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Hair cuts, going potty, and the crazy lion at the zoo

We had Penelope every day this week, so we didn't get out too much. But it was fun anyway. We've been doing more evening activities since we work out in the mornings now. :)
Ruby has been doing so good with coloring! She can color inside the lines really well. She's also doing great at going potty on her own now, which I really appreciate.
Reid has been interested in the potty, so I've been putting him on it a little more often. He hasn't figured out when he's going pee though yet. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a potty training bootcamp with him. I didn't with Ruby, and it ended up being a year and a half process, and she still has accidents and is nowhere near night time potty training yet. So maybe we can do it a little differently with Reid. But such is life.
Both kids have been a lot of fun, they always are. Ruby loves making up stories and playing "family" with anything and everything. Reid loves to sing and dance, and says the fu…

My fun kids

I sure love these two kids of mine. We have lots of fun together. I'm both really looking forward to Ruby starting preschool this fall and kind of sad because I'll miss having so much time with her. She's going to LOVE it though, and I know she'll do really well getting so much social time in. She sure loves people. Reid has been SO funny. Everything he says is hilarious. He keeps us all laughing every day. He's been sleeping really well, getting up about once a night. But that's much better than he used to be!   Ruby made these two Lego guy/girl and their houses. Apparently the are engaged.  I can get out the Lego's and these guys are entertained for a long time! They love building, creating, making popcorn with them, etc.   Ruby and I often play games while Reid is still asleep in the afternoons. She takes naps about two days on, two days off now.  Post nap sweaty hair. He LOVES to cuddle after he wakes up.  We made yummy owl snacks. The kids loved it.  …