So I’m starting this blog for my family members who are not nearby so they can see my updates. (I love you all!) I’ll post a weekly belly picture and an update every Wednesday (hopefully).My estimated due date is January 25, 2012, which sounds like a nice day to have a baby. I could go early or as late as February though, so no expectations here. That sounds like such a long time until then! I’m sure it will go by fast though, and then I’ll be able to hold my little bean in my arms. We’ve already decided that we aren’t finding out the gender or sharing our baby names, so don’t bother asking.  We’re so very excited to be parents!Changes this week: Well, I just found out about everything this week, so everything’s changed! I’ve been very hungry and I’ve had to pee a lot already. No morning sickness at all yet, and I’m hoping that I don’t get it very bad anyway. We’ll see in a week or two if it shows up.


Welcome to our blog about our growing family! I'll be posting a picture/update every week throughout my pregnancy and beyond for those of our loved ones who don't live close by. Enjoy!!