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36 Weeks

12/28/11We're in the last month until our due date! Only 4 weeks left, but honestly, I'm expecting to go over the due date. So we may have a little longer than a month. We'll see :)Christmas was wonderful this past weekend. We went down to my family's house on Friday afternoon and got back on Monday. My sister and family, my brother, and my Grandma were all there (and obviously my parents). My mom and dad let us have their bedroom, which was so nice, especially since I had to get up and use the bathroom several times a night. We ate lots of good food, and even had a little baby shower on Monday with my extended family. It was so nice to be home.We were supposed to have a midwife appointment this morning, but I got a call that the midwives were with a lady in labor so it got moved to Friday morning. I'm curious to see what position the baby is in. I think it's still left occiput anterior which is great... the ideal birthing position. I feel like it's startin…

35 Weeks

12/21/11This week Big Baby is about 5 ¼ pounds and is over 18 inches long. It just has some more fat to put on before it’s ready to be born, hopefully sometime in the next 5-6 weeks  We’re getting so excited! I’ve been majorly nesting with huge to-do lists every night when I get home. Andy’s been great about helping me get stuff done. The only frustrating thing to me is being at work and not being able to check things off my list.We had our midwife home visit this morning. We’re getting supplies ready for the birth, and hopefully we’ll pick up the birthing tub this weekend. As of today, I can officially give birth at home (until 43 weeks). We’ve been working on our baby names. We’ve had a girl name picked out for a long time, but the decision on a boy name remains difficult. We said we’d have our names picked out by Christmas, so we have a few days still to decide. There are a lot of funny guesses as far as names on our baby pool (  I really doubt we’ll name…

34 Weeks

12/14/11We’re really moving along here in this last trimester! Only 6 weeks until our due date, 3 weeks until full term. The baby’s almost 5 pounds now, and I’m still feeling good! I walk briskly on my treadmill or do yoga every morning, so I think that has helped a lot. I’m also eating pretty well.Except for Saturday night… We went with a group from our church to put on a Christmas party for the inmates at Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility. It was really cool to be able to do that for those boys, but the food there was not good! Fried chicken, jojo’s, and lots of sweets. I was swollen for two days after that  Thankfully that has gone down. I also went to a knife techniques class with my friend Kristen on Saturday morning in Portland, which was a ton of fun! I learned all kinds of things about knives and slicing/dicing.Sunday afternoon was my Foothills church baby shower. There was a lot of people there (probably 35-40 or more), and we got a lot of very nice things. The baby’s r…

33 Weeks

12/7/11Only 7 weeks until go time! And only 4 weeks until the baby is full term. And we could technically deliver at home if I go into labor in 2 weeks! Craziness. There’s so much to get done still, but we’ve gotten a lot done already. After this week things will start to slow down before Christmas, which will be nice. Right now Big Baby is a little over 4 pounds and a little over 17 inches long, so about the weight of a pineapple. After next week’s midwife appointment we have a home visit, then we’ll go to every week appointments until the baby is here. As far as I know, the baby is still posterior. Please pray that it will get in the optimal birthing position by the end!On Friday night at our birth class we did mock labor, which was actually fun for me. I had to hold onto an ice cube for the length of a contraction and we practiced different labor positions. Andy was great at helping me to relax, rubbing my back/shoulders, and just being encouraging. I’m actually excited to do labor…