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29 weeks: Ruby turns 34 months.

It's been rainy this week, so we have done some indoor activities. And the kids are still getting over being sick. Ruby is mostly better. Apparently she still has a little fluid in her ears from her ear infection. Reid still has a cough and gets snotty. He's getting a bunch more teeth though too, so that doesn't help. And the combination of those two things makes him drool non-stop.  Ruby has been going strong with potty training. She still doesn't tell us when she has to go, which has been a source of frustration for us when she goes to the nursery at church. She says no when they ask her if she has to go, but then ends up wetting her pants. Poor girl. But, as my cousin Holly says, it's more like you're training the parents than training the kid. So we'll just have to train the nursery workers. :) Reid has been sitting up really well. He loves to sit and play with toys. We started putting him to bed earlier at night (like 6:45) because he gets so tired. But …

28 weeks: Sibling love

I sure love these two so much. It's been a really mellow week, mostly spent just trying to get both kids better. Ruby's doing much better and is still on her antibiotics. She's still stuffy and has a cough though. Reid has gotten worse and is really snotty and has a cough. He got his second front tooth yesterday too, so he's been miserable and drooling constantly. Like non-stop, it's kind of ridiculous how many bibs we've gone through each day. Poor guy. He's generally pretty happy though. Ruby has been a little hard lately. She has been getting in these moods and throwing tantrums and losing control really easily. We think it might have to do with low blood sugar, so today I tried giving her more protein snacks and that seemed to help.  We're borrowing this fun thing from some friends. Reid loves it!  And sister wanted to put a bow in his hair. Looks pretty good. :)  Playing together.  We have lots of fun making train tracks.  On Saturday, Reid slept …