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20 Months

Ruby's 20 months old today! What a fun 20 months it has been. We have such a precious girl who is very smart. She knows some shapes and colors now. And she is really connecting things in her brain. It's fun to see what she will come up with to say or do next. This morning when we were getting ready, she said "bye bye Daddy, bye bye Mommy." So we said "are you going to stay here while we go?" And she said "yep." So we said "Do you know what to eat for lunch?" and a few more questions like that, and she kept saying "yep." Then she went to our bedroom door and said bye bye to us again and went to close the door behind her. So we said, "Oh, you're the one that's going to work and we're staying here." Again she said "yep." So funny.  She's really been loving to color, and she can spell her name "Aww du be why." She can also say ABCD, and count to four.  Heading to church in the rain. Ru…

Grenada Trip

Trying on Daddy's new shoes.
This week Andy headed to Chicago for a conference, so Ruby and I went down to visit my family in Medford and Grenada. We had lots of fun, and she did pretty good on the drive. She started putting more words together, and I think her first official sentence was "No more cheese" in the car. :)
Ruby has skipped her nap a few times the past week and a half, which is frustrating, but I'm thinking that I'll put her to bed a little later, so hopefully that will help.   Watching a jump serve at a middle school volleyball game with Aunt Becca.  She loves reading. Lately she has really liked the Duck & Goose books from the library.  She likes when Andy holds her like a little baby and rocks her.  Abbie came over to hang out with Ruby while I did some house work on Monday. Ruby loves Abbie!  Andy gave her the huge serving fork to eat with. "Big fork"  Pumpkin season!  We stopped at McDonalds for lunch on our trip south. The only r…

Power outage

On Thursday night we had a huge thunderstorm right above us! It rained and poured, and our power went out for about 2 hours. Ruby and I played cards, read stories, and built a blanket fort by flashlight. I'm pretty sure she had fun. The power came on right before I was going to start dinner, so that was great. Ruby's been talking so much lately. I tried to count all of the words she knows, but I got to 50 and stopped because there are at least three times that many, and it's about impossible to count. She's so smart. She figures things out quickly too, and has very good balance when she climbs on things (which is pretty much all the time).   We also made shadow animals.  We ran into some friends at the park on Friday. Ruby went down the slide a few times all by herself!  Eating a snack with Daddy.  We all love our bike.  Make the bed with me in it!  Brushing her teeth before church on Sunday.  She was helping me sweep. Notice her cute pony tail.  Daddy was mowing, an…